Paid Teaching Jobs in Thailand with TravelBud
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Paid Teaching Jobs in Thailand with TravelBud

What about teaching in Vietnam?

Teaching English in Vietnam is one of our fastest growing programs and for good reason! The country is experiencing an economic boom and its young population is hungry to learn new skills that will help them thrive - learning English is a big priority. Vietnam also has a rich and fascinating history and culture with some of the world's most loved street foods. It's location in South East Asia make vacation destinations like Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia and more a short hop on a plane to reach. We offer accredited in-class TESOL and cultural orientation done in Vietnam to ensure you get the best start possible on this exciting adventure. Chat to our program coordinators today to find out if teaching in Vietnam is the right fit for you!

Teaching in Thailand offers some incredible opportunities to push your own boundaries and explore an incredible corner of the world all the while making a meaningful contribution to the lives of the children you teach. TravelBud's program ensures you're super well prepared for the classroom and includes an in-country TESOL course, in-class real life training, 2 days of practical teaching at a local Thai school and a week's cultural orientation.

We also offer 24/7 in-country support throughout your stay and will guide you through both your program and visa applications to help you avoid any costly mistakes and get you ready for your teaching adventure in no time! The TravelBud team have plenty of first-hand experience teaching English in Thailand, so you'll be speaking with someone who's gone through this exact experience before - this way you'll be given the best advice on everything, whether you're wondering what the TESOL course entails or simply what clothes to pack.

  • Guaranteed job placement
  • Excellent pre-departure support to prepare you for your trip
  • 24/7 in-country support for anything you might need while abroad
  • Top quality in-class TESOL course done in Thailand
  • Much loved weeklong cultural orientation in Thailand to prepare you for life there
Surat Thani
Hua Hin
Chiang Rai
Chiang Mai
Teaching Practicum
Training Type
Training Length
120 hours
Job Placement
Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Travel Insurance
Age Min.
Starting Price
Price Details
A $450 deposit is required once you have been accepted onto the program, this forms part of the total fee. The remainder of fees is required within 6 weeks of arriving in Thailand.

The $2150 total fee includes cultural orientation and TESOL course in Thailand over a period of 4 weeks. If you opt for orientation and job placement only, you'll pay $1450 including the initial $450 holding deposit.
Other Locations
Multiple other cities, towns and villages across Thailand

Questions & Answers

You can as long as your English is great and you don't have a deep accent.

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  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 6.8
  • Facilities 7.7
  • Safety 9.8
  • Instruction 9.2
  • Support 9.5
  • Value 8.3
  • Difficulty 5.7
  • Job Assistance 9.3
  • Academics 9
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 8
  • Safety 9
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Come teach in Thailand!

I have been living in Thailand for five months now. At first I was only going to stay for six months but this country has stolen my heart and I am truly not sure when I will ever leave. I came through TravelBud, who from the moment I sent my first email, has stood by me and helped me step by step through this journey. It can be a a bit unnerving, moving to a a new country, alone. Knowing nothing about the culture and the language and even where you're going to live for the next six months to a year. But I have never had a moment to worry, because I haven't ever really been alone. TravelBud has been incredible. From the moment I got off my plane in Bangkok to sitting here, on my bed doing lesson plans in my tiny village, they have been here every step of the way. If I can recommend anything to someone thinking of coming to this beautiful country, stop thinking. And just come. And come with TravelBud. And have an experience that will change you and your life.

Yes, I recommend
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Always Smiling in the Land of Smiles

Making the decision to step out of my comfort zone to embark on a new adventure was a scary and daunting thing. I had just finished studying and was in no way ready to settle into a job at home. I wanted to travel and experience a new culture in all its beauty. There was something about Thailand that had drew me in, I knew that there was something there for me to see and experience. I honestly didn't even bother looking at other companies I knew from the moment that I wanted to teach in Thailand that I wanted to get there through Travelbud! Travelbud helped me pave the way on the journey to Thailand. They held my hand every step of the way on what would have been a stressful path. They made sure that I was fully prepared and informed about what to expect once I got there and in making sure all my paperwork (visas health requirements photocopied and certified documents) were collected and together. Travelbud stayed in constant contact with me, making sure that I had landed safely and was in the capable hands of their partners on the ground in Thailand. They checked in on me throughout the year and remainder a company that I could rely on if I had any concerns or questions (even if it was where they would recommend I Travel to first on my first long weekend off work).
The experience itself of teaching in Thailand was hands down the most enriching and humbling experience of my life to date. I lived in a small town in the south of Thailand called "Thung Song" where I taught a variety of subjects (English, maths, sport and art) to primary school children. My students have been such a blessing in my life and I can honestly say that they taught me more than I could ever tried to teach them. Being in the classroom making learning fun and spending time with them, despite the language barrier we formed such bonds that I learned communicating is never just about words. Life was never all work and no play. Everyday was a blast at school and on the weekends myself and good friends (friends that I made on my teaching course and have remained so close to) would hop on the last mini van to Krabi ( which was only a 2 hour drive away) where we would spend the weekend exploring the beaches there or catching a ferry to Phi Phi for the night. Life was a constant adventure and one that I was sad the end when I left. But apon my arrival home to SA Travelbud was there, I chatted about my concerns finding a job and they sent me straight to Pentravel (a well known travel agency) they told me to submit my CV in to Pentravel I took their advice and having a deep love travel knew that this was the right job for me get into. I am now a Travel Agent working at Pentravel. Every major decision that I have made in the past two years Travelbud has been there guiding me and offering me support. They never abandoned me and made sure that I was happy working Thailand and even after making the decision to come home making sure that I found my feet here again. Travelbud makes the transition from moving aboard easy and even assist in making the transition in coming home a breeze! Looking back the best decision I have made was contacting Travelbud all those months ago when I wanted to work in Thailand. They are at the root of it all to me, and without them I wouldn't have experienced Thailand the way I did and I wouldn't have found this job I have now. Doing all this alone is a scary task and one that can be overwhelming! This world is too big to go through things like moving aboard alone, having a support system behind you is so crucial, and I recommend Travelbud as the ultimate support system. They have all traveled abroad before and can answer all your concerns first hand because they have done it. They such an awesome team of young and vibrant people who truly understand what you want from this experience and want to help make it everything you want to it to be and more!

How can this program be improved?

Honestly, I can't think of anyway that this program can be improved. Travelbud already goes above and beyond for their clients.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching in Thailand

So deciding to get on a plane and abondon all your comfort zones and familiarity is a big decision to begin with, but the crucial first step is deciding which company and/or agency to use that will facilitate this big move. TravelBud was my chosen agency and I can definitely say with surety that their services were great. The communication was thorough and all details of the journey ahead were clearly expressed. All the information from the agency was current and without fault and it was comforting to know that members of the staff had also taught in ThailanIt's almost a year now of me teaching in Thailand and it has been a phenomenal adventure. This experience has been memorable because of the opportunities you are given to travel, teach, earn decent money and absorb as much insight and knowledge as possible. My best moments from here has definitely been the relationship I have developed with some of my students. The culture shocks and unfamiliarity have allowed me to delve into new territorys. The program was fun, intensive and definitely prepared me well. This experience is great for whatever new perspective and direction you be interested in taking. The team from TravelBud guide you through it and are quick to settle any doubts and concerns you may have. I'm definitely happy with the choice I made.

Yes, I recommend

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