The Bahamas, rightly so, is an extremely popular tourist destination. It has magnificent beaches and many activities for visitors to do. From boating to snorkeling, or simply just relaxing, there’s definitely many things you’ll enjoy about the nation. As a volunteer, you will be able to to experience a different aspect of the country and make a difference.

Marine Conservation

The reason the Bahamas is such a prime tourist destination is due to its beautiful beaches. There is a need for conversation in the area and luckily there are many organizations that are working towards this. As a volunteer, you will have an opportunity to work on dolphin conversation. You, along with your team, will do surveys, track dolphin groups, and note behavior and environmental data. You could also choose to volunteer with a team surveying coral reef health.

Community Development

Although parts of The Bahamas are quite developed, there are still other parts that need some work. As a volunteer, you will work on various community development projects including construction, painting, and gardening.

Volunteering Tips

NGO/Non Profits: Even though The Bahamas is a small nation, it is still home to over a dozen nonprofit organizations. These organizations work with issues dealing with conservation, human rights, and healthcare.

How to Save Money While Volunteering: The Bahamas is an extremely popular tourist destination so it can be quite pricey. If you’re on a budget, don’t eat out often, and if you must, go to restaurants that are frequented by locals, not tourists, as they will definitely be less expensive. For getting around, try walking or using public transportation instead of relying on taxis.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in the Bahamas

As a volunteer in The Bahamas, you are recommended to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A. For more information visit MD Travel Health. The Bahamas is a safe place for tourists to visit. You should beware of pickpockets in crowded areas, but that will most likely be the only crime you encounter, if any.


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