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Would you like to do Volunteer Work With Children in India? If yes, you are in the right place; VWI offers you to work for one of our care project for the children which are found on Streets & are orphans in India.
The reason to starting this project is to the aim of helping and supporting the children in difficult circumstances especially runaways, orphans, and street children in Jaipur, India. It supports and provides community based rehabilitation. Most of these children are kidnapped by criminal gangs in India and forced into doing child labour, or they are left by their parents on railway station, bus stations, and next to traffic signals because of poverty.

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Yes, you can come as group. We will make your accommodation together and offer you group discount prices.
When I went I had only just finished the Norwegian equivalent of high school the year before. So I went at the age of 19 with no higher education qualifications - so as far as I know you do not need any kind of degree, etc.


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Change lives of children in India

Having not been to India before, it was a blessing for me to experience India with the organisation, Volunteering With India (VWI)!!

They were super professional in communicating with me before I arrive in India and the program fees were so reasonable comparing with some other organisation! (Some of well-known, big volunteer organizations are ridiculously expensive for not so valid reasons! Never pay thousands.... Do your own research!)

VWI helped me tremendously to do volunteer works as easy as possible by arranging transport (taxi) everyday to the volunteer organization and lovely accommodation where has Indian family feeling. Not only that, they really looked after me and other volunteers from various countries like personal friends and I had such a personal and fantastic experience with real local people!
And thanks to VWI, they really chose best NGO that I can possibly imagine and I had life changing time with children who were rescued from streets.
If I go back to India, I will definitely visit & work there again.

Hope my feedback helps you to make decisions! :-)

How can this program be improved?
Sorry- cant think of any.
Response from Volunteering With India

Thank you Irene for the review. You were also a good volunteer in the project. The community enjoyed working with you. We wish you will have great time in your life.

Yes, I recommend this program


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Volunteering With India gives you opportunity to work in India for various development volunteering program including work with children, Orphanage work, Work with elephants,Women empowerment & Theater Volunteer program.