Nairobi, Kenya’s capital and largest city, is truly diverse. Even though Nairobi has a reputation for being somewhat unsafe, it is actually not very dangerous and in fact has its own unique, charming culture. Due to high poverty, the city definitely has a need for volunteers.

Teach Children

Many children in Kenya do not have access to a proper education, but luckily there are organizations working in the nation to improve this. As a teacher, you will teach disadvantaged children various subjects such as math and science, and also focus on teaching them English.

Orphanage Work

Due to poverty and HIV/AIDS, a number of children in Kenya are orphans. There is a tremendous need for volunteers to help in the orphanages. As a volunteer, you will help the children in their daily routine, teach them, and organize activities for them.


Like many African nations, Kenya too has an HIV/AIDS problem. Even though the number of people suffering has been decreasing, there are still many who suffer from the disease. As a volunteer you will work with local communities to raise awareness about the disease. You will also help take care of patients suffering from the disease.

Volunteering Tips

NGOs/Nonprofits: Nairobi is home to a number of nonprofit organizations that work in almost every sector imaginable. Specifically, there are many nonprofits that work on issues like education, disadvantaged children, and healthcare. For more information, visit Wango

Best Places To Volunteer: Westlands: district that is home to many businesses. Also home to places of attraction. Lang’ata: district in the southwest region of the city; home to the Giraffe Center and Uhuru gardens.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in Nairobi

As a volunteer in Kenya, it is recommended that you get vaccinated for Hepatitis A & B, and Typhoid. If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, particularly in rural areas, you should also get vaccinated for Rabies and Yellow Fever. For more information, visit MD Travel Health.

Safety is somewhat of a concern in Nairobi and you should be very vigilant while in the city. Locals often try to scam visitors. You should always ignore a stranger if they approach you on the street. Always be careful when you’re in crowded streets as pickpockets will definitely try and snatch your belongings.

Volunteer Programs in Nairobi

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Travel Teacher
Travel Teacher : Teaching and Community Development | Kenya
10 •6 reviews

Joining an expedition in Kenya is a perfect way to immerse yourself in...

Culsans Gap Travel
Hands on conservation, adventure and wildlife trip in Kenya
9.67 •6 reviews

Unlike your regular Gap Year trips, Culsans Gap Travel offers a world...

Volunteer Abroad GT
Affordable Volunteer Abroad in Healthcare & Medical Programs from $159 per week
Multiple Countries
9.86 •7 reviews

VAGT provides the most affordable medical & healthcare volunteer...

Go Volunteer Africa
Volunteer in Kenya - Go Volunteer Africa
8.71 •7 reviews

Go Volunteer Africa's Volunteer in Kenya program is one of the most...

International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ
Most Affordable Kenya Volunteer Programs in 5+ Locations from $280
9.46 •41 reviews

Every year, hundreds of volunteers join IVHQ's highly affordable...

Agape Volunteers
HIV Prevention Volunteering in Kenya
10 •3 reviews

In recent times, the medication available for HIV sufferers has...

Agape Volunteers
Teaching Volunteering in Kenya
10 •2 reviews

Kenyan schools are chronically underfunded and therefore often under...

Volunteering Solutions
Volunteer in Kenya | Most Affordable Projects Starting From $270
9.2 •20 reviews

Volunteering Solutions offers incredible and amazing volunteering...

Makuyu Education Initiative
Help Underprivileged Children at a Children's Home in Kenya
10 •1 review

Makuyu Education Initiative is an accountable, transparent, and...

Volunteer Abroad GT
Affordable Volunteer Abroad in Building & Renovation Volunteer Programs starting at $95 per week
Multiple Countries
10 •1 review

Many of the volunteer abroad programs VAGT offers are in countries...

Agape Volunteers
Medical Volunteering in Kenya
9.5 •2 reviews

Are you are searching for a hands-on international medical elective...

Agape Volunteers
Childcare Volunteering in Kenya
9.5 •2 reviews

Agape Volunteers helps to support several orphanages and children's...

Habitat For Humanity
Global Village Volunteer in Kenya
10 •1 review

Kenya's housing deficit continues to grow at a rate of 200,000 units...

Agape Adventures
Agape Adventures: Teaching & Community Development
8.67 •3 reviews

Agapé Adventures is an Irish organisation with a global heart! We have...

Love Volunteers
Make a difference in Kenya - From just $259!
9.5 •10 reviews

Join Love Volunteers and their local partner organizations to connect...

What People Are Saying

During my stay, I was living with the the most friendly local people I’ve ever met (including 16 children and MEI staff). They taught me their language - Swahili and how to make their foods such as...

having a little fun with them

I spent time at the school and the children's home. Both were eye opening. The children were full of smiles and hungry for learning. The unselfish attitude of everybody was something we don't see so...

Baby Ben where I left my heart.

Culsans gave me an insight into the world of the conservation, sustainable travel, but most lovingly, into the wonderful Kenyan culture and people. During every step of the trip I was repeatedly...

Learning to bead with the Maasai ladies.

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