The green, luscious nation of Kenya is essentially Africa in a microcosm. Within its boundaries, Kenya packs in high mountains, dry deserts, beautiful beaches, and stunning coral reefs. Nevertheless, it is still a developing country and thus has a need for volunteers. The nation faces poor infrastructure in rural areas, an overwhelmed school system, and poor health facilities. Visitors are sure to find the people of Kenya are kind and generous, and after volunteering here, Kenya will definitely occupy a special place in your heart.

Work with Children

There is always a high demand for volunteers who want to work with children in Kenya. Due to Kenya’s lackluster education system, there is an urgent need for volunteers who can assist teachers in teaching children in public schools, community schools, and orphanages.Since there are many orphanages in Kenya with underprivileged children, there are many opportunities to work with them. Tasks in orphanages include taking care of children, administration, and daily chores.


Unfortunately, HIV/AIDS is very prevalent in Kenya. Over 6.3% of the population is affected, and 1.5 million children are orphans due to the deadly disease. As a volunteer, you will be working in various communities, actively working to spread AIDS awareness. You will also be caring for infected patients and educating the public.

Medical Work

Due to poor health facilities in Kenya, there is a need for medical volunteers. As a medical volunteer, you will be placed in a hospital or dispensary, and will assist doctors and nurses with their work. Skilled and experienced health care volunteers are especially helpful.

Volunteering Tips

Volunteer Support: If you volunteer in Kenya through an organization, they will have a support system in place that you can turn to if you need help or have questions. Your home nation’s embassy or consulate will be in Nairobi, which you can turn to for further support and information.

Volunteer History: Due to its troubles, Kenya understandably has numerous nonprofit organizations working in diverse arenas to better the living conditions. Here’s a complete list of nonprofits in Kenya.

Know Before You Go: Although it isn’t required, it is very helpful to learn some basic Swahili before you go to Kenya, because in most places people will know little to no English.

How to Save Money While Volunteering: In Kenya’s larger cities, there are more upscale stores and restaurants that you probably will be tempted to visit quite often due to their luxury. However, if you’re on a tight budget, try shopping and eating at local places. The quality is almost always good and the prices are excellent!

Health and Safety

As a volunteer in Kenya, it is essential that you get certain vaccinations. These include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever and Rabies. For more info, check MD Travel Health.

In short, Kenya is a beautiful, friendly nation. As a volunteer, you will have an opportunity to work in diverse areas helping people in need, while also having time for yourself to explore the nation’s natural wonders.Thus, Kenya is a must-visit nation for volunteering abroad!

Volunteer Programs in Kenya

Volunteering is a great way to make your travel experience more meaningful
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Global Crossroad
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Developing World Connections
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Camps International
Camp Kenya - Volunteer in Kenya 1-3 months
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Go Volunteer Africa
Volunteer in Kenya - Go Volunteer Africa
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Volunteers For Peace (VFP)
Volunteer Abroad in Kenya
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Agape Volunteers
HIV Prevention Volunteering in Kenya
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Bhubesi Pride
Volunteer and Teach Ruby Throughout Africa
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ELI Abroad
Volunteer with Kids in Kenya
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World of Need
Vol-Intern Abroad Opportunities for Students of All Majors
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Feed The World
Solve World Hunger- Peru/Ecuador Volunteer program
Multiple Countries
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American Jewish World Service
Volunteer for LGBT Rights with AJWS
Multiple Countries
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Around the world, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I volunteer in Africa?
    The top 10 countries to volunteer in Africa in 2020 are Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Madagascar, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique. However, you can find volunteer opportunities in over 25+ African countries on Go Overseas.
  • Why volunteer in Africa?

    There are many reasons to volunteer in Africa: to make a positive impact, to help protect wildlife, to have the opportunity to travel around beautiful countries before or after your volunteer trip, to experience rich and welcoming cultures different than your own, to enjoy a slower lifestyle, and to stand out during a future job search. Africa has a lot of diverse volunteer opportunities in various industries.

  • Where can I volunteer in Kenya?

    Some possible cities in Kenya to volunteer in are Kisumu, Kitale, Mombasa, Nairobi, and Nakuru. However, on Go Overseas you'll find programs all over the country so the possibilities are truly endless.

What People Are Saying

Anneli teaching Standard 8 class.

Our month teaching in Agape Mitaboni Academy, an impoverished rural school about two hours from Nairobi, was challenging, fulfilling and rewarding. We arrived with a suitcase (and more) of teaching...

having a little fun with them

During my stay, I was living with the the most friendly local people I’ve ever met (including 16 children and MEI staff). They taught me their language - Swahili and how to make their foods such as...

Baby Ben where I left my heart.

I spent time at the school and the children's home. Both were eye opening. The children were full of smiles and hungry for learning. The unselfish attitude of everybody was something we don't see so...

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