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Travel is not an inherently peace-building activity; it takes an effort to ensure your travels have a positive impact on the world. Here are some tips on how you can ensure each trip makes the world a more peaceful place.
If you help provide meaningful travel experiences to students, teachers, and volunteers around the world, you have a unique ability to help cultivate peace through the programs you offer.
Volunteering abroad is one of the many ways we can give back to the world while we travel. It's also an opportunity to build peace through our volunteer efforts abroad. Here are some of the ways that volunteering abroad can build peace in a world that needs more of it.
You know your mission is to pass education to students through teaching abroad. Did you know you also have the ability to build peace around the world as you do? Learn how from a fellow teacher.
While study abroad is an opportunity to experience other cultures and expand your education, it can also be an opportunity to build peace in a world where peace can be hard to find. Read how studying abroad can help you cultivate peace anywhere in the world.
The pace at which we travel has a deep and real impact on how we perceive each destination we visit -- and the locals who call it home. By embracing slow travel, one traveler shows how we can all cultivate peace in the world.
Considering a graduate degree? Put New Zealand on your list as a destination to pursue your graduate degree! One Ph.D. candidate in New Zealand shares her own story of choosing New Zealand, and why you should too.
Curious why we think New Zealand is one of the best destinations to study abroad? We'll give you one great reason -- our 2017 New Zealand Study Abroad Scholarship! Read more about this year's giveaway...
If you love literature, you may be eager to study abroad in cities that support literature and literacy. Here are some of the top destinations where literature is celebrated and studied around the world.
Volunteering in Marine Conservation is a popular choice for those who want to support nature through volunteer efforts. Here are some of the important lessons you'll learn if you choose to save the oceans on your volunteer experience.

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