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Spend this summer combining travel to Hong Kong with a unique international internship experience. Our award-winning program offers students the chance to explore the city's stunning blend of East and West whilst gaining valuable professional skills undertaking a full-time placement in their industry of choice.

Work in one of 30+ fields, including Finance, Entrepreneurship, Non-Profit, Business, Marketing/PR, Fashion and Human Resources. We organize company visits, career speaker events and career workshops as well as cultural activities, day trips and weekend excursions to help you gain valuable industry insights and explore Hong Kong.

Ours is an all-inclusive program, including high-quality housing on Hong Kong Island, cultural activities, group dinners, visa application assistance, and 24/7 on-site support.

Absolute Internship has been featured in the New York Times, BBC News, Bloomberg, and Forbes Magazine. We have placed 4000+ interns at over 800 companies worldwide.

  • Take the next step along your career path with a world-class internship in your industry of choice.
  • Gain professional skills through career speaker events, company visits and career workshops.
  • Build unique experience that will help you stand out in a rapidly expanding job market.
  • Discover Hong Kong on after-work activities and explore China on day and weekend trips.
  • Live in a multicultural environment with fellow Absolute Interns from across the globe. Enjoy 24/7 onsite support from your Absolute Internship Coordinator.

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  • Growth 9.6
  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 9.8
  • Housing 9.8
  • Safety 9.9
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Yes, I recommend this program

Thank you for everything Aurelie!

I spent two awesome months in Hong Kong with Absolute Internship. Overall, the experience I got on this program is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I got to meet a lot of really amazing people from all around the world, we were like a big family interning during the days and traveling during the weekends exploring Hong Kong, Macau was an amazing experience. All the students are in the age same group and very friendly.

The accommodation is super clean and I couldn’t have asked for anything better, as it was top standard and in the city center. I loved the public transport in Hong Kong which is so convenient compared to the US – I had no problems at all to get around.
Hong Kong is such a clean, vibrant, safe, dynamic and beautiful city.

I could not have asked for more - I would definitely recommend this program!

Thank you for everything Aurelie, it would not have been nearly as awesome without you!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Absolute Internship

I would like to share that I’m incredibly thankful for my opportunity to have interned in Hong Kong with Absolute Internship. Aurelie from the Absolute team was so friendly, helpful and worked hard to make sure that I was matched with a great internship that matched my background and expectations. I also want to thank Thomas, Nicole for all their support this summer. You guys worked were so helpful to me, and the entire group and very supportive the entire summer.

I met so many amazing people through this program. Absolute Internship is such an amazing opportunity for you. I got to know so many different cultures; the community that Absolute has is terrific!

I highly, highly recommend Absolute Internship and the Hong Kong Program because of the great staff, awesome people you meet, the internship you’re guaranteed, clean housing and great events that the staff put together and organize!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Dream Come True – Hong Kong Fashion Internship

If you are looking for an experience where you will meet and network with people from all around the world, where you will grow so much and become independent and have a lovely and supportive team helping you – then Absolute Internship is definitely the right program for you. I interned in Hong Kong before moving to the US for my exchange semester.

I was recommended by my uni to intern abroad with Absolute Internship and after browsing all their reviews online I’m really happy with my choice. The Absolute team was very welcoming when I arrived in Hong Kong from picking me up at the airport to making sure I was settled and comfortable in the housing. They even made sure that I knew my way around to my internship. I was fortuned to intern with a fashion e-commerce website that was selling high-end brands. A dream come true for someone that loves fashion like myself!

What I’m going to miss the most about Hong Kong and the program? The people. The lovely Absolute team (thanks Aurélie & Co!! The food. My awesome colleagues and my awesome bosses.

I’d highly recommend Absolute Internship to anyone who wants to gain work experience abroad and makes friends from all around the world!

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Yes, I recommend this program


I have always wanted to go to Asia due to my interest in emerging markets, but I ended choosing Hong Kong - and I was really happy I did.

Hong Kong is a beautiful city, with great energy, amazing culture and interesting history. It's also a great place to start your career as it offers so many opportunities for young people like myself. I spent one month completing a marketing internship this summer and I really loved it. I'm incredibly pleased that I met so many cool and amazing people through the Absolute Internship Program.
The Absolute staff is also fantastic and extremely friendly.

I'm really happy that I chose Absolute Internship for my internship abroad. Absolute proved to be absolutely amazing not only when it comes to securing my internship but also when it comes to organizing our social life in Hong Kong - we had plenty of events to take part of each week. There was never a dull moment.
The whole Absolute team worked very hard to take care of us and truly contributed to making this summer unforgettable experience.

Thank you for an awesome summer!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent program 10/10!

My time in Hong Kong with Absolute Internship was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. Both interning everyday and just living in this incredible city and experiencing so many different cultures by meeting all the other students everyday was so exciting. My best friend had participated in the London Program the year before me, and she had only great things to say about it, so I decided to fly somewhere closer (I’m an Aussie so I thought London was a bit far away) so I chose Hong Kong for two months.

From the day I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport, checked in at the accommodation, I felt completely comfortable. Our program staff was wonderful and made sure to help us with everything from showing us how to setup the 3G/4G on our mobile phones to showing us where to do our groceries. Very important when you just arrived!

My first day at my internship was very stressful understandably, but as soon as I arrived my company was very friendly and invited me for a lunch the first day! The food in Hong Kong is amazing. You can have delicious meals from $3. There was an amazing dim sum restaurant where we ate almost every week nearby where we lived.

Traveling from Australia to such a different country far away such as Hong Kong can be frightening, but living in the city together with around 80 other students in the same age, doing the same thing makes the experience so much more worthwhile and fun. This was definitely the best summer I’ve ever had and I would recommend to anyone from Australia or anywhere in the world that loves to travel to intern in Hong Kong!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Program. Amazing Summer. Amazing Staff!

I could not recommend Hong Kong more as a city to experience an international internship – I had never been to Asia before this program. The wonderful people that you meet through the Absolute program is life-changing. The fantastic Absolute staff that is extremely friendly and helpful. The guaranteed internship and the incredible program events and activities that are part of the summer.

I can’t thank Aurélie, Nicole, Thomas and the rest of the Absolute Team enough. It goes without saying that the Absolute staff is there for literally anything that you need from matching you with a great internship, speaking to worried parents (mine!) to showing you the best shopping areas in the city to recommending the best restaurants in Hong Kong!

I highly recommend Absolute!

What would you improve about this program?
Well done guys!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Absolute Internship - Greatest Experience I have ever had

I don't think that people realize how much of an impact a summer abroad in an unfamiliar Asian city like Hong Kong can have on a young female student who wants to jump start her career (especially myself coming from Australia). Choosing to do my internship with Absolute Internship was one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far. Thanks to Absolute Internship, I was able to live in one of the most exciting cities in the world and meet interesting and ambitious people from so many countries. Who knew I was going to spend my summer with a group of people from Denmark, Finland, US, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, India, UK and Ireland?

From the beginning until the end of the program, Absolute Internship was very well-organized and structured, making me feel reassured about the program, process and internship that I was to be allocated. Before the program, I had never been to Asia and I chose Hong Kong as I was a bit afraid of the language barrier in the other destinations that Absolute offers, since everyone speaks English in Hong Kong.

I received prompt information about when to arrive in the city and was picked up by one of the amazing and friendly program staff Nicole. I also met up with the other program students who had flown in from the US, Europe and other parts of Australia the same day. From the airport, we were escorted to the accommodation with a bus. All the other students were really friendly.

I’m from Sydney in Australia, which is a very safe place in general. Hong Kong is so different to Australia. Fast-paced. Busy and so many people everywhere. Hong Kong is such a safe place, especially for a young woman like myself I felt incredibly safe in the night and during the day as well. All the tall buildings made me feel so inspired to be in this city.

So what makes this experience and program unique? The people you meet. The wonderful and amazing program staff (that I honestly think do not sleep, they work 24/7!!!) Great internship. Awesome career speaker events. I really feel that after this summer I have grown so much, personally, professionally and I have met so many incredible people from all around the world. I never felt alone. Never. The program staff Nicole, Thomas and Aurélie made me feel extremely welcomed and part of the group. They did a fantastic job. Always going beyond duty to help myself and the rest of the students.

My best advice to you? Step out of your comfort zone. Apply now and don’t look back. You’ll never regret it - trust me.
Absolute Internship is an amazing program and you’re surrounded with amazing people and awesome staff. I highly recommend this program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Absolute Internship Changed My Life

It would definitely be an understatement to say that Absolute Internship changed my life. The level of growth I experienced was exceptional; the level of people that I forged friendships and relations with totally unforgettable. I only smile when I look back to my time in Hong Kong.

I did my internship in Hong Kong at an online marketing agency. The company I was working for were really kind and went above and beyond to ensure that I was welcomed and integrated into the team as well as the local culture. I met a massive amount of influential business people through networking events that I had the chance to meet, forged great relationships with my colleagues which have tremendously changed my life coming from a small town. Traveling overseas now and I’m proud to say that I can FaceTime with friends from France, Morocco, Sweden, Denmark, India, New Zealand, Austria, Spain, Italy and the US – it’s amazing. Absolute is the perfect platform for university students to meet other people.
I would like to also underscore that the Absolute staff is incredible. I was tremendously impressed by the work ethic of Nicole, Thomas as well as the Director Aurelie who definitely walked the extra miles every single week for us. From showing us to the best local restaurants where we could eat for literally $2 per person to introducing us to their broad and impressive network of important business contacts was extremely helpful and generous as it helped me and the other interns to expand their global networks.

The program events that are part of the program were one of my favourite parts. It gave me a deep insight of the culture, but also introduced me to this fast-paced and unique city by visiting the most selective sights and meet with influential business leaders from well-known firms such as Citibank, Bloomberg, IKEA and H&M, which I really appreciated. I felt so inspired during this summer and this program really made me think BIG, helped me realize that I can achieve whatever I set my mind and heart to. Absolute made this summer the best summer of my life. If you are a student and want to make friends from all around the world while experiencing an amazing city and finding inspiration – you should do this program!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thankful for Absolute

The Hong Kong program exceeded all of my expectations and was the best way I could have spent my semester break. I knew Absolute had a great reputation because one of my class mates had a great experience with them in London and that's how I heard about it. Hong Kong is a fantastic city - international, everybody speaks English and you can find anything that you need.
I had a really good roommate and we definitely took advantage and enjoyed all the events that were part of the program, Macau Trip, Lantau Island Victoria’s Peak and etc..

The internship was also definitely a great experience. I was very involved with the company I was. They provided me with hands-on work and they really made me feel part of their team by taking me out for lunches and so on. I felt really engaged and appreciated that they welcomed me with open arms. One one of the events we had the opportunity to meet the Absolute Co-Director Aurelie who was visiting us. She really inspired me and shared her best tips on how to best leverage my experience in Hong Kong. She also spoke about her own international work experience which I really appreciated. This was honestly one of the best summers I've ever had and I'd highly recommend to take part of an internship in Hong Kong.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Wouldn't trade my summer in Hong Kong for anything! Life changing.

I would recommend the Absolute Internship Hong Kong program to anyone looking to advance their career and want to travel abroad. My internship in recruitment and HR has definitely prepared me for life after graduation - how to look for a graduate job. The experience in Hong Kong has been the star on my resume, something that all employers want to talk about when interviewing.
The program makes it really easy for you, providing you with a transport card, show you how the public transport works, takes you the best tourist spots (as well as the best hidden ones!), set you up with awesome housing and of course the internship. I met amazing people not only from the US but also from Australia, Italy, France, Sweden and the UK through this program. I encourage everyone to travel abroad and take advantage of the Hong Kong program by absolute. It was a summer I will never forget.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Absolute Internship Hong Kong

It was a great experience interning in Hong Kong. Absolute was there for me all the time and made me feel welcomed, safe and content throughout my month in Asia. The events and activities put together were great to get know all the other students and also to explore the city.

I couldn't have asked for more. Absolute delivered more than what I expected.

Great program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Aurélie was great! Absolute Great experience in Hong Kong.

It goes without saying that my experience in Hong Kong with Absolute was over the moon! Amazing.

In Australia, H&M is not that well-known, but to have the opportunity to intern in such a prestigious international company and be surrounded around amazing and creative people like that for 2-months was a tremendously positive experience. I learned so much during my time at H&M about the fashion world but also about the aggressive expansion that the company is undergoing as of this moment. Employers and even professors now back in Australia have been extremely impressed of my international experience in Hong Kong.

Aurélie and the Absolute Team was there for me at all times for any support. From finding the best shopping places in Hong Kong to giving great career/internship tips. She is such a wonderful person!

It was overall a fantastic experience.

Thanks Absolute and Aurélie!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Highly recommend Absolute Internship!

Choosing to do an internship overseas with Absolute Internship was the number one best decision I have made in my life. From the start of my application, I was reassured that I had made the right decision choosing Absolute Internship for my overseas internship.

I chose to complete a Marketing Internship. Coming to Hong Kong it was the first time I ever traveled overseas alone. Scary? Yes. Excited? Absolutely yes.

I missed the official airport pick-up hours that Absolute has with the program, but Aurélie who was one of the Directors was so kind to pick me up at the train station 10 pm on a Friday evening (Thanks Aurélie). I really appreciated that and made myself and my parents feel very comfortable about the organization.

About Hong Kong itself, what can I say? It's the absolute most amazing place I've been to. Police everywhere - it's very safe! Great food. Wonderful shopping (compared to Australia). The other interns are literally from all around the globe, we had some from Norway, some from the US, Latin America, New Zealand.. it was truly an international experience.

I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking to do an overseas experience, have an awesome internship and great time!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Business Internship - Just Awesome

I came to HK expecting an average experience and program. My time was just awesome. The staff is one of the most friendliest people I've ever met. They showed us how to get around with the subway, tramway and the bus. They also showed us where to eat, where to do shopping and how to get to work.

I loved our weekend in Macau which definitely was a highlight of the program. I also loved all the other events that were organized by the program. HK was just an awesome experience that I always will cherish.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent experience in Hong Kong

I completed a HR Internship in a head hunting firm in Hong Kong. I was very warmly welcomed at the firm, there were staff that were both local and some were from the UK and some other colleagues were from France. I had a British supervisor who was very helpful, inspirational and supportive. I learned a lot from my internship.

Besides the internship, I really enjoyed my time in Hong Kong with Absolute. The organization was very helpful in terms of setting me up with a visa, arranging fun and exciting events, arranged great accommodation and provided excellent support. The Absolute staff was always there for us and were extremely resourceful.

Highly recommended!

What would you improve about this program?
I have no idea on how this program could be improved.