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For a limited time, we are offering our special *Career-kickstarter* discount of 50% for our Virtual Internship package. This discount can be applied to any Business Development, PR & Marketing or Design Internship that lasts 1-2 months in 2020. Start your career now!
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Oct 01, 2020
May 03, 2022
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About Program

Imagine gaining real-life work experience, creating valuable business connections & kickstarting your global career in Asia – all without leaving your apartment! Sounds too good to be true? We beg to differ: A virtual internship with Meiji Internships offers all of this – and so much more!

* Do your dream internship from home in your industry of choice - with our customized internship placement!
* Equip yourself with crucial 21st-century skills and become a true digital nomad!
* Build crucial international business networks!
* Become a high-achieving job applicant by gaining international work experience!
* Develop your skills thanks to personalized coaching sessions!

As your gateway to Asia, Meiji Internships will accompany you throughout your journey. Kick-start your international career with an unforgettable internship adventure in your industry of choice. We work with an extended network of 750+ partner companies in 8 countries to help pave the way for your future!

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  • Fully Customizable: Choose from several industries and destinations according to your interests and talents.
  • Networking Opportunities: Gain work experience in global companies and establish crucial business connections to kickstart your future international career.
  • University Credit: University accredited internships in all major industries with 750+ host companies ranging from multinational corporations to innovative start-ups and influential NGOs across Asia.
  • Personal Development: Grow personally as well as professionally by challenging yourself every day through new and exciting projects.
  • Stay flexible: Take your time, stay location-independent and enjoy your remote internship as there is no time limit to it!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Work experience with convenience

I am studying for my business bachelors and wanted to get some real world experience while studying, so I found the virtual internship at Meiji and thought it was a good option. I chose to do this also because I wanted to get experience with international business in Asia, so I can make my resume different and help my future career as a international professional.

The Korean company I worked with had a lot of tasks for me to get involved with, which is just as I wanted so I stayed very busy. I did this during a break from university which was convenient because it meant that my schedule was still very manageable and i had time to relax.

Meiji helped me a lot to find this internship, when i emailed them they gave me helpful information, although there is a big time difference they did there best to reply quick. I would definitely recommend meiji internships and recommend a virtual internships especially if you want to get experience in a convenient way. After working with the company i now plan to visit Korea for a in person internship after I graduate!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Virtual Internship in Japan

Recently got done with my 5-month internship with a company in Japan. I contacted Meiji Internships long ago wanting to do an on site internship in Fukuoka, however the circumstances changed and therefore I settled for a virtual internship. Even though it was not was I first intended, it ended up being pretty great, lots of learning and also I have to say that the people at Meiji were nice about the change of plans and helped me find a different host company. I'm sure the on site companies are good as well, but mine was amazing and definitely flexible, as I could work at my own pace without them being pushy. I think this is a service that is worth the price if you need credits for university.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Tons of work and still worth it

Are online internships here to stay? No clue but they might as well be, in my experience they are as demanding as any other type of internship or job. I spent most of my time writing and learning marketing stuff, which is directly related to my uni studies but not my main area of expertise. Nevertheless, it's a skillset that I wanted to develop so that I could apply in future jobs and include in my CV to expand my opportunities a little bit. I have a very good aftertaste of my internship at a Korean company, if anything, I am actually surprised of the amount of work I had to do (which is not inherently bad, I just thought I would be able to be lazy lol). This company is more than decent and will help you even if you somehow happen to run into any issues or if you just need assistance in negotiating with your host company.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Straight to my CV

A lot of us are happy that most things are back open and we can do outdoorsy stuff with our friends. In order to do that though, I needed an internship that let me work from basically anywhere and anytime. I found Meiji and applied for an online internship in a Korean company, and that's pretty much it! Worked from home, hotels, cafes and even in public transport if I wanted to finish my tasks earlier and have more extra time to spend with my people. It's been a literal breath of fresh air and I strongly recommend this type of program if you prioritize being free to do whatever you want during the week and being in charge of your own schedule. From the companies they showed me, I can tell they are quality businesses and I never had a problem with my host company. They were the most welcoming people and at this point are very comfortable teaching you all you need to know to get going and start putting out quality content (I'm a designer) that meets their standards. I met a lot of people there and I keep especial contact with some that became my friends.

72 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Virtual Internship @ Korean Company

The good thing about Meiji Internships is that the attention is extremely personalized, even when I felt like I was being too annoying they would just keep showing me different options and answering all my questions. At first I thought they only had connections with companies in Japan, but after they told me they had some good options for me in Korea I was sold. I never ran into any problems during my internship and I have to say even though I was doing fine and completing my tasks on time, the people at Meiji Internships would reach out to me every so often to check on my progress and to see if they could assist me in any way. I got in a tourism company so I had to be in touch with a lot of people (both coworkers and clients) so the environment was very dynamic and never got boring. Would recommend to anyone looking for an Asian company to intern at.

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Yes, I recommend this program

some thoughts on my online internship

My virtual internship program ended some weeks ago now and I often think of the huge amount of work and progress that I made during those months. Nowadays I'm mostly doing uni paperwork and relaxing, as I intended to take a gap year and taking things slower really puts into perspective how motivated I was in the first place to work online. I guess what I would like people to know is that online internships can be just as demanding and nourishing as in-person internship programs. I feel like more people should try to see the brighter side of the current situation and take advantage of international internship providers that can place you in a company in any country you want and also in pretty much any field you can think of. I don't see reasons to not do your mandatory internship from home and put that international experience in your CV. I'm the only student in my class who did this and also one of the few that already have a couple of job offers. The only downside is that it would be very bold of me to reject those offers so I won't be taking that gap year I wanted (although that's like the best problem one could have). Cheers Meiji, 5/5 program as well as an affordable option to make your CV stand out

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Yes, I recommend this program

Loved this program!

I did two virtual internships, and both were amazing. I did one for a South Korean company and one for a Japanese company. I could never have found these internships on my own, and the experience and knowledge I gained from them are priceless. I learned so much, and I really enjoyed my time learning and growing. Meiji was also very quick to respond to emails and questions. I was always happily surprised at how quickly they got back to me. They also found great companies that give you hands-on experience. If you're looking for internships overseas, I would recommend them. They are really helpful and can find a perfect internship for you.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
The first interviews were a little nerve-racking, but after meeting everyone I wasn't so nervous. Everyone is so kind and genuinely wants to help you gain experience and learn.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Good Value

Finished my virtual internship in December and I have to say that the program is a good value, mostly because it's university-accredited and left me plenty of time to do other things, as I could work whenever I had the chance. I had planned to do my mandatory internship somewhere in asia but given the circumstances I'd rather do it this way and just keep saving up some money to go on a longer trip (that I will actually enjoy instead of just having to work all day) later this year.
The people at Meiji seem to be really nice and are willing to help and check on your progress basically 24/7 and the host company was everything I could've wished for: very professional, welcoming and communicative

77 people found this review helpful.

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