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Madrid is the most developed international program in Adelante's arsenal of programs with over 250+ participating companies. Who stands to gain the most out of that? YOU.

Take advantage of a program that provides a solid work, cultural, & life experience. A wide array of internship fields are offered to meet your needs and accelerate your professional development. In addition, you'll receive two weeks of intensive Spanish language classes included in our program to help sharpen your language skills and prepare you for your internship!

If you can't find your field below, do not fret! Visit Adelante's site for a complete list of internship fields. We can seek out new companies and create a customized program for you.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and set your sights on interning in Madrid!

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  • Flexibility: Our programs start the 1st Monday of every month with year round start dates. Choose to intern anywhere from 1-6 months.
  • Centralized Housing: You'll have your own private room in a shared apartment close to shopping, public transportation, and nightlife.
  • Tailored Internship: Gain solid international career experience by interning in a locally owned Spanish company or an international corporation with offices in Madrid's cultural and economic hub!
  • Local Staff: Our programs are meant for the independent traveler and are not group-focused. Our on-site staff in Madrid and the US are available throughout your program, and you can truly immerse yourself in the culture however you wish.
  • Economical Pricing: We are budget friendly! Do your research; nearly all other programs are at least DOUBLE the price. Not to mention, housing is included in our program price. You'll have your own private room in a shared apartment.

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  • Support 8.7
  • Fun 8.8
  • Housing 8.6
  • Safety 9.6
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First time interning abroad.

I have to say that the internship set up was convenient and the application was easy enough to complete. The cost, in comparison to other abroad competitors, was quite affordable considering I was posted literally 400 feet from in the exact center of Madrid. I would do this again if there was another opportunity to do so. However, I immediately suggest that whoever is looking into this program to plan, at minimum, 6 months ahead to get all the requirements settled. After all, I ended up having more fun than expected. Every penny is worth it and the people I was with were nice enough to help me with anything I needed.

How can this program be improved?
Longer program. Reduce costs in housing to compensate for tuition costs. Possibly change location to lower the cost of housing.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Experience

Loved this experience! Going abroad is something that is on everyone's bucket list, so why not learn something while you're at it? Adelante does a fantastic job providing a great experience abroad along with a great internship. The Spanish class that came with my program was a surprise but definitely my favorite part. The internship itself (medical) was great as well- very enlightening. The one suggestion I would give is to make sure to get a visa! Traveling in Europe is fairly affordable and with all the extra time you may have from work, it's worth it to get out and explore! I would do this program all over again!

Yes, I recommend this program

Definitely worth it!

I was very hesitant to do a program like this but I am so happy I did! From the beginning, the Adelante staff was nothing but helpful. I had over a million questions and I am pretty sure I emailed Jeramee about 5 times a day and she replied every single time. They keep you updated (and calm) while you're in the states and continuously check in while you're abroad. The staff in Madrid is awesome as well and will always help if you need anything. For the first two weeks you're in language classes for about 4 hours a day which may seem long but they are necessary. I was slightly annoyed because I thought I wouldn't need two weeks of Spanish classes considering I took Spanish for 3 years but I definitely needed them. The teachers are great and the classes improve your Spanish, I wish I could have taken them the entire time I was here. The only critique I have is the housing situation. For me, I was only there for 6 weeks so I sucked up and dealt with it but others have been here for months at a time and it's not really fair. The room wasn't entirely clean when I arrived and the bathroom was dirty and had a few bugs so a flat mate and I had to clean it. Also it says there's a maid but there isn't so don't expect new sheets or someone cleaning the floors, it's all you. But that has nothing to with program, it's the people running the school. However, the apartment is located in the heart of Sol so you're close to everything: food, shops, metro, school and entertainment. It's also pretty easy to make friends because most people are doing this program alone. I made friends that I know I'll have for a lifetime. And as for the best part of my experience: the internship. I would NEVER have been able to get an internship like the one I have here in America. I was able to get hands on experience, work with an amazing foundation and meet the kindest people. I know I'll still remain in contact with them in the future.

Overall, I highly recommend this program. The staff, the location, the experience, it's all worth it. I feel like I grew a lot as a person through this program and learned from talented professionals. The other nice thing about this intern abroad program is you're not working all day everyday so you have plenty of time to explore the city as well as other cities which I recommend as well. If you want to do something for yourself that will benefit your professional, academic and personal life, this is the program for you.

How can this program be improved?
The housing, like I mentioned in the review, but even that's not too bad. I just think the people that run the school need to be more involved in it instead of brushing if off. It's not a bad living space, it's actually a good size.
Response from Adelante Abroad

Hola Shayan! Thank you, thank you for your positive overview and detailed review, your comments are so helpful. I wish we could have known from the get go about the misses by the cleaning service. During our regular check-in's with you, you didn't mention it so hearing about it now is a surprise and we are so sorry about that! And yes, our Director has several Adelante apartments in Madrid to oversee, with the cleaning service scheduled once a week - sheets too are cleaned every two weeks, is the norm. We will definitely make sure to triple check that apartment's service moving forward as well as ask our candidates to let us know, too. Good luck in all future endeavors and thank you again. Team Adelante

Yes, I recommend this program

Beyond Enriching

I am so glad that I came across Adelante! To be honest, I was pretty ambitious when I decided to take a shot in doing an internship in Spain without hardly any prior Spanish knowledge (I taught myself for about a month before going to Spain), but I quickly picked up on the language and am now able to understand what people are saying 90% of the time. The 2-week classes at the Spanish school were unquestionably helpful and a wonderful experience overall. I have never taken a language class that consists of no more than 7 students, and where the instructors taught everything in Spanish.
As for my internship, I interned for a famous psychiatrist who has his own private clinic in Madrid, which was such an eye-opening experience for aspiring psychologists who intend to work in the clinical practice field. Not only was I able to observe what it was like to be a psychiatrist, I had the opportunity to directly interact with some of the patients (even without the presence of the doctor, but mainly only with those who speak English), and even attend special events such as lectures and the presentation of the doctor's newest book! I definitely recommend anyone out there who is thinking about going into the field of clinical psychology to try to get this intern position. (Note: be prepared to wait around because sometimes the patient just wants to be alone with the doctor). Also, this internship will definitely improve your Spanish because you're listening to Spanish all day!
Overall, the price I paid for this program is so worth what I was given. Not only was my intern position a great one, the living situation (GREAT location, big and well-furnished apartment) and support from the Adelante staff exceeded my expectations. Although I have a month and a half left, I am sad to even think that my internship will be ending soon. The past 2.5 months flew by!

Yes, I recommend this program
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I never truly felt completely independent until this experience. My internship placement did not have much work for me so I created a lot of work for myself so that I can grow within my future career. I also wanted to branch out from the people in my program and started to use a traveler's app to meet traveler from all over the world and it helped my branch out of my shy shell. Overall being abroad has made me fearless.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Madrid Experience

My internship was with a Physical Therapy clinic in Madrid and I absolutely loved the experience. It was much more hands on learning than I could do in the United States. I was able to apply techniques like massage therapy, ultrasound, and go to observe surgeries. The physical therapists I worked with were energetic with their patients and very helpful as they explained to me each of their techniques. They were patient and understanding with my intermediate level of Spanish. If I did not know what they were saying right away they would take the time to explain more to make sure I understood. One of my favorite memories at the clinic was when one of the physical therapists asked me if I could ask the other doctors for a cushion. I misheard the word for cushion in Spanish so I went around the office asking the doctors, “Donde esta el culo?” Once everyone was done laughing at me, I found out I went around the office asking doctors where is the butt. Needless to say I was pretty embarrassed, but everyone thought it was hilarious and it will definitely be a funny story I will remember forever. Overall, I loved my time here in Madrid and I thought the program was fantastic. I learned more Spanish by speaking it everyday with the people I worked with and gained valuable clinical experience in a different culture.

How can this program be improved?
I wish there was more Spanish classes at the beginning or if we were able to continue taking Spanish classes along with having an internship.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Incredible Summer in Madrid

I interned in Madrid for the past two months through the Adelante Abroad program. Adelante essentially sets everything up for you prior to arrival including your internship placement and housing and then you are basically on your own. My girlfriend and I both took part in the Adelante program and were able to live together in an incredibly nice apartment set up by Adelante in a very nice neighborhood of Madrid. It was definitely a relief having an apartment with zero issues, making Madrid instantly feel like home.
The adelante program starts off with two weeks at the Eureka language school where you are completely immersed in Spanish, with zero english speaking allowed in the school. Having very little Spanish background prior to this summer I was definitely overwhelmed in the first 15 minutes at Eureka, but that went away by the end of the first day and I really enjoyed the school and lessons. I actually wish there was someway that the program could work in additional time at Eureka into the 8 week program rather than just the two weeks in the beginning, but I understand that would be difficult with the internship hours the last 6 weeks.

I have a fairly unique major in college, making it somewhat difficult to find an internship placement in Madrid, but Adelante placed me with Sotavento Consultores, a financial consulting firm doing market research analysis and I was very happy with my experience at Sotavento. I was basically independent on my own projects for the entirety of the six weeks interning at Sotavento, allowing me to take on as much as I wanted in terms of workload. The work place is certainly different in Spain than the United States, but Im very grateful to have had the opportunity to see how business is conducted in Spain and to give insight on business in the United States.

I did a significant amount of research before traveling to Spain and decided to purchase an Eurail pass for traveling on weekends and I am incredibly glad I did. I was able to spend two weekends in Barcelona, a weekend in Valencia, San Sebastian and Granada as well as a day in Segovia all without worrying about the cost of point to point train tickets. My time traveling on weekends was definitely one of the highlights of the trip, and I would recommend other Adelante candidates do the same as you will have plenty of time to explore Madrid during the week days after your internship and in the one or two weekends you spend here when not traveling. Spain is a beautiful country and each region looks and feels entirely different, definitely something worth experiencing.

While Madrid was not my favorite city I visited in Spain, I was very glad I chose to do the Adelante program here rather than another city for several reasons: 1)Spanish is much more common in Madrid than other cities. From my experience, it appeared that Madrid had much less English speakers which made learning and speaking Spanish much more important and necessary, something I definitely wanted from an abroad program. While in Barcelona I felt like I heard more English than Spanish or Catalan, definitely not the case in Madrid. 2) Madrid is centrally located in Spain. It was very convenient to be within a 5 hour train ride of every city I wanted to visit, making it possible to see as much of Spain as I did. 3) Madrid is the heart and hub of Spain. From a professional point of view, Madrid definitely had the feel of a big business city most similar to what a businessman is likely to encounter while leaving home for work in the U.S, giving me additional experience in how best to navigate big cities, which is infinitely different than what I grew up around.

The Adelante program is definitely not the typical summer abroad experience from what I read about from other programs online prior to choosing Adelante, but that is not a bad thing. The cost of Adelante was definitely cheaper than any other programs I came across, and this is probably due to the independence the program includes. You will feel as connected to Adelante or as independent in a foreign country as you choose. My girlfriend and I essentially had no contact with Adelante aside from the weekly or biweekly emails they send, and I was completely okay with that, while I understand others may want more of a structured program. If structure is what you are looking for than Adelante probably is´nt the right program, but if you want to get a real world experience in a foreign city where you can basically do what you want when you want to do it then I would recommend Adelante. I was a big fan of not having oversight while abroad as it forced me to figure everything out on my own. Adelante was definitely the best program for the best price for what I was hoping to get from a summer abroad, and without a doubt the most valuable experience I´ve had in my life. Having never been abroad aside from the Caribbean, I was very nervous to leave the U.S, but as im getting ready to leave Spain in another day I cannot wait to figure out where I will travel to next.

How can this program be improved?
I would have loved if there was someway to work in additional language courses, even if it was just another hour a day or a couple hours a week once the internships started. As a beginner Spanish speaker coming into the program my internship was not exactly a great environment for learning Spanish as businessmen do not exactly have the time or patience to struggle through a conversation when they can just communicate in English much more quickly. I would also have Adelante Madrid coordinator, Antonio, send correspondences in English via email after meetings, as the conversations were very important sometimes, and you would have to rely on more advanced Spanish speakers to translate for you.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Pharmacy Internship

I had an amazing 3 months interning in Madrid and would highly recommend doing an internship with Adelante. For the first 2 weeks, I was taking Spanish classes in the language school, Eureka. The grammar section was a great refresher of my previous Spanish knowledge, although I would have loved to have more time in Eureka to do a more comprehensive review. I really enjoyed the conversation class which helped me to become more comfortable conversing in Spanish before beginning my internship. I was housed in a 6-person apartment conveniently located down the street from Eureka and in the heart of the city. My roommates and I all got along great, and had awesome restaurants, shops, and nightlife right outside our door.

The internship that I was placed in was exactly what I had hoped for. I was working 4 hours a day in a small independent pharmacy. It was an amazing opportunity to learn about the differences in healthcare in Spain compared to the US. Although challenging at first, my coworkers were very encouraging of me practicing my Spanish, and it improved significantly throughout my internship. Everyone was very welcoming and willing to answer any questions I had about various medications, how the pharmacy functions, or Spain in general. Overall, I had a fantastic experience and Madrid and can't wait to come back.

Response from Adelante Abroad


Thanks for the awesome review! It sounds like you had a fantastic experience in every aspect, we are so glad to hear that. Although there were minor challenges, you were able to work through them no problem. We hope you do end up in Madrid in the future, best of luck to you in your career!

- Adelante

Yes, I recommend this program
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Translation Internship in Madrid

My internship in Madrid was exactly what I was looking for! My university has a co-op program where we work for a semester instead of taking classes. Unfortunately, as my school does not have a translation major, there were almost no translation co-ops available. Adelante Abroad was one of the only outside options that I saw that guaranteed that I would be actually translating for my co-op as opposed to teaching English. What's more, they quickly let me know that I could either work for a translation agency, or as a translator for a company. I quickly went from having no options to having an abundance of them! What's great about Adelante is that they are with you every step of the way. I never felt alone when applying for a visa, arranging flights, starting my internship, or at any other point during my time in Madrid.

I did a five month program working for a translation agency. It was exactly what I wanted: the opportunity to work in close proximity with other translators. As an added bonus there were always other interns working alongside me from different countries in Europe, meaning I got a lot of exposure to different languages. It was always great helping my new friends out with any questions about English as they translated into French, Italian, German, and of course, Spanish. The office environment was incredibly laid back and I absolutely loved it. Since my contract was for 20 hours a week, the agency let me have any extra hours I worked as vacation time. I worked so many extra hours I had time to go explore Germany, England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, in addition to areas of Spain. They even let me finish my co-op a week early so I could show my mom and sister around my new home!

Having extensively studied Spanish both in school and abroad in Argentina, language was not much of an issue. Still, the two weeks at the Eureka school were great! It was a really helpful way to ensure that I was getting back in the swing of speaking Spanish every day. Being in the highest level class, the grammar was a little complex, and wasn't something that I ever really remember using. The conversation half class time was great however! The activities were fun, we got to meet a variety of different teachers and hear the different ways they talked, and all the teachers were really helpful with making sure we were learning. The best part for me was learning the differences between the Spanish in Spain and the Mexican/Argentine Spanish I had learned previously (things like they don't say "boletos" over there, etc). Of all the Spanish courses I've ever taken, Eureka was definitely the best, and I would recommend it to anybody, even if they weren't looking to do an internship with Adelante.

My housing was through a company that rents apartments to students, so I was with other (non-Adelante) students either studying or working in Madrid. I lived with students from Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, France, and India. None were native English speakers, but most spoke English decently (and wanted to practice), so we spoke a combination of Spanish and English. We all got along extremely well. The housing was a about a 30 minute metro ride from Sol, which was absolutely perfect for me- the neighborhood was quiet and close to my co-op. I walked to work every morning and back home afterwards, which was great exercise. The apartment was cleaned weekly and any problems were fixed fairly quickly. They even bought us new frying pans when we complained that our old ones were bent!

Adelante is absolutely perfect for getting you an internship in any field that you want, while also giving you the freedom to explore a new country or continent!

How can this program be improved?
Some events for people in the Adelante program. The Eureka school and the company that did my housing both did events, which were a great way to meet a lot of people from different places, but I would've loved to meet other Adelante students! I was put in contact with another student at the beginning of my stay, but her program finished a couple weeks after that. There is a Facebook group, but it's not the most active. I think if Adelante put together a meet-up or something similar more people would get together, instead of having to plan something themselves.
Yes, I recommend this program
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The Experience of a Lifetime - Medical Internship

My internship program located in Madrid, Spain, through Adelante Abroad was absolutely phenomenal. I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to work in an orthopedics/trauma hospital called Clinica CEMTRO, alongside some of the top orthopedic surgeons in Europe. There, I was exposed to the ins and outs of life as a surgeon, as I spent my days shadowing doctors both in patient consultations and in the operating room. As a result, I often ended up working between 9-14 hours a day; instead, of only 4-5 as I had expected. I was able leave whenever I wanted, however, I wanted to make the most of my 3-month internship. It was also by working such long hours, that I was truly able to build better relationships with my colleagues and supervisors.

Prior to beginning my internship, I studied Spanish throughout high school and then for two weeks at the Eureka language school. Despite this however, I still had great difficulty communicating with the patients, nurses and doctors. As a result, this working environment truly challenged me to improve my Spanish language abilities. Now that I have completed my program, I can confidently say that I am able to read, write, and converse at a much more advanced level The knowledge that I gained in the past three months is incomparable to that which I gained after 6 years of studying the language in school.

During my time in Madrid, I lived in a quaint apartment located in the heart of city. Constantly surrounded by people, cultures and attractions, I was able to truly experience its vibrant nature. It is often said that New York is "The City That Never Sleeps", but anyone who says that, has clearly never gone to Madrid. Whether it was going for tapas and cerveza (beer), spending the day at one of the many museums, or dancing the night away at a nearby salsa club, there was never a dull moment.

Overall, this was a truly invaluable experience, and I can now say that I certainly want to become a doctor, and possibly a surgeon due to my internship experience. I would definitely encourage anyone seeking career exploration, an adventure, and personal growth to pursue an internship position through Adelante.

Yes, I recommend this program
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an incredible experience

Adelante's program in Madrid is one of the finest internship-abroad experiences one could ask for. The program has situated itself with ideal living conditions, located directly in the heart of the city (basically in puerta del sol). Madrid itself is a city with tons of things to do, people to meet, and culture to be explored, so, for one, you will never be bored. I chose to intern in the international business sector, working for a company called IFEMA, organizing international professional fairs. Working in a spanish company was quite invaluable to my maturation as an adult as well as an employee. Your spanish and language skills improve immensely and you learn how to integrate in a foreign culture. On top of that, adelante's internship hour regulations allow you ample time to explore other activities and meet new people and travel within Europe. Its an incredibly individual experience and one that, i believe, is quite invaluable to any student looking for something more, something different.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Psychology/Psychiatry Internship

I stayed with Adelante for 2 months in Madrid, doing a placement with a local psychiatrist. I had a bit of an unusual situation therefore I have started my internship before finishing my language classes (which being honest wasn’t a smart move but there was no other option due to time constraints). Important to note, that I did study Spanish before but my level was far from fluent.
I will break review in three parts so it is easier to follow.

Internship itself was amazing! Exactly what I wanted and what I expected: to be exposed to a private clinical setting, covering a range of problems starting from family crises finishing with schizophrenia. The doctor himself and his crew were very supportive and friendly, which I think is quite important especially for a new person which doesn’t really know Spanish. During the month, my comprehension skills rocketed up as well as reading ones, doctor would ask you to read A LOT ( a piece of advice for someone doing the same placement is to read beforehand his books, it will greatly assist during your internship and in general in your future career).
During the session with a patient, Doctor will explain his/hers diagnosis, share his opinion regarding the matter and would let to ask any question. Also you would have an opportunity to be present and sometimes even interview yourself various patients, complete there profile and participate in a psychotherapy. Sometimes when Doctor wasn’t available, someone from other doctors will invite to the differential diagnosis of his/hers patients.
From the negative side, I can highlight only the fact that most of the time instead of finishing at 3 or 4, I would finish at 7 or 8 which in my opinion is a bit too much for an unpaid internship. However, I have been interning only for a month so I decided to make the most of it but someone else who would want to do this internship for longer might want to consider to clarify this. At work no one seemed to be bothered with timing at all, I was told “leave whenever you feel tired”. But at the end it looks like such attitude is common among Spanish people, they are very chilled (at least the ones I have met).
Other aspect is language, I should have definitely taken classes before because talking to the patients was tough, my Spanish was very rusty.
Also you have to be prepared that sometimes patients would not want to talk in front of you therefore you would have to wait sometimes for a good 2-3hours.

I lived near Puerta del Sol with Adelante and Eureka (language school)students. The location is amazing, it is literally the central centre, all the touristic attractions, shops and nightlife are hand away from you. My apartment was very spacious with 5 more people living in, this might sound like quite a lot but in fact everyone seemed to co-exist very well. Throughout 2 months no one had any problem with anyone, a very peaceful atmosphere.
The massive downside was, as stated below, an air conditioner and unbearable heat during summer. It was so hot, even inferno would look like a ski resort. When I complained about it to the landlord, I was immediately given a fan, despite being very quick to react, I personally think that at such possibility of overheating air conditioners should be installed. Ironically there were air conditioner units but they didn’t work at any room.
Therefore a piece of advice, do internship when it is not too hot and if you choose to do it in a summer, consider looking for an apartment with an air conditioner.

Language School
I have been to two language schools before in Madrid and I think genuinely speaking that it is not the best one. The director (also a landloard) is very helpful and sorts out problems instantly but if judging school I would give it a solid C, at least for the time I have spent (2 weeks).
I completely agree with a review below that Eureka would work best for long-term students or complete beginners, it is not intense enough for short-term users.

Amazing Internship, good housing (even despite dysfunctional air conditioner), not bad language school. I think you do get value for money here.

How can this program be improved?
I think being more specific about internship details like working hours and direct responsibilities would help.
Response from Adelante Abroad

Thank you, thank you for your wonderful detailed review! Your work assignment Doctor / placement was very happy with you, too, as you know, even given the very short amount of time you interned there. It is good to hear about all that you learned in your field of studies: Psychology.
I'm so sorry about the heat in Madrid - it can be near unbearable, especially in the downtown district where the apartments, while historic buildings, are older and not often equipped with a/c. It is common to have problems with air units and the cost so prohibitive to repeatedly repair, that many of our owners simply give up and leave the unit as is and rely on fans. We know that the location is the very best, walking distance to literally everything - food, grocery store, gym, theatre, palace, multiple metro stops, shopping, hundreds of cafes and for this we sacrifice guaranteed a/c. We do advise in our materials that air conditioning is not at all common in Madrid nor is it guaranteed in our housing. Some summers are definitely hotter than others!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Summer in Madrid

My experience with Adelante was very mixed, with some positive notes and some negative notes.

I chose to live in the Adelante housing. The location was right next to Puerta del Sol, a great central location with lots of restaurants, shopping, and good transportation links nearby. However, as I was there during the summer, and this summer was particularly hot even by Madrid standard, living without air conditioning was extremely difficult. At one point, I came down with heat exhaustion just from laying on the couch, because the apartment was that hot. To make matters worse, there was an air conditioning unit, but it didn’t work. I asked about it, Eureka, the owner of the apartment about it, and there was no possibility of getting it fixed, so I was left to be taunted by a broken air conditioning, showing that it was possible to have air conditioning there, but yet there was no AC. In short, the Adelante housing is great, as long as you aren’t there during the summer.

The first two weeks were spent at the Eureka language school. I could tell that Eureka is a great school, and I appreciated the organized excursions during the first two weeks of my program. However, the structure of Eureka does not work for students who are there for only two weeks. It is designed for students to study there for months at a time. When I signed up for a program that included intensive language classes, I expected an intensive review of Spanish. Instead, I was placed into a class covering material I learned in high school, with people who were learning the material for the first time. So when I needed 15-20 minutes review per topic, I was instead forced to spend 4 days on it, and covered very little material in the time I was there. On a positive note, being just down the street from Eureka, who served as the landlord for the apartment, made it convenient when I had a problem, such as when the wifi stopped down and I needed them to fix it.

The internship was not what I was hoping for. I am interested in international relations, and was hoping for an internship that would allow me to explore career options related to international relations. I was placed at an NGO that related to my interest in international relations in name only. I worked in their marketing department, which had very little work for me to do, and I also find marketing to be extremely boring and not enriching enough for my interests. I spent many days just scrolling through news site or reading a book, feeling like I was just warming a desk. On the days that I did have something to do, it was merely translating documents to English or making Photoshop projects, bearing little resemblance to the internship that I had hoped for. I found myself in a marketing internship, which was not what I wanted, and I was extremely bored for 4 hours a day for 6 weeks.

This is what the positive element of Adelante comes in: their support. At one point, my frustration with my internship placement led me to email Adelante to ask for advice about how to handle it, and they immediately intervened in the situation. They asked Antonio, the intern advisor, to talk to my boss about it to save me from the awkwardness of talking to her about it myself. When he was unable to reach her via phone, he actually came into the office to talk to her. When she acknowledged that they didn’t have much for me to do, he arranged 2 interviews for me at other companies. Neither of the companies I interviewed with felt like a good match, so I decided to stick with my original company. Although not much ended up improving with internship placement, I really appreciated the support Adelante gave me, and it was nice to know that they tried.

It’s easy to dwell on the negative aspects of the program, but generally I had a very positive experience in Spain, but much of the positive experience took place outside of my class or my internship. It was what I made of it. I knew I wanted to be left with a positive impression of Spain, so I made sure to make it positive, by making friends and spending my time doing the things that interested me, whether that was going to see a movie in Spanish or traveling on the weekend. My Spanish improved exponentially during the two months that I was there. Even though my internship wasn’t perfect, being placed into an environment in which I was the only non-Spaniard improved my Spanish in a way that it could have never been improved from taking a Spanish class. I grew a lot from this experience, growth that I never would have experienced if I had stayed in the US for the summer.

How can this program be improved?
Improved internship placement-maybe during initial discussion with the companies Antonio could try to get more details about the intern's responsibilities, to make sure that the interns will actually have responsibilities.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Spain is Amazing, Adelante didn't have much to do with that.

The overall entire 2 months is Spain was an incredible personal experience for me, I went out and made new friends and was very independent. I could have come to Spain and done this without Adelante, however, I thought I needed to rely on an outside organization, but it turns out the 2 things they provided: housing and school, I could have got on my own without paying them to help me sign up for it all, however them being the "middle man" did help out a lot and reduce a lot of stress I would have had doing it myself. I was looking forward to the excursions through the school but was disappointed to find out three of them were canceled because not enough people signed up. The housing was very very nice, a huge plus and conveniently located, but the school was disappointing. In the 2 weeks I was there, I learned a couple key main lessons and then was off. For ex, we spent a week learning the difference between Por and Para. I wanted a more general review of Spanish to help me boost my speech when I am out alone conversationally. This is a much better school if you are planning on attending from the beginning to end level. When I came, after taking a test, I was put in the middle of a spanish class and their grammar lesson, and was there for 2 weeks while they were on the por/para and other smaller grammar lessons, and then I was out. Didn't learn much at all.

Response from Adelante Abroad

We are quite confused and feel, to be clear and fair to GoOverseas readers, we must post parts of another Review you left minutes ago about this same program. The Review is quite long, (than you for taking the time to include a picture too) so we are posting the sentences that seem to be in direct conflict with what you write here, almost the exact opposite from one Review to another! :
"This was my first trip to Europe. Adelante made my job much easier traveling to Madrid ...setting up my housing, schooling for 2 weeks, and internship...One positive thing I was pleased with through Adelante was the housing. I lived in a great apartment located in an upper-middle class residential area. Adelante also did a good job of staying in touch with me via email and answering any questions I had through out the whole trip beginning to end. Angel (the in country staff and director of Eureka) ... was the guide for the 2 excursions I went on: El Prado Museo, and a bike ride around a large part of Madrid in which he knew his information and had a great attitude. I absolutely loved my time here in Madrid and am sad to be leaving. This is definitely an experience in which you need to be very independent."
Simply put, everything you paid for, you received, professionally and on time, with constant communication from Adelante throughout. We are very disappointed in your new take on your program after hearing only, "Everything is great!" from you while in Madrid.

No, I don't recommend this program
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2 weeks at Eureka + 2 months of "Practicas" in Madrid

This was probably one of the best experiences of my life. The people at Eureka are amazingly kind and welcoming, and the people that you meet are all very interesting. Also, we all had one thing in common-we wanted to improve our Spanish! My practicas/practical was in a geriatric residence and I was able to interact with the patients there by helping them with their daily physical exercise routine, mental games, and mealtime. Although it was only 4 hours a day, I enjoyed being around the nurses and residents, using the Spanish that I was learning. Adelante does a good job of following up with you to make sure that you are okay, and the directors at Eureka really take care of you. The location of the apartments are also very convenient, and with all the friends that I made, it was easy to not be alone.

How can this program be improved?
Increase the amount of Eureka classes (1 month?) and shorten the practicas.
Yes, I recommend this program


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