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Atlantis (formerly known as the Atlantis Project) was founded in 2007, and our mission is to equip future healthcare leaders to pursue their callings passionately. Since then, our programs have expanded to include global hospital partners across Europe and Latin America.

Atlantis is recognized as one of the world’s leading international pre-medical internship programs and maintains close ties with the American Medical Students Association (AMSA), as well as institutional partnerships with the Forum on Education Abroad (FEA). Additionally, Atlantis adheres closely to the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) ethics guidelines for international hospital observation.


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Atlantis gave me such a valuable experience in my path to medicine. I shadowed for over 85 hours in 4 different departments (OBGYN, pediatrics, general surgery, and emergency department). The town of Szekesfehervar, Hungary is filled with kind, welcoming, and humble people and the hospital was no different. Atlantis always made a great effort to make all of the fellows feel safe, welcomed, and comfortable with the experience. The Site Managers were Hungarian natives and were absolutely fabulous to spend time with. The cultural experience that comes along with the hospital shadowing was challenging and rewarding. The program was the perfect combination of experiential learning, cultural immersion, and free time to travel and explore. I made lasting connections with the other fellows on my program, and that has given me such a valuable network of other pre-med students across the U.S. I'm so thankful that I learned so much about medicine, Hungary, and cultural competence through the Atlantis Fellowship!

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I completed my shadowing in a hospital in Inca, Mallorca.
It was a very beneficial and inspiring experience.
I shadowed in the department of internal medicine during my first week and in the department of gastroenterology during the second week of the program.
I gained a lot of experience during the shadowing hours, where I completed around 40 hours of rounds, clinic hours, endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures, and surgeries.
The program opened my eyes into the world of healthcare and triggered my passion too become the best doctor I can be.
I was able to form many professional relations with hospital staff, and made friends with the Fellows that were in the same program with me. I also learned a lot about the culture of Mallorca during the weekly excursions.
The program is highly recommended for all pre-health students, and especially for people who are not sure if they want to pursue this job.

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My program was 4-weeks in Lisbon, Portugal.
4 weeks full of shadowing at the largest hospital in the entire country (so we got the coolest cases from all over Portugal and even Africa!) from the following specialties: plastic surgery, vascular surgery, psychiatry, and orthopedic surgery.
4 weeks full of traveling on the weekends with fellows that I can confidently say they are lifelong friends now. I went up and down the coast of Portugal, experienced a culture unlike any other during the World Cup, and went surfing for the first time.
4 weeks living in seriously a BEAUTIFUL apartment. Surrounded by all the fellows. We each had our own studio apartment that was brand new. Pool, rooftop deck, workout room, conveniently located, etc.
There's so much more to say about this program that I can't put into a paragraph, but sign up for Atlantis to gain a wider perspective on medicine and learn things you honestly can't get in your university classroom. and for an irreplaceable summer!

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Atlantis provided me with an opportunity to expand my knowledge and appreciation for healthcare. It was my second time going overseas and my first time experiencing a different kind of medical system. While it was challenging in the beginning, I gained a lot from the experience. At first it was nerve wracking trying to determine what language and cultural barriers would be in place that would inhibit my learning. After the first few days, all nerves were set aside because the language and culture (while different) just provided a new way of observing healthcare. When I could not understand what was happening with my ears, I would use my eyes to observe body language, facial expressions, etc. in order to figure out what was happening. Later on the doctor would explain what happened. I learned how to effectively observe a situation and deduce relationships and emotions from them. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in medicine and/or has an interest in cultural competency. Atlantis allowed me to observe and interact with a culture that was otherwise unknown to me. It helped me gain a better understanding and appreciation for the many unique lifestyles in the world.

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Atlantis offered me an incredible opportunity to strengthen my interest in medicine and expand my knowledge. The shadowing experience in the hospital was amazing and I got to see and learn more than I ever would have imagined. I had rotations in radiology, vascular surgery, and general surgery. The site managers were amazing and our group far exceeded my expectations. The planned group meals and excursions were great experiences also! I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

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