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Greenheart Travel is excited to provide authentic cultural immersion experiences for teenagers and adults in countries all over the world. Our programs include volunteer opportunities, short and long term teaching contracts and work and internship positions abroad. We also offer TEFL certification, high school study abroad programs and teen summer language camp courses. Our mission is to travel for a change!

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Going through programs can be quite the journey if you pick the right one. Greenheart was worth the money. They fill you in on Visas, budgets, schedules, expectations, etc. Greenhart offered so much more than the other partnering companies after talking to other friends. From the culture book, tshirts and assistance in the application process, I was beyond happy to have selected this program. If you have any question the reply is within hours and Sarah is one of the most helpful and friendly people on Staff.

Thanks Greenheart!

Moniquee Brown

How can this program be improved?
A little more information on the partner program Xploreasia. I felt like I didn't know anything until I got to Thailand.
Yes, I recommend
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In 2017, I went to teach in Thailand through the Greenheart Travel program. Specifically, I taught science at a high school in a medium/large town in the Isaan region for one year. I fell in love with Thailand, and much of it was owed to my positive experience with Greenheart! I've listed some of the most helpful aspects of the program below:

- Pre-departure support: Right away Greenheart made it a point to make sure I felt completely prepared for the trip. From Visa help to packing lists, welcome packages, and alumni support, Greenheart made me feel at ease uprooting my life and moving across the globe!
- In-Country Partnership: Greenheart partners with another fantastic company called XploreAsia that is responsible for getting you TESOL/TEFL certified in country. I chose to do the month-long course in Chiang Mai, and it was absolutely wonderful! Greenheart would check in throughout this process, which was nice! [Also, I was there during Songkran which I highly recommend!]
- Continued support throughout my year placement in Thailand
- Alumni discounts on future programs

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my Greenheart experience in Thailand and I plan to do another program with them in the future!

How can this program be improved?
There are not much improvements I would suggest for this program, and those I would suggest are minor. For example, the packing lists are a little overboard, as most things can be bought in Thailand without issue.
Yes, I recommend
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During my stay in Valledupar, Colombia, I learned that I am capable of more than I have ever thought. Culture shock can be a challenge, especially in a place that averages 100 degrees each day. I moved to Colombia to not only experience a new culture, but to see if teaching was something I wanted to pursue further. I worked for a very low-income school in higher-risk area and loved it. The teaching was extremely difficult because of lack of materials and lack of funds for materials for the school and my students English levels were zero. However, I took it as an opportunity to really immerse myself. I built incredible relationships with my teachers and faculty, despite the language barrier. I was invited to their homes and leisure activities and leaving was a very emotional day for all of us. Colombia is an amazing country with natural beauty in every direction, but the people have the most beautiful souls I have encountered. I encourage anyone remotely thinking about going to go and to go without high expectations. Surprises are inevitable and giving a smaller, less known town a chance, may be the best decision you’ll ever make.

How can this program be improved?
Better communication between the schools and the ministry.
Yes, I recommend

Greenheart helped me have an amazing experience in Thailand. I asked to be placed in a medium sized town with at least one other foreign teachers, and my placement perfectly fit that request. I love this community and I have learned so much about Thailand. I've befriended locals as well as other foreigners. The pay is good and my agency is super helpful! Sara at Greenheart helps answer all of my questions. The only thing that I found confusing at first is that a seperate company, XploreAsia, actually runs the TESOL course and organizes placements, but that is not a big deal. I am about to start my second semester (I originally only planned to stay for one) and I am excited to continue teaching here in Thailand!!

How can this program be improved?
No complaints, everything was fine.
Yes, I recommend
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This program will provide a very different experience based on what part of Colombia one is sent to, but no matter where you go it is a beautiful country with extremely kind and charismatic people and it's an amazing opportunity to explore Colombia. Colombia is full of natural geographic beauty from the coast to the mountains and coffee region. Not to mention, each different region and even city has a distinct culture with different food, accents and personalities. Colombia is on the rise and it's a great time to visit and explore.

How can this program be improved?
Stagger payments for more expensive cities
Yes, I recommend



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