Students who study abroad in Buenos Aires will be seduced by a city that successfully marries sophistication and romance. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the third largest city in South America. Don’t let its size fool you though: the city’s small neighborhoods are riddled with an old-world feel that will make you fall in love with the people and the place. The city itself is bursting with life, gourmet cuisine, plentiful shopping and a fabulous nightlife makes this city a favorite among students traveling abroad. Those who study abroad in Buenos Aires will not be disappointed by the city’s contemporary attitude and traditional charm.

Buenos Aires is home to some of the greatest universities in South America, and students who study here will be able to take advantage of the rich diversity in available courses. Whether your passion lies in language, art, health sciences, or math, there is a school with a program for you. Buenos Aires is also a hub for international travel. Students who study abroad in Buenos Aires will meet people from all over the world. Check out the fabulous programs listed below to begin your journey to the heart of South America!

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Because studying abroad is a costly venture, however, it is great to know your scholarship options!

  • API Study Abroad has a variety of scholarships available for students studying abroad in Argentina averaging $1,000 per award. For more information, including requirements and deadlines, just visit their application page!
  • Scholarships Argentina offers 30 partial scholarships to international students interested in learning Spanish in Argentina!
  • IES Abroad offers a variety of scholarships for those participating in their programs - including a few great options in Argentina!
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Planning Your Trip

Culture and Immersion

Buenos Aires has been described as the “Paris of South America” as it reflects the charm of a European city, while staying true to its Latin roots. The city is located on the fertile plains, or “The Pampas,” and is close to the coast. It's not difficult to notice the beautiful European inspired architecture, as well as the artistic culture that is ever present throughout the city.

The tango, Argentina’s national dance, is both performed by professionals and practiced by the locals at restaurants, cafes, and even on the streets. From the colorful houses in La Boca, to the trendy shops and beautiful parks in Palermo, Buenos Aires has tons of great areas to explore. If you are looking for a Latin American city with a thriving and prideful culture and vibrant social scene, Buenos Aires is the place for you!

One thing that is absolutely necessary to attend is the Feria de Mataderos on Sunday afternoons - while known for its traditional gaucho riders, but it is also a weekly festival celebrating food, drink, and music. Some famous sites in the city are the widest street in the world, Avenida 9 del Julio, and the beautiful Plaza de Mayo, the epicenter of other important architectural landmarks such as the Cathedral and Casa Rosada.

Even if you’re not the biggest sports fan, you will still enjoy attending an Argentinean Fútbol (or soccer) game. Fútbol is taken very seriously in Buenos Aires, don't miss out on River Plate Stadium on game day! For a more relaxing but equally stimulating day, attend a theater performance at the Teatro Colón, said to be acoustically one of the best opera houses in the world. If opera is not for you, there are countless cinemas and theaters in the area showing anything from Hollywood movies to tango shows. Buenos Aires expresses its culture all the amazing things it offers including sports, theater, and festivals.


If you are looking for a super affordable place to study abroad, Buenos Aires is the city for you! Because 1 US dollar equals about 5 pesos, you will most likely be spending much less money in Argentina than you would in the United States. A great way to save money on food is to eat off of the kiosks on the streets instead of going to sit down restaurants for lunch and dinner.

In terms of transportation, Buenos Aires is equipped with buses and a subway system that charge only 1.2 pesos per ride no matter where in the city you wish to travel to. Although the public transportation is extremely cost effective, if you wish to save even more money Buenos Aires is a walking city so feel free to take a nice sightseeing walk to your destination!

Culture Shock and Support

ISA, for example, has an on site Buenos Aires office that offers to help students with travel planning, tutoring, and internship opportunities. The staff is made up of ISA alumni, so they can easily relate to current study abroad students. ISA promises to help and support students with anything whether its a question about housing or just a student eager to chat with a friendly face.

Similarly, SIT study abroad program’s staff encourages students to discuss any concerns or questions with them. They pledge dedication to making sure their students feel comfortable and at home in Buenos Aires. The SIT staff also makes an effort to ensure that their students get a good grasp of the culture in the country and take full advantage of their study abroad experience.

Insider Tips

At least once you must pay a visit to Café Tortini. It is the most famous café in Argentina and has been featured in many Hollywood movies. The café also has a very rich history, as it is the oldest coffee shop in the city.

Tango is a huge part of Argentine culture so it is definitely imperative that you experience this authentic dance! Rather than spending hundreds of dollars going to a Tango show, visit La Boca, San Telmo, or Florida Street for some free tango street dancing entertainment.

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to pay to do and see great things! If you’re interested in a completely free site to see on a weekend, visit tourist attractions like the Recoleta Cemetery and the San Telmo street fair on Sundays.

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