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Sweden can be an expensive destination, but not for the budget-savvy study abroad student! Here are some helpful tips to keep costs down while studying abroad in beautiful Sweden.
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Are you a high school student and considering how you can study abroad? If you have lots of questions, we have lots of answers. This article will help you learn more about high school study abroad programs, how to apply and pay for them, and talking with your parents too!
Studying abroad in Madrid? Take advantage of the great nearby destinations you can easily explore on a weekend or day trip. From Barcelona to Valencia to Avila, there is no shortage of adventures you can have in Spain while based in Madrid.
Need some sun this semester? Consider choosing a study abroad destination near the beach. Here are 11 of the best beach destinations and tips for studying abroad there.
Working in partnership with Education in Ireland, we are helping provide 26 students with the chance to study abroad in Ireland. We've reviewed your essays, photos, and applications, and are excited to announce the graduate winners.
If you are a student who qualifies for need-based scholarships or grants, you may also qualify for some to help with study abroad costs. Learn more and check out our list of scholarships and grants.
When you decide to study abroad, you face a world of choices. Read why studying abroad with a third-party provider can make your study abroad experience smoother and less stressful -- plus other reasons too!
We all know studying abroad can provide you with benefits throughout your academic career. Have you ever thought about the other benefits of study abroad? Here's an in-depth look – with quotes from fellow students and alumni.