Study Abroad Articles

Beat the winter blues by trying to win some green to go study abroad in the Emerald Isle! Learn all about this year's scholarships and how you can apply.
Ready to study abroad in Ireland? You might be surprised to learn that Ireland has a rich and fascinating cultural heritage -- much of which you can experience first-hand while studying abroad. Learn more about the best ways to experience culture in Ireland.
All set to study abroad in Ireland? Sink your teeth into the most delicious Irish foods and drinks you can find on the Emerald Isle. These eight tasty options are unique to Ireland and you should make sure to try them while studying abroad!
All students wonder where to study abroad. As an LGBTQ student, there are special considerations to keep in mind. Learn the top questions you should ask before choosing a study abroad destination.
All your bags are packed and ready to go. Before you hop on that jet plane for an unforgettable study abroad experience, make sure you're not overpacked. Our comprehensive packing list for study abroad will help you avoid overweight baggage fees too!
When Regina chose to study abroad in Paris, she had no idea that her semester would be interrupted by the trauma of a terrorist attack. Read her story of studying abroad, staying abroad, and how you can overcome difficult experiences when you study abroad.
If Berlin is your dream study abroad destination, get ready for a semester of culture, history -- and travel! Here are some of the best day and weekend trips you can plan while studying abroad in Berlin.
As an LGBTQ student, it's an unfortunate reality that you may need to consider if any destination where you study abroad will be welcoming and open. Here are some helpful ways to identify programs that will make you feel at home while studying abroad.
While studying abroad in Dubai, the city holds enough excitement to fill an entire semester -- and more! If you want to explore more, here are the best day and weekend trips to plan while studying abroad in Dubai.
Studying abroad in the Middle East during Ramadan may seem daunting, but it's actually a wonderful opportunity. Learn more about this annual holy month, and what it means for your study abroad experience.