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As an LGBTQ student, it's an unfortunate reality that you may need to consider if any destination where you study abroad will be welcoming and open. Here are some helpful ways to identify programs that will make you feel at home while studying abroad.
While studying abroad in Dubai, the city holds enough excitement to fill an entire semester -- and more! If you want to explore more, here are the best day and weekend trips to plan while studying abroad in Dubai.
Studying abroad in the Middle East during Ramadan may seem daunting, but it's actually a wonderful opportunity. Learn more about this annual holy month, and what it means for your study abroad experience.
Think study abroad won't change your life? Think again! Study abroad won't just impact one semester or one year – it can change your life for decades, as one study abroad alum shares.
As you embark on study abroad, it's important to keep an open mind and be open to opportunities and experiences as they happen. One study abroad alumni shares her own experience learning this lesson.
While study abroad is an opportunity to experience other cultures and expand your education, it can also be an opportunity to build peace in a world where peace can be hard to find. Read how studying abroad can help you cultivate peace anywhere in the world.
Considering a graduate degree? Put New Zealand on your list as a destination to pursue your graduate degree! One Ph.D. candidate in New Zealand shares her own story of choosing New Zealand, and why you should too.
Curious why we think New Zealand is one of the best destinations to study abroad? We'll give you one great reason -- our 2017 New Zealand Study Abroad Scholarship! Read more about this year's giveaway...
If you love literature, you may be eager to study abroad in cities that support literature and literacy. Here are some of the top destinations where literature is celebrated and studied around the world.
Tokyo is a popular destination for students who study abroad in Asia. While there, consider planning these popular day and weekend trips to explore the whole country of Japan.