Study Abroad Articles

Ready to experience pura vida while studying abroad... but not sure how you'll pay for it? Check out this curated list of scholarships that can help making studying abroad in Costa Rica a reality.
Craving fika breaks, weekend trips to see the Northern Lights, and world-class education on your study abroad experience? Sweden is a great place for you! Here are the cities worth considering once you decide to study abroad in Sweden.
Are you a literature major uncertain how studying abroad will fit into your academic career? Learn how, why, and where you should study literature abroad to expand your global knowledge.
Among many things it is known for, Argentina is a great destination for food and drink. Learn more about the must-try foods and drinks you can (and should) enjoy while studying abroad in Argentina.
South Korea is a foodie destination -- and if you choose to study abroad there, you should try to make the most of it! Here are some of the dishes and drinks to add to your must-try list while studying abroad in South Korea.
France: one of the world's top tourist destinations -- and one of the top study abroad destinations too! If you know you want to spend your semester in France but aren't sure where, learn more about some of the best cities for studying in France.
If your university is part of the Erasmus+ Programme, you might be curious how it all works when you decide to study abroad. Learn from a fellow student on how Erasmus+ works, how to apply, how to make the most of it, and what it's really like studying through the Erasmus+...
Gone are the days when a semester in the U.K. meant unpalatable food and warm beer. If you're studying abroad in the U.K. prepare yourself for a global food experience, including these must-try British foods and drinks.
France is one of the world's popular study abroad destinations -- but it's one of the more expensive destinations too. If you're curious about the total cost of studying abroad in France, learn more in this article, including tuition and cost of living estimates.
While there's more than a semester's worth of adventure to have while studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, you can also explore the surrounding countryside -- and neighboring countries -- quite easily. Learn more about the best day and weekend trips you should plan while studying...