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You’ve dreamt of studying abroad; flying away into the unknown and experiencing all the excitement another country has to offer. The hard part is choosing exactly where in this big wide world to go. Well, how about the land down under? With such a large place as Australia, it may be daunting to decide where exactly to study, but a great place to look into is Adelaide. Also known as the most affordable and friendliest city in Australia, Adelaide offers a great student atmosphere, proximity to beaches, the Adelaide Zoo (who doesn’t want to pet a kangaroo), and festivals year round.

Adelaide has a plethora of local and international universities to choose from. Before you start your search, keep in mind that “school” refers to what Americans consider grade school. “University” or “Uni” means college while “college” in Australia is what they refer to when asking where you live, so basically the equivalent of dorms or on campus shared living in America.

You can check out Study Adelaide and Study in Australia to help get you started in picking where to go. But here’s an overview to help your search: you can apply and enroll in local universities such as Flinders, and the University of Adelaide, which both have international student programs that are recognized around the world. Or if you are currently enrolled in an American university several offer direct exchanges in Adelaide, such as Carnegie Mellon; an American university with a campus in Adelaide.

  • You will need insurance. This is offered by travel companies such as STA, but may also be available if you contact the University you have applied to.
  • Open a bank account. Commonwealth and NAB are both very popular banks you will find everywhere.
  • Get a cell phone (or unlock the smartphone you have) Telstra is their largest network and offers great month-to-month plans that give you the most bang for your buck.
  • You have many options when it comes to living in Adelaide. You can live on campus in shared student housing, or find a furnished house share or apartment to rent for an average of $100-$150 AUD a week. The best place to start looking for that is Gumtree. Universities also have resources for finding homestays with local families and other students as well.

Students in Adelaide can afford to live in the heart of the city, where nowhere is too far to walk. Don’t feel like walking? No worries, mate! The public transport system is fantastic and students get discounts. Also, between days spent picnicking in the Botanical gardens, petting kangaroos, soaking up the sun at the beach, and eating all of the delicious food, you may want to have a job for a little extra cash. With your student visa you can work up to 20 hours during the term, and more when you are on break. Trust me, you’ll want the extra cash for when you get a taste of the delicious Cadbury chocolate you’ll be eating your body weight in by the end of your trip.

Contributed by Allison Squires

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