Study Abroad Programs in Perth, Australia

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Study Abroad Programs in Perth

Study Abroad Programs in Perth, Australia


Perth is not only the largest city in Western Australia, but also a vibrant city blossoming with up-and-coming businesses and non-stop entertainment. Perth is well known for its gorgeous beaches and glimmering waters, so beach lovers will surely be in heaven!

In addition to all of the fun that Perth offers, it will also provide students with a truly meaningful education experience. From engineering to social science, the Universities in satisfy the educational aspirations of nearly all study abroad students!

Planning Your Trip

Culture and Immersion

Two words: Cottesloe beach! One of Perth’s most popular beaches where people from all over the world come to snorkel, swim, or soak up the sun - it's a great place to see the local Aussies in their "element" and get a real taste of the surrounding culture.

Perth has an unbelievable amount of amazing things to offer from its gorgeous beaches and gardens to its vibrant Aussie culture. King’s Park, the worlds largest inner city park, is a must see because of its views of Perth’s Swan River and impressive skyline. While absorbing the view, enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants and cafes that King’s Park has to offer. If you’re interested in marine life, take a trip to the Aquarium of Western Australia. At this impressive aquarium you will have the chance to see hundreds of species of fish as well as hold a sea star or a sea cucumber.

Fremantle, a port town suburb of Perth, is a great place to spend a relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Explore some of the amazing markets that Fremantle has to offer and then end the day with a fish and chips dinner with an ocean view!

To get a feel true taste of the Australian culture, spend at day at the Western Australian Museum where you will get a chance to watch performances and listen to live music. To learn more about the city’s history, visit one of Perth’s indigenous art galleries. Here you will learn about the native inhabitants of the city through their authentic artwork.

Insider Tips

When in Perth you absolutely must watch the sunset over the ocean in the west! Even the locals don’t get bored of this gorgeous sight. Cottesloe beach is a great place to go to relax, have a picnic, and watch the sun go down.

If you’re in the mood for some exercise, head on over to the almost 1000 kilometer long Bibbulmun Track. This path has a beautiful ocean view and spans from the suburbs of Perth all the way to Albany.

Take a visit to Queen’s garden for a completely free of cost afternoon filled with nature and relaxation. In the garden you will find ponds filled with lilies, hundreds of species of flowers, and a few small lakes and bridges.

Food lovers, get excited: Perth has a growing restaurant and small bar scene for you to explore while you're there.

From its world famous beaches and gardens, to its all encompassing universities and cultural pride, Perth is a great city to study abroad in!

Costs & Funding

Although Perth is said to be the second most expensive Australian city after Sydney, there are still many ways to make it more affordable. Instead of doing things that require an entrance free, enjoy some of Perth’s amazing free activities. Go snorkeling at Shoalwater Marine Park or relax for the afternoon in the Botanic Garden at King’s Park.

You can also get a taste of Australian culture free of cost! Perth’s art gallery, museum, and state library can all be found at the Cultural Center in the heart of the city and won’t put any dent in your bank account.

And of course, take advantage of student discounts. For example, full time international and study abroad students can receive a 40% discount on public transport in Perth and free public transport in the area of Perth City, Fremantle, and Joondalup.

Lastly, there's free wifi in Perth City and Northbridge as well as most major university and shopping / entertainment areas.

For eating out, Study in Perth has a list of their favorite cheap eats in Perth to help you with your budget, among lots of other great student resources.


The Endeavour Award is the Australian Government’s internationally competitive, merit-based scholarship program providing opportunities for foreigners to study in Australia.

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TEAN: Study Abroad in Perth, Australia

I have had the pleasure of studying and interning abroad in Perth, at the University of Western Australia with TEAN and ISA. I have had the most fantastic time exploring Australia and meeting new...
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TEAN: Study Abroad in Perth, Australia

Studying abroad has been one of the best decisions I have made. My time in Australia was truly life changing due to the seemingly endless opportunities that prevailed allowing me to continue to push...
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the student visa fee for Australia?

    The base application fee for a student visa to Australia is 620AUD or approximately $415 in USD.

  • Can I bring my family to Australia on student visa?

    Australia will generally allow people on a student visa to bring their immediate family members with them as dependents. Dependents can include your spouse (or partner) and children under the age of 18.

  • Is it easy to study in Australia?

    The ease of studying in Australia really depends on what you're looking for in a study abroad experience. On the one hand, English is the official language of Australia, so for native English speakers it can certainly be a good option since you know you'll be able to communicate. Here are some other important things to note when considering a semester in Australia: it's relatively expensive, so you may need to budget more than you would for another country; the grading system is different than what is used in American schools; you'll need to get a visa if you'll be there longer than 3 months; and remember it's very far away! So jet lag will certainly be a factor.

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  • How much does it cost to study abroad in Australia?

    The cost of studying abroad in Australia will vary greatly by the institution you hope to attend as well as your home institution. It's very possible to apply through an exchange program at your university in the states and pay exactly what you pay normally. You can also choose to enroll directly in an Australian university which will run you anywhere from $4,500-$9,700 per semester, or you can apply through a third party provider, which will cost between $9,200-$13,500. Keep in mind that you will also want to budget in living expenses for your semester, including meals, accommodation, transportation, cell phone plan, etc. The average cost for a semester in Australia after airfare and program fees is $5,000-$7,000.

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