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Study Abroad Programs in Canberra, Australia


Canberra is the perfect destination for any student interested in studying abroad in Australia as it is the capital of Australia, combines Australia’s gorgeous nature with city life, boasts top notch universities, and is nestled between Sydney and Melbourne.

Canberra is the largest inland city and houses two universities – Australian National University and the University of Canberra. Students will enjoy being in a large city with a considerable student population while still being able to experience Australia’s well-known natural attractions. Canberra is known as the “bush capital” with nature reserves and parks located around the city.

Popular Destinations

While not the stereotypical “shrimp on the barbie”/live-on-the-beach-all-day Australian city, Canberra is a vibrant place that has a lot to offer students interested in Australian life and culture. For adventure lovers, Canberra has its own beautiful natural aspects including nature reserves and Lake Burrley Griffin; plus it is also close to the Australian Alps and the coastline.

For the art and history students, the most extensive collection of aboriginal art is located at the National Gallery of Australia. Canberra is the center stage for Australian politics as it is the seat of the government; students will be able to learn about Australian’s political past and present through the multiple museums and galleries located in the city.

Additionally (of course!), students will be able to enjoy awesome Australian nights out as multiple bars, cinemas, and clubs are located in the city. Keep in mind the drinking age is 18. A few more Canberra attractions include…


Compared to the larger cities of Australia, Canberra is relatively affordable. According the University of Canberra’s website, “The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship Affairs (DIAC) recommends AUD $9,305 per semester for cost of living in Australia for a student (as at 1 July 2012).”

The currency used is Australian dollars, and be sure to check the current exchange rate while you're budgeting your program. However, as a study abroad student, there are always opportunities to spend money – nights out, travel, and souvenirs...not to mention the university and housing fees! Don’t let this hold you back though – there are tons of scholarships out there.

Canberra is both cash and card friendly, so consider opening a credit card that offers rewards points or opening an Australian bank account to avoid ATM fees. Various scholarships are offered to international students. A few are listed below, but be sure to use scholarship search engines or visit your universities study abroad office to learn about more opportunities.

Planning Your Trip

Culture Shock and Support

Within no time after your arrival, you will undoubtedly be comfortably living in Canberra; however, the first week or so may be completely overwhelming. This is absolutely normal, and the best way to combat those feelings is to immerse yourself in Australian life while maintaining contact with students from your home country.

Try looking for programs through your home university or programs that many students study through so that you will immediately have contact with students going through the same experience. Also, it is useful to choose a program that has an office in your city, or at least country, so there is direct support if you need it.

The University of Canberra hosts events (like hikes and BBQs) and trips (to places like Sydney and the Blue Mountains) for international students to help them explore Australia and meet Australian students. National University of Australia has a mentoring program where you are partnered with an established student to help ease you into the university.


Rich in Australian history and present politics, surrounded by a striking landscape while being near to the mountains and coast, offering students a great nightlife scene – Canberra has it all. It’s a perfect city for any student wishing to explore Australian culture while broadening their academic horizons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the student visa fee for Australia?

    The base application fee for a student visa to Australia is 620AUD or approximately $415 in USD.

  • Can I bring my family to Australia on student visa?

    Australia will generally allow people on a student visa to bring their immediate family members with them as dependents. Dependents can include your spouse (or partner) and children under the age of 18.

  • Is it easy to study in Australia?

    The ease of studying in Australia really depends on what you're looking for in a study abroad experience. On the one hand, English is the official language of Australia, so for native English speakers it can certainly be a good option since you know you'll be able to communicate. Here are some other important things to note when considering a semester in Australia: it's relatively expensive, so you may need to budget more than you would for another country; the grading system is different than what is used in American schools; you'll need to get a visa if you'll be there longer than 3 months; and remember it's very far away! So jet lag will certainly be a factor.

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  • How much does it cost to study abroad in Australia?

    The cost of studying abroad in Australia will vary greatly by the institution you hope to attend as well as your home institution. It's very possible to apply through an exchange program at your university in the states and pay exactly what you pay normally. You can also choose to enroll directly in an Australian university which will run you anywhere from $4,500-$9,700 per semester, or you can apply through a third party provider, which will cost between $9,200-$13,500. Keep in mind that you will also want to budget in living expenses for your semester, including meals, accommodation, transportation, cell phone plan, etc. The average cost for a semester in Australia after airfare and program fees is $5,000-$7,000.

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