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Study Abroad Programs in Brisbane, Australia


Brisbane, Australia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural gems from the Frasier and Whitsunday Islands to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree rainforest. It is the capital of Queensland, and the countries third largest city. Brisbane is an especially good city to study abroad in because it is safe and populated by a friendly and multicultural community.

The inner city offers a variety of things to do as it has no shortage of parks, shopping, and cosmopolitan places to eat and drink. Brisbane is in a great location just an hour away of the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast which is just one of the many reasons that make it an extremely inviting city!


Because studying abroad is expensive, however, it is a great idea to know your scholarship options!

Planning Your Trip

Culture and Immersion

There are so many different things that Brisbane has to offer, so students will never find themselves with nothing to do in this city. One thing that students must do is visit the Southbank Parklands. These parklands are visually unique and are complete with cycling and walking paths as well as lots of little restaurants and shops. Another great thing to do is to take a river cruise in Brisbane. A few awesome river cruises are the River City Cruises, Mirimar, or the Kookaburra River Queens.

If you are an animal lover, you absolutely must visit one of Brisbane’s animal parks so that you can appreciate the Australian native animals. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, for example, is the world’s largest koala sanctuary where visitors can hold koalas and feed kangaroos. For a truly spectacular view, go to the Brisbane Lookout during the daytime or nighttime. You will see views of Moreton Bay as well as Brisbane City itself. If you are looking for an adventure, however, head down to the Brisbane River where you can paddleboard or kayak down the river, while appreciating the gorgeous view of Brisbane. The city also offers tons of art galleries and exhibits like the Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art. Whether you are the adventurous type, the animal lover, or the art freak, Brisbane is sure not to disappoint!


Although Australia as a country is relatively expensive, Brisbane has recently been named one of the most affordable capital cities. There are definitely many ways that students can occupy their time in Brisbane while not spending a dime! Check out Gallery of Modern Art which offers free admission as well as the Brisbane Powerhouse for free entertainment on Sunday evenings. The Botanical Gardens is another great place to spend the afternoon that will not put a dent in your wallet.

Culture Shock and Support

Because moving to a foreign country for an entire semester is an extremely new (and exciting!) experience, be sure to choose an abroad program that offers adequate support from culture shock.

GlobaLinks, for example, focuses on students as individuals and encourages development in students’ academic, social, cultural, professional and personal lives. When students first arrive in Brisbane, GlobaLinks staff ensures that students feel comfortable and at home in their environment by offering a Bridging Cultures Program.

Similarly, The Education Abroad Network offers a five day orientation program so that students feel assimilated into the Australian culture. TEAN also has a full set of friendly staff members that are always available for questions or concerns, or even just to chat.

Insider Tips

If you are there at the right time of the year (June to October), it is a great idea to board a whale-watching cruise that leaves directly from Brisbane! You will be completely in awe of the wild humpback whales jumping from the water right beside your boat!

To get a truly unbeatable view of the city, take a ride on The Wheel of Brisbane. This Ferris wheel, located in the Parklands at Southbank, offers 360 degree views of Brisbane for the affordable price of about $13.

A hidden gem in Brisbane is Jeremy’s restaurant located on Albert Street. This small and classy restaurant has amazing fresh food for an extremely fair price, as well as some great service and an amazing wine list.

Because of its welcoming and safe environment, as well as its wide array of activities that it has to offer, Brisbane is a great Australian city for students to study abroad in!

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