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TEAN Full Ride Scholarship 2019

The TEAN Full Ride Scholarship is designed to give a stand-out student the opportunity to study abroad. The scholarship can be used for any Summer or Fall 2019 TEAN program and covers tuition, program fees, orientation and housing (up to $26,000 value).


TEAN is proud to connect students with six partner universities in Sydney: The University of Sydney, Macquarie University, University of Technology Sydney, Notre Dame University, International College of Management Sydney and the University of New South Wales. Participants are guaranteed living arrangements in our premier apartments and, aside from comprehensive courses, can look forward to exploring the iconic beaches, beautiful weather, buzzing nightlife, and more in Australia's largest and oldest city.

Included in the program is a 5-day Orientation Excursion in Cairns where students visit the Great Barrier Reef, organized cultural activities throughout the semester, and an optional Spring Break excursion to Thailand or New Zealand (how amazing does that sound?!).

Discover Australia with TEAN as your guide - check out the TEAN website for more info!

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The Best Five Months You'll Ever Have

Studying abroad through TEAN was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The TEAN Orientation was an experience in itself and was perfect for getting us familiar with Sydney. I lived in Bondi Junction and could look out my kitchen window and see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It doesn't get much better than that! The TEAN staff was always available if we needed anything or had any questions. TEAN also organizes pre-semester and mid-semester trips which were both amazing! I went on the Cairns pre-semester trip and the Thailand mid-semester trip. Studying abroad is an experience you can't turn down and I would do it again through TEAN in a heart beat.

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Best Study Abroad Experience Ever.

This program was amazing. They provided beautiful housing and help make the transition to living in a new country really easy and stress free. They have program directors in the country with you for easy access if you have any questions or concerns they are always glad to help. My study abroad experience was the best time of my life and I would not give it up for anything.

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The Trip of a Lifetime with TEAN!!

This program is an opportunity that you can not afford to pass up! The Education Abroad Network takes care of you from the moment you enter the country till the moment you leave. School was a little intimidating for me because I had heard that it was drastically different than American teaching and sure enough it was. But what really helped was that before school started, you attended an orientation with other people that were going to that same school from TEAN. They showed you what classes you were signed up for, how to change them, the major buildings on campus and where the study abroad office was. It was really helpful since I had to change my schedule and I could only do it in person. I went to the University of Sydney which has 50,000 people. I chose that school because my home university has 52,000 people and I wanted to feel like I was at home! It was a great experience and I met many Australians in my classes because of group projects and homework assignments and I still talk to a couple of them!! It was so comforting to know that Study Australia had everything set up for you including housing, orientation, and academics. Although they had them set up for you, you had the power throughout the semester to do anything you wanted!! I traveled to Cains and Byron Bay on the pre-semester trip and to Melbourne on a weekend trip with my roommates. I also went to New Zealand during spring break!! I can honestly say that you will never want to leave this beautiful country!! This is a trip of a lifetime and I am forever grateful to Study Australia for making it a trip that was worry free and one that I will never forget!!

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My Aussie Experience

TEAN was fabulous. They helped us from the very beginning--before we arrived, as soon as we arrived, during our study abroad experience, and after! The orientation program was a great opportunity for all of us in the program to get adjusted to the Aussie life before uni started. Once uni started, they were there if we ever had questions. I had the best four months of my life in Australia and I plan to move there after I graduate!

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Alter Your Perspective

I am a strong advocate for studying abroad because it truly changed my perception of other cultures. Studying abroad is an excellent way to connect with other cultures and experience different perspectives. My study abroad experience was as exciting as it was enlightening. The knowledge I gleaned from living in Australia for nearly 5 months is invaluable. My educational experience really occurred when I left the classroom and immersed myself into the culture. TEAN was organized and did an outstanding job in discovering great deals, providing unique opportunities, and arranging thrilling activities. The week I spent in Cairns and Byron Bay cannot be replicated. I met many life-long friends and shared many unforgettable moments. I strongly recommend participating in all of the activities during orientation week and traveling on a pre-semester excursion.

One thing that separates TEAN from pursuing an exchange program is the bonding that occurs during orientation and pre-semester excursions. I can honestly say without TEAN, I would not have made many, if any, friends while abroad. I recommend taking classes that are interesting and intellectually stimulating. I am majoring in political science and philosophy, but I took classes in anthropology, history, and politics. The politics class was very interesting; as the only American in my tutorial, I was able to offer a unique perspective to others.

I lived in Bondi Junction in the Meriton. The location was excellent, and the living accommodations were superb. Ultimately, I found the TEAN staff to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend this program!

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