Study Abroad in Australia at the University of Canberra
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Study Abroad in Australia at the University of Canberra

The Study Abroad program at the University of Canberra (UC) allows you to study in Australia and receive credit for one to two semesters of your degree. Choose from over 3,000 classes! Contact us to find out more by clicking the GET STARTED button above or visit our website by clicking VISIT SITE.

Program Highlights:
1. Living on campus at the UC means living just footsteps away from the resident kangaroos.
2. UC offers hands on, practical learning, aiming for job-ready graduates.
3. UC is ranked in the top 4% of QS World University Rankings
4. UC’s semester dates line up with well with the Northern Hemisphere University calendar, meaning you can study abroad and have that summer job or internship you want without compromise.
5. Canberra’s low unemployment rate means a much better chance of landing a job than in most other Australian cities.
6. Full support through our Study Abroad Office, loads of trips and activities, plus guaranteed housing

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Tuition: AUD $8,500 per semester
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A Fun Experience

I'll start off by saying that the housing, Globo, that I stayed at for the duration of my semester was the nicest dorms out of all the ressies. It is only going to be a nice living experience as well as it could if you live with considerate roommates. The food was decent, but I would say coming from the U.S there wasn't nearly as much as a variety like I'm used to. The locals are inviting and welcome new comers, so it was nice to be invited to things on different occasions. The school is different than what I am used to. The lectures are pretty big, but most professors give good notes so you know what to study for exams. The assignments are straight forward and the professors don't ask for much. They grade heavily so be prepared to work hard and not goof off. Overall it was a great experience to be able to live in a different culture than I am used to. I got to go to the Great Barrier Reef while I was here and it will always be remembered and something I will think about on my way back to my home school. I love the make of the country with the mountains. I visited some of the museums as well while I was here and it was just a nice way to get out and visit the town. The res is in a great location because you can either walk to the mall (where there are the grocery stores and clothing stores) or take the bus to get what you need. Also, from the res it is a 5 minute walk to campus so that was a plus if I had down time between classes Time flies so make the most of it while you can.

How can this program be improved?

I really can't think of anything to change about the program. Overall, it was a great experience, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to do it.

Yes, I recommend
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I dig it.

The University of Canberra has an engaging learning environment amidst an amazing backdrop of natural beauty and wildlife. It’s staffed with friendly, helpful support personnel who provide an array of Australian adventure opportunities and work passionately to connect exchange students into the university community. The campus is a short walk from a huge range of shops and well-paying part-time job opportunities.

Yes, I recommend
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Exchange Student from China

I do have enjoyed my time in Canberra. The environment here is quite comfortable. It is a great place to relax yourself and try to live life in a simple way.The staff in the study abroad and exchange office are sooo nice and they helped me a lot. I love it here. Come and join us!

How can this program be improved?

Housing has to be arranged by ourselves. And more help in needed in this field.

Yes, I recommend
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A Canadian Perspective :)

Overall this has been the most amazing experience of my life! The Study Abroad Program at the University of Canberra is wonderful. There is a great sense of community here and with the work of the exchange leadership team it has only been enhanced!

The Sydney trip at the beginning of the semester is a must! You simply have to go on this trip and I highly advise doing anything else that they plan because it is always carried out with such organization and fun! You get the chance to meet people from all over the world who you can rely on throughout the semester and even turn into travel buddies for the breaks.

Of course there is always going to be room for improvement but this has nothing to do with the study abroad program. I'm talking about things such as housing, cost of living, and other things out of their control. Personally I did a homestay and lived with a local family. Looking back I would recommend staying on campus because you never know what kind of family you will get put with. The worst part of living off campus is bussing to school and dealing with the AHN (Australian Homestay Network). On average it takes me 50-70 minutes to get to school each day, and then there is the ride home. (The AHN's estimate of travel time was wrong and they basically told me tough luck!)

If you can afford it, your best option is living in the New Apartments (aka "Globo"). Coming from Northern British Columbia, Canada I did go into sticker shock when I got here as there are a lot more costs to factor in and a revised budget was in need after a few weeks.

One thing I have noticed is that you can ask a million questions to bus drivers, students, randoms and for the most part they will try to help (much like Canada). However, 50% of the Australians I asked what to do in Canberra said its boring here. Obviously you are not going to ask them this question; there is so much to do! This is the capital of Australia which is very close to 2 huge cities and home to many tourist attractions (lots of them free). Not to mention it's a quick (cheap) bus ride to the beach and even easier accessibility to the night life. If you cannot find things that you enjoy doing to fill your time then you are not even trying! Outdoorsy you say? Go walk, bike, or paddle boat around one of the lakes, go on a hike, find a hot air balloon, jump out of a plane!

Canberra and the University of Canberra is a wonderful place to do a study abroad semester or year. If I wasn't going home to graduate I would have stayed another semester!

How can this program be improved?

Make sure the study abroad program has more funding so we can do even more amazing trips like the one to Sydney, the beach, the scavenger hunt, and the ugly sweater party!!! If Rebecca planned more trips and we still had to pay for them I would still go!!!! She is always so organized, prepared, and knows what is fun!

Yes, I recommend
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Pretty good

The school is small and connected and the campus is soo pretty and everything is close. If you are applying, apply for new apartments. I was in International house and it was gross, I've seen most of the other places and the only reasonably priced and nice accommodation is the New Apartments. The weather is also about 5 degrees colder then else where which was kind of a let down. But all the students are so nice and it's nice to be able to wander through the campus and run into 10 people you know every day. Plus Canberra is close for traveling, both to sydney/gold coast and melbourne/alice springs

How can this program be improved?

More meetups for exchange people earlier on. I feel that a lot of the people grouped up and it was hard to get to know everyone. Also a way to promote your school back home, like a vendor fair for all the different countries/schools

Yes, I recommend
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Great community and great support!

I love the study abroad program of the university of Canberra. Even before I arrived here I felt comfortable and everything was well organized. WHen I finally arrived everything was a lot of fun. Especially the Orientation Week trip is great because you get to know the other exchange students very well. And because nearly everyone lives at the University of Canberra village, there is always something to do and much fun around!

Yes, I recommend
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My biggest fear was not feeling comfortable in a new environment. However, I feel so at home because of the friends that I have made and the activities that were planned from this program.

Yes, I recommend
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Overall great

The program is amazing. I felt like I had a lot of support coming into a place where I was unfamiliar with everything. The only complaint I would have is that living on rez is hard to get used to with how dirty it is. My apartment is so disgusting that we have rats.

Yes, I recommend
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mostly good

Going to Canberra has been pretty fun. My complaints would be that dining places on campus close way too early, and that smoking is allowed on campus, so there's cigarette remains everywhere and the constant smoking smell.

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience

The greatest experience I have ever had with this campus would be the social science of it all. The students are so kind and open to everyone. The campus atmosphere is great. Also the teacher are really open to everyone and everything. I feel safe and welcome here on this campus. The academics are great, a very good challenge compared to my home university. This is a great university and students should be proud to go here.

Yes, I recommend
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UC Exchange Comments

The best part of the experience so far is meeting all the new people and getting to do trips and activities. I think it's great that the UC exchange program staff have been so involved with putting on activities to help the international students feel more comfortable and make friends.

Yes, I recommend
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Everything has been pretty great. Staff is so helpful and every other exchange student is just as within as you are to explore, do random things and ultimately spend time together. You make quick, awesome friends and the program is great.

Yes, I recommend
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Semester at UC

If you're looking for an academic challenge, UC probably is not the place you want to study abroad. But coming from semester after semester of incredibly difficult and strenuous work at university in the USA, UC is a welcomed pause. It's not that the classes don't offer quality information and discussion or that the university has a bad staff -- it's that the workload is significantly less than a 3rd/4th year in an undergrad degree at a vigorous university. Like I said, a welcomed pause.

UC is further from the city center (Civic) than the city's other big uni, ANU, but bus transport is rapid and reliable during normal hours. Wish the bus ran later, as it stops at midnight. That can put a damper on night life in the city, but no worries -- there are so many opportunities to party that it doesn't really matter. There's a big student population in Canberra, so there are a lot of organizations and events based around that. You'll have lots of fun if you take advantage of everything that's out there.

The living situation on campus has its positives and negatives -- some houses are a complete dump, and the standards of upkeep seem to be lower than dorms in the states, but it can often depend on the people you are randomly paired with. I live in Globo (aka the "new apartments") and the structure of the apartment is really nice, my roommates are just a bit messy. But I've suspended my need for obsessive cleanliness and just gone with it. Otherwise, the residences organize a lot of events and opportunities to get you involved, and just living on campus makes it easy to meet Australians. Definitely more of a positive than a negative.

The study abroad program and staff at UC is really great -- organized, helpful, and definitely interested in making sure everybody has a good time.

Overall, I've met some really great people, had a lot of fun, and while it's not the most ideal university or the most exciting city, I'm enjoying myself a lot.

Yes, I recommend
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Exchange at UC

Well i've only been here for 4 weeks now, so i can't really say too much about the academic challenge.. Yet i do appreciate the Moodle platform and the recordings of the lectures!

About the housing, i must admit i wasn't too happy when i came here and saw it for the first time (old res). Online the pictures look really nice and it says newly renovated.. i don't know about this.. it is quite dirty in the common areas and the bathrooms, which are the most important ones.. The rooms itself could look a little more welcoming, with some paint on the wall, new chairs and so on..

But on the other hand, i do like living on campus a lot, only having to walk for 5 min to go to class is amazing compared to the 1hour i have to travel back home.

The study abroad staff is super friendly and helpful! I loved the weekend trip to Sydney and all the little gatherings that were organised. They are all appreciated!

What i don't really like is that you have to pay so much for Internet.. Especially exchange students that are thousands of kms away from their families and friends need a lot of it so skype and keep in contact.. and its not really an option to skype in the library..

Overall I'm happy though =)

Yes, I recommend
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When I first went into the Cooinda Hut to receive my dorm key I saw a sign that said University of Canberra was leading the way in Housing standards. My first thought was that it would be a nice place.

When I got to my room. The whole place was a mess. The kitchen wasn't up to par. Things seemed to look like they were falling apart. In my room I saw similar attributes. My phone looked like poop was smeared on it. When i would try to receive or make calls it didn't work. When told it would be replaced, 4 weeks later and still nothing has happened.

Now that I cleaned the place up, it feels a lot better. The accommodations look like they could be a great place to stay, there just isn't any up-keep with them so they are falling apart. I understand that a part of this is the students before me's fault. But there was a break between semesters when I arrived. There should have been some house cleaning done.

Other than the accommodations, I have been pleased with everything else. Great location and fun things to do.

Yes, I recommend

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