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- Chinese classes (20h/week)
- Accommodation (all utilities included)
- Cultural activities (2-3/ week)
- Airport pick-up
- 24/7 general assistance
Feb 28, 2024
Feb 10, 2019
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Study Chinese in China with Hutong School and discover a fascinating culture whilst learning highly sought-after language skills! Join us in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou or Chengdu where you’ll take small group classes tailored to your level, aims and interest with our experienced native Chinese teachers. Whether you’re just starting out or already know some Chinese, our quality teaching, personalised study plan and free tutorial sessions will help propel you to the next level.

Our fully supported program offers you the chance to immerse yourself in Chinese language and culture whilst making friends and connections from around the world. Alongside your classes, you’ll get to join various cultural activities, ranging from calligraphy and cooking classes to trips to major attractions to help enrich your experience and broaden your knowledge of China. When you’re not busy studying, you’ll be out exploring your host city with new friends and classmates.

This program is currently not being promoted on Go Overseas by its provider. Check with Hutong School for the most up-to-date information regarding the status of this program.

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  • Chinese classes suited to your needs
  • Start at the beginning of any month
  • Learn from outstanding teachers
  • Take group or private lessons
  • Take part in additional cultural activities

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  • Academics 4.55
  • Support 4.7
  • Fun 4.3
  • Housing 4.5
  • Safety 4.8
  • Program Selection 5
  • Pre-departure Help 5
  • In-program Support 5
  • Impact on Student 5
  • Value 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best school to learn Mandarin with the "Intensive Chinese Program"

I took part in a 6 months "Intensive Chinese Program" at the Hutong school because I really wanted to make a break between my Bachelor and my Master so I decided to face a new challenge and learn Mandarin. I had read that Hutong School was one of the best schools to learn Chinese properly and I can confirm that because the staff is super friendly and the teachers are used to teach international students. What I really appreciated is that they follow the program to teach Chinese (books, vocabulary lists) but they mix it with pleasure: Chinese music, listening to the radio, watching tips videos, etc. So you can find the best way for you to understand the new Chinese characters and to develop some debate about the topics you like. Moreover, I participated to a lot of activities that the school offers so I could practice my Chinese and meet new students (there are always new people arriving and others leaving). We went to KTV (this is actually the funniest activity of Shanghai) then we went to a Chinese restaurant to try Hotpot (typical food), then we visited some districts with the lights show and have some classes of calligraphy (traditional writing art). I think this is an all: learning the culture and immerse in the traditional way of living so you can understand better the language and share moments with locals. I would really recommend this school and this amazing city of Shanghai. If you need more information about my stay at the Hutong School or have some questions about the program I took part in or my experience, feel free to contact me!

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
I wanted to eat some unfamiliar food like insects so I went to the market with some chinese friends and we bought crickets and cow stomach but this wasn't that difficult for me to eat that as I love chinese food so much (bao zi, noodle, rice, meat, dragon fruit, etc.).
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Yes, I recommend this program

Summer Mandarin Language Immersion

My 15 year old daughter loved this program! She wanted to take Mandarin as her language at school, so she participated in this program to get a jump start. Robert was very helpful with explaining the processes and accommodations. He helped secure all her transportation and eased my concerns (as a parent allowing her child to fly to the other side of the world on her own for the first time!). They individualized her language program to fit her needs and planned age appropriate activities for her and the group. I definitely recommend this program for anyone wanting to experience China!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Learn Chinese

I was so scared when I booked my trip to come to China and learn Chinese. I almost didn't go.
But when I arrived everyone was so nice to me and immediately helped me find my way around in China. I learned a lot of Chinese but I should maybe have studied a bit more homework (sorry laoshi) since in the end I didn't pass the test I wanted to. The school was amazing and my teacher was the best I ever had! If I could have stayed longer I would have, but I am definitely coming back.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience.

I had taken Chinese lessons on and off several times over the course of probably 4 years and each time I was very disappointed with the results and I couldn't figure out why regardless of my efforts, my language proficiency never improved. I honestly thought Chinese was a language that I would never grasp. On a whim I decided that I would give it one last try and if I was going to do it I would fully immerse myself. I looked online for Chinese language schools and I saw the name Hutong school and after reading many reviews and giving the proposition serious thought, I decided to submit and application. After I submitted the form I was contacted by Astrid, who I would like to personally commend. I was constantly barraging her with questions and concerns at all times and she never was anything but extremely pleasant and incredibly helpful the entire way though. She is also very personally invested in making sure the students are having fun and adjusting well, and she makes sure to invite you to all the school outings and parties so you always fee included. If it hadn't been for her reassurance I probably wouldn't have gone through with the program. Moreover, as soon as I started classes I could tell it was different from lessons I had in the past, the teachers are phenomenal, and do an incredible job to make sure you completely understand the basics and then move on slowly building off of that. They aren't reading out of a phrase book like so many schools. They will make sure you understand everything they teach and you will be creating your own sentences and conversing in Chinese much sooner than you think. I was so impressed; before my original classes were over I signed a contract for an additional several months of lessons because I never expected to learn as much as I did in such a short time. Also I would like to add that the accommodations were better than expected. I truly can't recommend the school or Astrid for assistance if you take classes in Shanghai enough!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience

My first time to China was with Hutong school to help me learn Chinese and learn about Chinese culture. I was really nervous and did not know what to expect. It was my first trip to China.
I am so happy that the Hutong school helped me with everything. I could live in the apartment with other students, and I met a lot of people in my class and during the events after class. I only had one month but I learned a lot of Chinese and I am very happy to say that it will not be my last time visiting China and learning Chinese.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Not quite what is described

Hutong School claim to assist you with the Visa process, however I found this to be false. After 3 attempts applying to the London Embassy with the documents Hutong School provided, I was ‘advised’ to make false bookings on booking.com and tell the embassy that I was staying there, in hindsight I should have just booked a hotel rather than staying in accommodation that the school provided.

Upon arrival at Shanghai I was left at the airport for 20 minutes on my own with no contact from Hutong, after a few attempts I finally got through to the school and was told they were on their way.

The school describes the accommodation as ‘modern, clean and very comfortable’, and ‘in every apartment we house 3 to 4 students’. It can be argued that not one aspect of this is true. Throughout my month stay I was housed with only 1 other student, who was twice my age and was doing an internship whereas I was doing the Mandarin lessons. Due to the nature of the internships I rarely saw him as he left very early and returned very late. So in essence I lived on my own which is not something I would have signed up for had I known beforehand. To call the accommodation modern and clean is an overstatement, upon arrival the flat was filthy, especially in the kitchen. The only cooking facilities were a half-broken microwave and a hob. The photos online are of one select flat in Shanghai, my flat was nothing like this. I made the school aware of my concerns, however I was told that my flat was ‘normal’ for Shanghai, and there was nothing they could do to move me to a different flat. I went to a friend’s flat from Hutong a couple of times and theirs was like the photos, so I suppose it’s potluck whether you live in the accommodation described. Had I known the actual living conditions and who I was (or wasn’t) living with, I would have definitely just booked a hotel, considering the school accommodation is actually more expensive than a hotel in Shanghai.

The 4 hour Mandarin lessons however, were actually very good. I only had 2 other students in my class throughout the month along with 2 different teachers meaning that the four hours didn’t seem as long as I thought. In my lessons it was a variety of learning from the textbook you buy from Hutong along with everyday words and phrases used in China. For example by the end of the month I could easily order food from a restaurant and direct a taxi. I was lucky enough to meet some people doing internships in Shanghai around my age so I spent most weekends and evenings with them, however there wasn’t really a great emphasis to integrate new students as a lot of people had already been there for a considerable amount of time.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A hint of China

Certainly, for discovering China (it was the first time for me) and immersing yourself in it's deep and ancient culture, a good guide is required.
After reading a few reviews and wondering wether this would be the right option or not, I just decided to place my trust in Hutong school. Good choice.
To make a long story short, I spent 4 beautiful months with the school, its friendly personal and the people I met there. Teaching, activities, receptionists and co-workers are all helpful and kind, and the atmosphere good. You'll always find somebody to help you, to share a meal with or just to talk to. It was as well really quick to meet new people and make friends.
The lessons are efficient: their limited number of persons and their schedule (that you can change in case of need) allow you to practice and learn chinese in the right way according to your capacities. I highly recommend it.
I'll always have good souvenirs, and maybe to the next time!
Thank's to you guys.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic School

I have studied Chinese at the Hutong School twice: my first time there was in 2009-2010, when I began learning Chinese and participated in the Intensive Chinese program for 6 months. I successfully took the HSK test at level 4 after those 6 months. My second time at the Hutong School was last year, when I took 2 months of private classes after work. I lived in Hutong School housing during both periods. My experience with Hutong School has been fantastic both times: particularly when I first came to China at age 18 in 2009, they offered the best support and social environment I could have hoped for as a teenager moving to a unknown foreign city. Through their classes, activities and community, I was introduced to China and slowly but surely, Beijing became like a second home - which is still is to me today (I live and work in Beijing these days - which I don't think would have been the case if I hadn't had such a great time at the Hutong School the first time I came here). Having also studied Chinese at a well-known Chinese university (Peking University) for a year, I can also testify to the fact that their classes are of a very high standard. Studying Chinese in relatively small groups, my Chinese progressed much faster at the Hutong School than at university here. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend the Hutong School to anyone wanting to come to China to learn Chinese.

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