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Study Abroad in Croatia


Croatia is a diverse country that has become a much more popular study abroad destination in recent years. Located right between the western and eastern worlds, Croatia is a perfect mix of many different cultures. Students studying in Croatia will love to explore all regions of the country, each of which is very unique. Croatia is also perfectly located for trips to Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Slovenia.

Croatia offers a plethora of different outdoor adventures, thanks to a diverse geography of mountains, caves, rivers, and lakes. Sailing is enjoyed across the Croatian coast, and the country has over 1,000 islands so there are many great destinations to explore. Croatia also has a vibrant art scene, including theater, orchestra, and many types of traditional singing. The country is famous for interesting and unique crafts such as lace, toy, and gingerbread making.

Program Types

Deciding to study abroad in Croatia is a big decision, and the next step is choosing a specific program. Consider the following factors so you can choose a program that is right for you.

Academic Life

Croatia has over 120 institutions of higher learning, the oldest of which was founded in 1396. Those who choose to study abroad in Croatia will find a wide variety of courses available for both Croatian speaking students and English speakers. Croatia is also known for its music and art schools, which are located throughout the country.


Croatian is the official language but Czech, Hungarian, and Serbian also spoken widely throughout the country. About half of the population of Croatia also speaks English.


Many students studying in Croatia choose to live in university dormitories. This will allow you to meet students from around Croatia and the world. Another great housing choice is to live in a homestay with a family, which will introduce you to all of the customs and traditions of Croatia.

Planning Your Trip

Croatia’s unique location makes it a diverse country with many different cultural influences. Students will enjoy exploring the country’s unique cuisine, which features many delicacies such as truffles, paprika, and and fresh seafood. Croats are also known to be very tolerant and welcoming, and the country has a high level of gender equality. Finally, students interested in art will be blown away by the intricate architectural masterpieces that line the streets of Croatia, in every style from Baroque to Romanesque to Art Nouveau.

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Popular Destinations

Zagreb: Zagreb is the capital and largest city of Croatia. It is also the cultural center of the country, with many museums containing historical artifacts and Croatian art. Students will enjoy walking the cobblestone streets of the city’s old historic district and browsing the crafts in local markets. Zagreb is also a great place to study abroad because its central university offers courses in 28 different colleges.

Dubrovnik: Often called the Pearl of the Adriatic, this coastal city is a port town and trading center. Each summer, the city celebrates its history and culture with a 45-day festival featuring concerts, games, and food. Students will enjoy sailing, exploring the beaches, and taking in the historical monuments of the city during their free time.

Plitvice Lakes: This national park is one of the most stunning natural destinations in Europe. Featuring a web of 16 interconnected lakes., this site stuns the eyes with rich azure water and a variety of animals and flowers.

Hvar: This island is the perfect getaway. It features a smattering of charming villages and towns with excellent traditional cuisine, boutiques, and picturesque beaches. The port is also a stunning site, with yachts docked from around Europe.

Pula Arena: This amphitheater in the town of Pula is one of the largest and oldest remaining Roman monuments. It was constructed in the 1st century and today is home to a variety of concerts and festivals.

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