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Study Abroad Programs in Serbia

Study Abroad in Serbia


Serbia is a diverse nation in Central Europe that offers something for everyone! At a crossroads in the middle of Europe, Serbia is filled with cultural diversity and variation. It is a perfect spot to study abroad and offers treasures that will interest any student.

Serbia contains some of the oldest settlements in Europe and was an important territory in the Roman Empire so the country is bursting with rich history and important monuments. It is home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including monasteries and royal palaces dating from the twelfth century. The country is also filled with traditional artwork and is known for its fresco designs.

Today, Serbia is famous for its natural wonders, picturesque villages, and bustling cities. When you’re not studying get lost in the many national parks, and spend your winter break enjoying the many mountain resorts and spas that fill the Serbian countryside.

Students will also feel completely at home among the Serbs, who are considered one of the most kind and welcoming people in Europe. They will be eager to learn about life in America and will be happy to share with you their own culture and traditions.

If you’re already eager to plan your study abroad experience in Serbia, continue reading for more interesting and important information.

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Popular Destinations

Belgrade: The capital of Serbia and one of Europe’s oldest cities, Belgrade is a bustling spot with two rivers running through it and many attractions. The city features cultural monuments like fortresses and temples as well as museums. Belgrade is also a great spot to study abroad because it is home to Serbia’s largest and oldest university, the University of Belgrade, which has 31 different colleges offering courses in every discipline.

Novi Sad: A major cultural center of Serbia, Novi Sad is home to many monuments and churches and is another great place to study abroad. The city is sometimes called the Serbian Athens for its rich cultural diversity and offers many festivals, shows, and museums.

Other Sites to Check Out
  • Belgrade Fortress: This fortress was built in the 1st century and has been the site of many of Serbia’s important battles throughout time. This makes it the perfect site to learn about the country’s history.
  • Studenica: This 12th century monastery is an incredible historical monument. It features two churches constructed from white marble that house a number of ancient Byzantine paintings.
  • Vrnjacka Banja: This spa resort features mineral water that is the exact same temperature as the human body and is the perfect place to relax and destress.

Planning Your Trip

How to Choose a Program

Choosing to study abroad is a big decision, and it’s important to choose your specific program very carefully. Consider your own social, academic, and personal goals and think about each of the following factors so you can choose a programs that suits you perfectly.

Academic Life

Serbia contains a number of top-rated universities in many of its larger cities so it will be easy for you to find a program that suits your academic goals. Serbia is particularly famous for its developments in science and technology. This makes it a great destination for any students interested in studying physics, math, engineering, or another related field.


The official language of Serbia is Serbian and it is spoken by the large majority of the population. There are also a number of local dialects. Hungarian, Croatian and Romanian are also widely spoken, and many Serbs speak some English, especially the younger generation.


Living in a homestay with a family is a great opportunity to learn about Serbian traditions and everyday life. It will also be a great chance to meet the local community, which will undoubtedly be very welcoming and hospitable. Another housing option for students studying in Serbia is to live in a dormitory or apartment with other students, which will allow you to truly experience the student culture and enjoy Serbian social life.

Social Life and Student Culture

Social life in Serbia includes an interesting mix of traditional and hip activities. The country has a very strong musical tradition that features interesting instruments such as bagpipes. In recent years, Serbia has also become a hub for music festivals, which will certainly be an attraction for visiting students. In particular, Novi Sad is home to the Exit festival, which is considered the best music festival in Europe. Serbia also has a large cafe culture, and students will enjoy trying the many interesting varieties of coffees throughout the country.


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