API Study Abroad at Lorenzo de Medici (LdM), Florence
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API Study Abroad at Lorenzo de Medici (LdM), Florence

Study art, fashion, and design at Parsons Paris this summer with API!

Calling all fashion-lovers, artists, and designers! API’s program with Parsons Paris is now accepting Summer 2018 applications. API offers Parsons Paris college summer and pre-college summer programs as well as unique traveling summer programs. There’s an option for all - from high school students to adult learners. API includes cultural activities and daytrips to introduce participants to French culture and the Parisian lifestyle.

API students in Florence study at Lorenzo de’ Medici - The Italian International Institute (LdM). Come see this rich Italian culture first-hand on one of API's most popular programs! The campus is primarily located in a 13th century AD convent in the heart of Florence. The facilities have been modernized and the city surroundings offer students a canvas on which to learn, create and challenge themselves in their academic and personal endeavors. LdM offers students a wide selection of courses from The School of Arts and Sciences, The School of Creative Arts, The School of Design and The School of Italian Language and Culture.

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Hi, you can travel by yourself. I traveled to a few cities on my own during the week at one point. Also, API plans weekend trips for you but you aren't necessarily required to attend so you can travel elsewhere during that time. Also during your free weekends you are free to travel.

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Florence, is not only a beautiful city with with amazing artwork and history, it is a cultural explosion. Florentines, as they are called, are people native to the Tuscany region and express their cultural background throughout their day to day lives. They are very kind people with a strong pride in Tuscany, a love for great food, fashion, and of course wine. The weather is also great, and not to extremely hot or cold. There are also some key characteristics which really set florence apart in my mind: vepsa's (they drive like maniac's, and everyone should rent one), the architecture, il cascine (lush park along the river), and my favorite piece of florence- the arno river (the lifeblood of florence

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Can't Recommend Highly Enough!

I studied my junior spring semester in 2010. I chose API's Florence program primarily because of the course offerings; specifically, the food courses. I ended up discovering a passion for food and now plan on going on to study the field for a career after graduating. I went with API because it was the most all-encompassing program, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The staff support (both abroad and at home), excursions, apartments and all the extra help were invaluable and I know that my experience would not have been as amazing had I gone with a different program. I started writing my food blog, When Bread Is Broken at the start of my semester and you can see all of my adventures and daily routine in Florence there.

The study abroad experience is priceless; there is just something about knowing you can navigate international foreign airports that is absolutely liberating and has given me a confidence in my adaptability that I'd never had before. I think it also helps open your mind, which helped me to appreciate and embrace not only other cultures, but my own. If you can look at every obstacle as a learning experience (and learn to laugh!), it is the best experience of your life.

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API- Florence

I absolutely loved the time I spent in Florence, Italy. The excursions that API provided were amazing. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot during them. My apartment exceeded my expectations. I lived with 7 other girls and my apartment was designed for 10 people to live in. It was huge. I felt safe in the area I lived in and safe in general in Florence. I would go back in a heart beat!

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My experience in Florence, Italy

During my time abroad I had an amazing time. At first I was scared to go because I had never been to another country but when I got got there and saw my programs sign at the airport it was like none of that mattered anymore.API was great as soon as you got to Florence airport they were waiting for you (which was very comforting).

One of the things I loved about API's program was that they took you on four scheduled trips. We visited Rome, Venice, Purugia Seine, and Tuscany. Going with API wasn't stressful and you learned so much. I mean, who else can say they were in Cenice for carnival or Tuscany for their 21st birthday?! I met amazing friends that will never forget.

Some tips:
• Pack light (seriously)
• Take in everything and T mean everything. I was like, oh four months is a long time, but it will go by so fast
• Keep in touch with the friends you make abroad. It's a ton of fun talking with someone else that shared your experience
• Eat all the amazing food
• Get to know API leaders and teachers
• Have an amazing time. Remember this is a once and a life time opportunity to do things you can't do at home

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