Study Abroad at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand
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Study Abroad at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand

AUT University is the second largest University in New Zealand and is among the fastest growing. 4,000 international students from 85+ countries flock to campus each year and there are three unique campuses all within Auckland. AUT is accredited by the New Zealand government and offers personal and interactive classroom settings. AUT also boasts the highest graduate employment rate out of all the universities in New Zealand. Come check it out for yourself!

AUT accepts international students twice per year: in March and July. You may apply as a College Freshman, but at the time of application, you must have a high school diploma and a 1500 SAT score. Alternatively, Sophomores and above are welcome to apply for an exchange.

AUT offers a broad range of courses:
  • Art & Design
  • Business
  • Collaborative Creative Technologies
  • Communication Studies
  • Computer & Mathematical Sciences
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Event Management
  • Foreign Languages & Culture
  • Law
  • Sciences (including Social)
  • Public Policy
  • Design (Fashion, Textiles, Product, Digital, Graphic)
  • Sports & Recreation
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  • Support 8.7
  • Fun 7.5
  • Housing 8.7
  • Safety 9.4
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AUT Outdoor Education is a great experience !

The Outdoor Education program is great! Advanced whitewater kayaking, was the main part for me - what a fantastic experience feeling the true, and some times terrifying power of many beatiful rivers. Gained both personal and leadership skills from the program. Worth time and money spent for sure - would recommend it to anyone interested who likes the outdoors and a certain amount of action ! :)

How can this program be improved?

The kayaking trips or very well organized. The classes on campus, however, are of quite poor quality - the program is all about the trips, of which there are fortunately many. You learn to actually use skills in the outdoors instead of just hearing about it in class. Lot of reflection practice in class and planning following trips.

Response from AUT University

Hi Jonas, it's great to hear that you enjoyed the AUT Outdoor Education programme. Thanks for your feedback about the related classes, we'll definitely follow that up.

Yes, I recommend
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First International Experience

I came all the way from Brazil, crossing half of the globe to experience totally different situations and knowing that I'd go back home with other perceptions about life. Talking to people that were raised in another context, with distinct opinions for everything. It's the first country I've traveled abroad and it's amazing to see how fast it is to adapt to other cultures and routines, in spite of all the challenges. All the potential obstacles are worth facing, as you improve in every aspect.

How can this program be improved?

More help could be offered to students who are still having trouble with adaptation, not just if it's asked. Sometimes you have to learn very fast not to feel lost in this new life.

Response from AUT University

Hi Guilherme, thanks so much for your lovely comments. You're right, there's always more that can be done to help new students adapt, we'll definitely follow that up.

Yes, I recommend
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Unique and insightful experience into New Zealand

Studying abroad at AUT has been a blast. I have not found my work overly challenging, but that has left me with extra time to experience the place, the people, and the scenery. I have grown more this semester than I have in my entire college career (2.5 years) beforehand.

The staff have been kind and helpful during the entire process, I have not had any issues with them.

How can this program be improved?

It doesn't need much improvement. I participated in the work coop, and that program needs a bit of refining in terms of organization and student-workplace relations, but overall it was a great experience.

Response from AUT University

Hi Cody, Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, it's great that you enjoyed your co-op experience! All the best for the rest of your degree back in Vermont!

Yes, I recommend
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Sweet As AUT

Being an exchange student in the Design programme at AUT has been the most exciting adventure and I enjoyed every second of it.
AUT offers a lot of well equipped facilities, great architecture and a lot of comfy areas to meet fellow students for working, learning or simply hanging out. Staff is super friendly and there are a lot of people you can go to if you have any kind of problems. AuSM (AUT's Student Movement) constantly organizes a lot of fun events, free food and assistance with any issue. If you get the chance, I highly recommend participating in the international Noho Marae Weekend! It was one of my highlights of the whole stay here in beautiful New Zealand. You will eat until you drop, meet a lot of new (lifelong) friends and dance and sing Maori style ;-)
Auckland itself has a lot of events going on, but if you ever want to get out of the city, just take a bus/car and explore the stunning nature New Zealand has to offer. There is a heck of a lot of mindblowing things to experience and I guarantee you will never be bored here in Auckland/Aotearoa.

Response from AUT University

Hi Kathrin, thanks so much for your wonderful comments, it's great that you did the Noho Marae weekend too, that's definitely a highlight!

Yes, I recommend
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Study Abroad at AUT

For me it was very important to do a study abroad semester in an english spoken country. That's why i chose new zealand. Auckland is a big city and it was very good that the accommodation was in the centre. You have the chance to meet a lot of new people from all around the world and from every culture.

Is it worth it to study at AUT?

For me, the papers are not very hard, so you can get good marks very easily. So, i Would recommend to study at AUT. The service, especially from Kenneth and Sam was very good!

How can this program be improved?

More service from the lecturer. I think that is the only thing which can be improved.

Response from AUT University

Hi Felix, thanks so much for your review, it's great that you were able to meet so many people during your time here. All the best for the future!

Yes, I recommend
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great school

Going to school at AUT Has given me the perfect city feeling while also feeling part of the community. The campus had everything you need and everyone is happy to help you whether you're lost or can't figure out how to print!

How can this program be improved?

Having to pay for the bus to north shore was frustrating because the courses I had to take we're only offered there.

Yes, I recommend
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A Wonderful Experience

Studying abroad at AUT is the best decision that I have made to date. I have had the most incredible experiences traveling around this beautiful country and making long-lasting international friendships along the way. The best part about Auckland Central is how easy it is to travel to and from it. Moreover, I like being able to travel to rural spots on the weekends and returning to a small, fast-paced city, for day-to-day living. It was quite easy for me to balance school work and travel as I think the course load at AUT is very manageable (but this could vary on an individual basis). The student support staff are really helpful here, you can go to them with anything and they will do whatever they can to help you. If you are used to living on your own I would not recommend living in the Wellesley Student Apartments. The student accommodation is conveniently located and great for meeting people, but be prepared to lose a bit of independence/follow strict rules and regulations if you choose to live in WSA.

Overall: I highly recommend studying abroad at AUT!

How can this program be improved?

More housing options/ help establishing off-campus accommodation.

Yes, I recommend
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This has been one of the best experiences of my life! Met some awesome people who I hope to keep in contact with when I go home. I've travelled the country and it is incredibly beautiful. As for university, I like most of my classes, and still have a good amount of freedom. The lecturers keep things interesting and most classes are very practical.

How can this program be improved?

Not much to be improved at all. More opportunity for group travelling and activities.

Yes, I recommend
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study abroad - a unique experience

Studying abroad at AUT in New Zealand is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and an awesome experience you will never forget in your life.
To start with, New Zealand is not only a beautiful country with a stunning landscape and lots of possibilities to do outdoor activities, but for that reason also especially the perfect place to study international tourism management.
AUT is a very modern and well-equipped university right in the middle of Auckland. AUT provides everything a student could need - for example there are a lot of special rooms for group-meetings as well as laptops and further equipment every student may book. The professors are really friendly and take their time to answer all questions coming up.
Furthermore the staff from the international support centre is very kind and they help you to solve every problem you have!
I totally recommend AUT!

Yes, I recommend
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AUT Experience

During my time at Auckland University of Technology, I was exposed to both things I enjoyed and did not enjoy, though what else could be expected of a complete immersion into a new culture and environment. I myself am not someone who enjoys city life and came to Auckland simply because it was the only way I could spend time in New Zealand, so I certainly had days where leaving the city became my only goal. The country is indescribably beautiful and has unlimited hiking and exploring opportunities, which was perfect for me and has become the main reason that when I grow older I know I will move back to New Zealand for good, yet the city itself can be overwhelming and loud at most times. As for the university, I found the organization of classes to be very much different from my experience in the United States, but have scraped by well enough and got what I needed from them. The faculty in the Education department on the North Shore of AUT were all very impressive and I thought offered great insights about new ways of teaching and were certainly passionate about what they were educating us on- overall I would not have changed my study abroad experience for anything and have met beautiful people, seen incredible sights and peaks, and have laughed and thoroughly enjoyed my time here in Auckland. New Zealand is an incredible place to be! :)

How can this program be improved?

More suggested or planned organized trips and opportunities

Yes, I recommend
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The best time of my life!

I've been studying at AUT since July last year.

Last semester I took English classes at AUT International House and now I'm taking some Science papers. All the staff was extremely helpful and friendly. It's very easy to make new friends since a lot of people are from different countries! Now I have friends all over the world. :)

Yes, I recommend
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Great months in New Zealand for my last semester of studies

Coming in New Zealand for an exchange program was like a dream. I worked hard in my home school to catch this opportunity. I had one year for preparing my stay here in Auckland and so also one year for imagining how could this experience be.
However, it has been much better that all I could expect. New Zealand is the most beautiful country I have ever visited until now. I can remember all the moments I spent hiking and exploring a lot of places around the country.
My life in Auckland city was more about studying, meeting people from eveywhere in the world and hanging around with them.
My first few weeks here were a bit difficult because of my english level comparing to the other students, but now I can realize that I really feel more comfortable day after day. Also studying at AUT was more demanding that I expected because of an educational system different than the French one, but still, experiencing something different is always relevant.
I won't forget this exchange program in New Zealand and hope to come back soon.

How can this program be improved?

I would probably balance a bit more the time between class time and homework time. I am not that sure that spending at least twice more time at home than in class is more relevant for learning new things.

Yes, I recommend
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AUT's defining experiences

As an international exchange student from the United States, coming to New Zealand to study has been an amazing experience itself. But, being able to learn right in the city of Auckland, New Zealand's most populated city, has given me insight and a better understanding of the world around me. I was initially struck by the diversity of Auckland. There are so many cultural centers which allowed me to explore certain aspects of kiwi life.

AUT University is a very unique place to explore Māori culture; a distinctive part of New Zealand culture. The first weekend of school, I attend the Noho Marae weekend and learned songs, stories and met people from all over the world. This experience was special in the sense that it united many different cultures and united us as a family or "whanau". Through this weekend, I realized a lot of what makes New Zealand special. There is a strong community aspect associated with its people and a strong sense that they care for you and welcome you.

The classes at AUT University focus more on you being self-motivated as a student. Many of the grades for the courses are weighed in large chunks. For example, one assessment can we weighed 40 percent of your grade and the other 60 percent. This means throughout the semester you have to stay on top of your studies, but at the same time have the freedom to plan your schedule as you please. In this way, I think many of the papers teach you responsibility, more than anything else. Professors are there to act as guides, but the students do a large chunk of the work.

With that said, the best thing about studying abroad in New Zealand is seeing some of the most incredible sights. Outside of the city there are so many breathtaking landscapes and extreme things to do. Every weekend you can potentially plan a trip somewhere. Whether it's a hike or bungee jumping, these things are accessible by fairly cheap transportation options. It's just a matter of staying on top your studies.

The social scene at AUT University is only there if you want it to be there. Staying in your room all day will not allow you to meet new people. But, attending all of the available social events will probably introduce you to people and potentially friends. There aren't too many social events throughout the year, but there are a number in the beginning. So it is better to be social early on.

Living at the Wellesley Student Apartments has had its highs and lows. Since you live in a student housing situation, there will be administration that will deter you from doing certain things. But, there are still fun things to do like grocery bingo, where you have a chance to win free groceries. Also, it is such a luxury having your own room here. Living communally with four other flatmates is not bad at all, considering you have a shared kitchen, living room and bathrooms.

How can this program be improved?

This event can be improved by having more events for students to socialize and more free food. People love free food.

Also, it would be cool to have the school offer outdoor excursions as a social event. It would be easier for students to explore New Zealand this way.

Yes, I recommend
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Studying at AUT!

The first thing I have to say is that my time studying at AUT is not long enough! Auckland is a fantastic and vibrant city that is also a great base for travelling the rest of New Zealand as well. The facilities available to students at AUT are excellent and we are supported by a great team of helpful and knowledgable staff. You will make some of your best memories here and meet even better friends during your stay!

How can this program be improved?

The only thing that could be possibly improved is the information available to students considering studying abroad at AUT. The staff at AUT do a great job at organising and helping you through your application, but there is information about WSA, AUT and Auckland in general that had I known before I came out here, could have saved me some time and money.

Yes, I recommend
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Auckland is a really nice place to study abroad in. AUT teachers (at least Psychology teachers) are really qualified and helpful with international students as well as the AUT team that helps you adapt.
Highly recommended to come with the highest budget possible as it is a really expensive country and the services (printing, food, library, books) is not cheap at all in AUT.
Thank you all for this nice time!!

Yes, I recommend

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