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AUT University is the second largest University in New Zealand and is among the fastest growing. 4,000 international students from 85+ countries flock to campus each year and there are three unique campuses all within Auckland. AUT is accredited by the New Zealand government and offers personal and interactive classroom settings. AUT also boasts the highest graduate employment rate out of all the universities in New Zealand. Come check it out for yourself!

AUT accepts international students twice per year: in February and July. You may apply as a College Freshman, but at the time of application, you must have a high school diploma and a 1500 SAT score. Alternatively, Sophomores and above are welcome to apply for an exchange.

AUT offers a broad range of courses:
  • Art & Design
  • Business
  • Collaborative Creative Technologies
  • Communication Studies
  • Computer & Mathematical Sciences
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Event Management
  • Foreign Languages & Culture
  • Law
  • Sciences (including Social)
  • Public Policy
  • Design (Fashion, Textiles, Product, Digital, Graphic)
  • Sports & Recreation

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  • Academics 7
  • Support 8.7
  • Fun 7.7
  • Housing 8.6
  • Safety 9.4
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An Austrian guy goes around the world

Ki ora everybody,
The greeting at the begin of this text stands for the most incredible experience I had from New Zealand. Going abroad means that going somewhere you don't know a single one, you don't know the place, and you don't know what you will expect.
For me the most precious thing of this study her was the Maori Paper; Te Ara Pou- Leadership. That's a paper which changes my life. I had a personal change; it is incredible if you get to know the "way of thinking" of Maori culture. The have peculiar habits, and particular ways of thinking, greeting, and welcoming people to the Marae, showing respect and their loving way of sharing and spending time together. (singing, dancing, drinking.... :-)....)

All in all, for me it was a hard task to open myself to other cultures because I was a
closed person before. (Thought the way we do it at home is the best)
What I learned here is to respect deeply and appreciate the differences. And that's the thing if you go abroad, it's nearly impossible to stay the same, to act the same when you come home.
Because you change, step by step every day and each day and in the end, you have this kind of experience, the most of the people dream about. An open heart and open eyes, welcoming people all over the planet for their unique way of being.

How can this program be improved?
Less written assignments (homework), more facts, exames, really improve is in my point of view when essays and hard exams are combined.

But maybe I am only thinking so because I was trained that way all my life. I have no long time
experience, but you have (facts and evaluations). So take my feedback like it is, just a short view of an experience I have with your way of teaching here.

Yes, I recommend this program
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First days in Auckland

The first days of my semester abroad were really really stressful. After an all in all 30-hour long journey, I finally arrived with two other study colleagues in Auckland's Airport. We drove by Taxi into the City and expected a nice, spacious Apartment, that should become our new home for the next half year, but often it comes out differently than expected because the apartment was everything else than nice and spacious. Even though we knew that it would be hard to find an accommodation, we decided to take the risk and searched for another apartment. How to imagine, after such a long journey, our mood was at a low point. We ran through whole Auckland with our half-year-luggage, to find an accommodation for the night. My future roommate already said that she regrets to travel to New Zealand. The start was definitely everything else than perfect. But in the same night, we got to know the kindness of the kiwis: A young woman, who was a national player for the New Zealand Volleyball team, picked us up and found a backpacker hostel for us. From there our journey seemed to get better again. In the next morning, we went through whole Auckland and asked about 20 different accommodations if they have any room left for a half year long stay and finally we found an apartment 2 minutes away from the university. Simply perfect. Now the next big thing was the start of the classes. How will the paper be? How will my new fellow students be? Can I cope the university? But all my worries became irrelevant after the first view days. I've never experienced such a warmly and heartily greeting. All the icebreaking games and information we got in the beginning, enabled an easy entry into the new life abroad. The university fascinated me like nothing before with its fusion of the Maori and the Kiwi culture. When I now look at the period of time from the first day to now, I can definitely say that this semester was the most enriching experience of my whole life. I joined a Te Ara Pou paper, which showed me the culture of the Maoris and brought my spirit closer to myself. I got more new friends than in the last 2 years of studying at home. And just yesterday, my roommate explained that she definitely will drop some tears, when the day of our return journey arrived.

Yes, I recommend this program

AUT - Network Engineering

Great place to study network engineering. You have great lectureres, and access to equipment in class. Classes are good, not as demanding as expected, but otherwise great. The campus is located in the middle of the city, which is great for a student studying abroad. AUT offers accommadation services that I would recommend. A bit expensive, but located 3 minutes from the campus, so you do not have to think about public transport

How can this program be improved?
Could be more practical in some aspects
Yes, I recommend this program


AUT is a great school to study at. My biggest mistake were to not find the silent part of the liberary before after the midt term break. Good and quiet to studie.

Also: Are you studying engineering get yourself a place in the city centre. I've stayed at the North Campus which was a bit of a drag having to travel to very lecture. But the inter-campus buses were really good! Really friendly drivers, love all of them!

How can this program be improved?
Get a place to stay closer to my studies.
Yes, I recommend this program
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One amazing semester at the AUT and in NZ

16 weeks or better one amazing semester at the Auckland University of Technology was a great experience. The AUT offers a diverse paper programm selection for my computer science master degree and the lectures educate at a high level and support in each situation. The study room for only postgraduate students creates a perfect learning atmosphere.
One of my highlights was the Noho marae weekend with over 80 international students at the beginning of the semester. I learned about the Maori culture and language, take part in traditional Māori cultural and custom, activities including learning the Haka.
The accommodation search was a big challange, but the AUT helps me a lot and finally I found once in the city.a

How can this program be improved?
Regular gatherings with all international students (Coffee or beer)
Yes, I recommend this program
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... and you never want to leave New Zealand again

To take the summary ahead: The semester in New Zealand and at AUT was the best time in my studies. I'm doing an study abroad as part of my of master of computer science for 6 months at AUT. First of all I have to mention that the international office was a big help before coming to Auckland and also also in the first weeks to get things sorted. I attended three computer science papers, which all where at a high academic level. The professors and lecturers are definitely very motivated to share their knowledge. In addition I attended the Te Ara Pou Leadership paper, which I would highly recommend to everybody. Its an easy course with the opportunity to learn something about leadership with a combination of the Maori culture. Plus more than half of the class consists of international students. Another highlight is the International Noho Marae, a weekend in the beginning of the semester organised by AUT, where you will learn everything about the Maori culture and also make lots of friends for the lifetime. There is even a catchup every year, so we will all meet again in September in Norway.
Of course you also come to New Zealand to take the opportunity to travel. There are plenty of options to explore Auckland, the city is very vibrant and offers a lot. My favourite part is still to get in touch with some of your new international friends, rent a campervan and then explore the beauty of New Zealand. You will love it, so do it!

Yes, I recommend this program
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The time of my life

I have had the time of my life in Auckland, and that is especially thanks to AUT. I will never regret going here, and I will recommend it to everyone who is considering going abroad. AUT is doing a lot for the international students, and do not leave anybody out. The Noho Marae weekend in the beginning of the semester, did a lot for me. I came closer to many of the students, and I now have a whanau4life. I know that this is not the last time I am gonna see my whanau.

Yes, I recommend this program

Better than home uni

Absolutely amazing university and brilliant experience in New Zealand. I actually found the uni's programmes and facilities better than my home university. There are plenty of opportunities (and free time if you pick the right papers) to go out and explore the rest of New Zealand. I would say that the accommodation provided by the university (I stayed in Wellesley Apartments, have heard better things about Akoranga) was pretty terrible and it might be worthwhile finding somewhere else but at the end of the day it is still a good way to minimise the stress of finding accommodation in Auckland.

Despite the student halls I would HIGHLY recommend AUT as an institution and New Zealand as a destination country.

Yes, I recommend this program

You'll get the travel bug

I wasn't sure what to expect about AUT when I first got to New Zealand. If anything, I expected to be overwhelmed, required to relearn the dynamics and expectations of a new University. However, Kenneth and others in the study abroad office helped so much to make sure I, and other people on the program, understood everything that was going on around campus. We got a tour of the campus before the classes started, which allowed us to orient ourselves around the city university, and there were a bunch of events for the study abroad group throughout the semester so that we could get to know each other. Kenneth was able to help a lot with student concession for the bus too, which was a huge help on all the trips to the islands around Auckland (definitely try to go to them all)!

I didn't take papers (i.e. classes) in my major while on the study abroad semester in New Zealand, but the papers I took were thoroughly engaging and the professors were really welcoming to people from different majors. Coming from a biology major and taking computer science classes isn't too common at AUT, so my background definitely added a new perspective to the papers I took, and the professors were really receptive to someone with a different background of study.

The papers themselves were really interesting and I enjoyed the lectures in the classes I took more than a lot at my home University. The projects for these papers didn't have much busy work either, so I was easily able to plan a lot of traveling around my papers. You also get a really nice two week break in the middle of the semester.

I think the traveling I've had the opportunity to do in New Zealand is what made the trip really. Jucy rentals with a bunch of other people is a super cheap way to get around the country (highly recommend), and there is a new place to go every weekend or break. Hiking in New Zealand is the best in the world, and you don't need to worry about any animals that you could encounter on the trail, no ticks to comb out, and no poison ivy to avoid. If you're a Lord of the Rings fan like myself. then you can check out all the filming sites. Mt Doom (in Tongariro National Park) was the most beautiful hike I've ever done and it was three days (though you can do a one day trek too). The hut system is truly incredible in New Zealand and it's so easy to get everywhere. Just go everywhere.

The country is amazing and after six months I still feel like I haven't seen everything that I wanted to. This is a really amazing country to come to and I would absolutely recommend this program! Between studies and travel the time will fly by, but it will be the best six months.

How can this program be improved?
Have Boston University study abroad students live with the other study abroad students
Yes, I recommend this program
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AUT 4 Life

From the very beginning of the application process, the international team of Sam, Kenneth et al were incredibly helpful in sorting me out with everything I needed, such as which papers to choose, even though they'd never even met me. They organised international support days so I could meet people in the same boat as me, and the parties they host at Father Ted's have a legendary air about them.

Living in the student village at the North Shore has been incredible. They look after you, providing a common room, quizzes to win food, trips to the supermarket, a basketball hoop and a cosy flat that isn't overcrowded. The rules were different to what I was accustomed to, being an English student, but were designed with the community at heart, and the village certainly felt like a community. The formal ball towards the end of the semester was a great event and helped everyone relax before the inevitable stress of exams.

On the academic side, I found a large variety even within my three papers. The internship had no classroom sessions, and was almost entirely practical based, which gave me lots of room to explore and work as if it was a professional environment. With the help of Cindy, the internship co-ordinator, I found a pretty sweet gig with Basketball New Zealand. Doesn't get much better than that.

Being from England with pretty much only English heritage I hadn't had too much exposure to other cultures, which made my decision to pick the Te Ara Pou Maori Leadership an easy one. Learning about a foreign culture was incredibly interesting, Jason and Ainz were great in their relaxed learning environment, and there wasn't anyone in the class who didn't enjoy it or didn't interact. Combining useful real world skills such as leadership with cultural history lessons was fascinating and a rewarding experience.

My final paper was a more traditional sporting one but challenged me greatly academically, and taught me a lot about not only the subject area, but also how to reach my potential. Tony was a brilliant in his knowledge, guidance, and interactive style. I've never enjoyed learning about theory as much as I did in his class.

The atmosphere around the university is great, and the city campus has some fantastic buildings to explore. The AuSM (Student Union) puts on free feeds and great events, while the restaurants on offer have a wide range. The support from all departments is great, ranging from international support to health or academic.

This experience is one I would fully recommend (plus you can explore the beautiful country of New Zealand too!). I have thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be back to Aotearoa in future.

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program
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Semester to Remember Forever

Traveling so far away from home, I was super nervous and didn't know what to expect, but New Zealand exceeded all my expectations. The city of Auckland has everything you need from unique little shops and cafes, to night clubs and fun bars. There's even a vineyard island a ferry ride away when you feel like a break from the city. AUT is perfectly located with it's extremely modern and light buildings, it feels innovative and creative. The teachers are easily reachable and are there to help you every step of the way. The locals welcome new comers with open arms, and are excited to hear learn about your home country and stories. All though there are a lot of quirky things that make New Zealand so special, I found it easy to adjust and fit in.

And there's just too much to say for the country of New Zealand itself. It is by far the greenest and most beautiful place I have ever been, with waterfalls and hikes around every corner. There are endless activities and sights to see, and the Kiwi sense for adventure is always present. I would strongly recommend studying abroad here, not only will you make life-long friends, but you'll leave with a life-changing experience and a fuller heart.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I have evolved as a professional and as a person

I have studied Computer Science for at AUT for one semester in 2016 and also included a business paper in my courses. All of the papers I selected improved my knowledge as a professional and put an emphasis on acedemic writing and critical thinking. One paper in particular, Distributed and Mobile Systems, was very challenging, but I've gained a variety of new skills, such as website and mobile application development.

The staff in the international office, the lecturers and other people involved in AUT's campus life were always very helpful, social, commited and friendly. I liked the facilities, notably the AUT library, masjid, and the appartment in the Wellesly Student Appartment complex (WSA). However, I have to mention that the heaters didn't keep my room warm during the colder months.

Auckland and New Zealand are perfect destinations for traveling. I have pretty much covered all of NZ during my time here and recommend visiting the Waitomo Caves, Queenstown, Milford Sound and wellington.

The university also offered a weeked filled with Maori culture: the Noho Marae. I learned so much about the history, idols, dances, songs and food of the country's natives. Since it took place in the second week of studies, it was the perfect opportunity to get to know fellow international students and form friendships and get involved in a community early on. If you get the chance, don't miss out on it!

To become better as an individual and enjoy a supportive enviroment, AUT is the place to go.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great semester

I studied abroad at AUT in the science programme. I was really happy with my programme, as I there were fewer lectures than I was used too from my home university, but more individual assignments. Furthermore, I loved that there were as many lab sessions as theoretical sessions. I was happy to do my assignments in the common areas at the school, as it is a really chill environment. My start at the university could not be any better. AUT was great at arranging events for international students to get to know each other. One of those events was the Noho Marae weekend, where we stayed the weekend in the Marae. Here we got to know the maori culture in a very fun way with great people, food and entertaining. I would defiantly attend both this weekend, but also a semester at AUT if I got the chance!

Yes, I recommend this program
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AUT Study Abroad

If you are looking to go abroad and just meet good people then New Zealand is the place for you. AUT offers a range of different courses, on different campuses which allows you to see all the different areas of Auckland. As a Sport and Recreation student I was studying at the North Shore Campus and living at the Akoranga Student Village. The opportunities and facilities for inter-faculty and social sport were second to none. The staff and RA's at ASV did everything they could to ensure we had an enjoyable stay. I was able to make friends with people from all over the world, although the kiwis were obviously the best. I would recommend AUT to absolutely anyone!

Yes, I recommend this program
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A New Home

I decided to study abroad alone— I was the only student from my home university & city. Despite how scared I was to go abroad, it ended up being a life changing experience. It was in Auckland that I met life-long friends, build amazing relationships, discovered the beautiful city of Auckland, the raw and untouched beauty of New Zealand, and got to travel all over South East Asia and Polynesian islands, all while discovering myself.
The small and personal classroom size, coupled with living with other international and local students was amazing— I felt welcomed and connected with the Maori culture. In fact, 2 courses I was enrolled in (International Noho Marea & Te Ara Pou Leadership) were two cultural classes that opened my eyes and welcomed me to the NZ culture.
I got to explore the city thanks to AUT's central location. From the food, culture, people, warm teachers, and friendly community, I can say that I found a home all the way across the world. Thanks AUT for the amazing seamster and I hope to be back soon!

How can this program be improved?
Living with first years is a little hard— our maturity level is very different. Maybe an international floor (or strictly third year floor) would be super cool!
Yes, I recommend this program


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