Study Abroad at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand
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Study Abroad at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand

AUT University is the second largest University in New Zealand and is among the fastest growing. 4,000 international students from 85+ countries flock to campus each year and there are three unique campuses all within Auckland. AUT is accredited by the New Zealand government and offers personal and interactive classroom settings. AUT also boasts the highest graduate employment rate out of all the universities in New Zealand. Come check it out for yourself!

AUT accepts international students twice per year: in March and July. You may apply as a College Freshman, but at the time of application, you must have a high school diploma and a 1500 SAT score. Alternatively, Sophomores and above are welcome to apply for an exchange.

AUT offers a broad range of courses:
  • Art & Design
  • Business
  • Collaborative Creative Technologies
  • Communication Studies
  • Computer & Mathematical Sciences
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Event Management
  • Foreign Languages & Culture
  • Law
  • Sciences (including Social)
  • Public Policy
  • Design (Fashion, Textiles, Product, Digital, Graphic)
  • Sports & Recreation
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  • Academics 7
  • Support 8.7
  • Fun 7.5
  • Housing 8.7
  • Safety 9.4
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My semester abroad ! :)

I really enjoyed my semester at AUT! It was one of the best experiences I've ever made!!
Even though the way of teaching is completely different from what german unis do, , I got used to it within the first few weeks! Almost all of the lecturers were really helpful and understanding!
Especially labs, tutorials and projects helped me to get a better understanding of problems!
Semester is almost over and I don't want to leave! I met some really awesome people I can call my friends now and I'll really miss them !!

Yes, I recommend
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University, study and myself

When I look at my semester at the AUT my conclusion is really good . Especially the work of Kenneth and Sam is one of the best experiences. Both did a really good job at supporting my study. Furthermore I like the techlab of the university. It is alway a PC ready to be used and you don't have to wait. Moreover the different locations like the library, treehouse and the sections I between have a good design and help to motivate for the paper and a create location for group work. Obviously the housing condition is a huge drawback of the university and the support of the university to find suitable houses is maybe 10%. In addition the information flow if assignments are passed is sometimes bad. To summarize the experience was good the lectures are willing to help, there is enough time for exploring nz and the support of Kenneth and sam is perfect. 10/10

Yes, I recommend
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Viking abroad

As an exchange student from Norway, I was a bit worried that the language barrierer would be a problem at most of the corners. The courses were made up so that as long as you had basic understanding of english you were fine. And not to mention all the great people here at AUT, you could ask anyone about anything and they will try to answer. The courses encourage you to work together with the other people which again makes it all more fun.

How can this program be improved?
The program is good but the school need more power outlets.
Yes, I recommend

Kia Ora New Zealand !

As a big fan of the Lord of The Rings, my decision to come here was not very long even if it means to travel the whole world from France! "I'm going in an adventure" I told my parents.
After 24h of plane and 12h of jet lag I'm finaly in New Zealand. And what a country :)
First I would say that New Zealand is beautiful and very charming, from Queenstown to Cap Reinga, going through Milford Sounds, Mount Cook, Wellington and of course Hobbiton I loved all the landscapes.
I was in WSA for accomodation and really I'm really glad i chose that cause I could meet new people and make some new friends from all over the world. I really recommand to go there even if they have some rules...
To finish with I will say that I had the time of my life: I'm afraid of height and i managed to do the skydiving in Taupo !!!! It's an awesome activity and I really recomand it

How can this program be improved?
The only thing I would improve is may be the academic level... I'm from Europe and our education system is a little bit different from there. I was some kind of lost with all the Online Stuff (such as Aut Online, Turnitin, Mails, Unicentral Arion...) too many websites for different things !
Yes, I recommend
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NZ is the best!

Loved New Zealand and AUT. I've grown noticeably both as a designer and as a person.
As a designer, I really appreciated learning how to explore conceptual thinking and concepts and focusing on the 'art' side of design. The teachers are wonderful! I come from a very technical background so now that i have both those styles under my belt I feel more prepared to go forward as a designer.
Personally, Exchange was loads of fun! I made heaps friends and saw so much of the world! New Zealand's north and south islands as well as The Cook Islands and Samoa!
I had a blast doing all the Kiwi things, experiencing the different school system, and learning about the Maori culture at the Noho Marae!! A+, I would do it again. Can I......?

How can this program be improved?
Extend the length!
Yes, I recommend
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Middle Earth

From Mt. Doom to Hobbiton, Middle Earth is one of the best, if not THE best, places I have ever been to. One of my favorite trips was not some far away place with no cell phone connection; rather, Hobbiton left me super excited for what was in store for the rest of my time in New Zealand. It was one of the very first areas I visited and although the tour was short it was so memorable. It was crazy to see the level of detail put into some hobbit holes that didn't even make it onto the silver screen. I heard stories that I never would have known had I not booked a trip. I was slightly worried before going that most of what I saw in the movies was pure "movie magic." That is FAR from the truth! You literally feel like you are right in Middle Earth and it was exactly what it looked like when the hobbits were once trekking about. Of course, we ended with a free drink in the Green Dragon Inn which was the cherry on top for my experience there. This trip was a great way to kick-off my time in New Zealand. AUT has also proven to be a great home away from home that has been able to guide me while I was out exploring. It was filled with great people and wonderful experiences. I would not have chosen a different school to attend during my experience abroad. From Hobbiton to Mt. Taranaki, AUT was able to provide me with great tools to be successful in Auckland and the rest of the country. The Land of the Long White Cloud has proved to be a fantastic place that I will cherish forever!

How can this program be improved?
I can't think of any way this program could be improved, it was great!
Yes, I recommend
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Couldn't have been better

My time at AUT was incredible. I took a variety of classes, 2 education papers, 1 Hospitality and Tourism paper and my favorite, the International Student Noho Marae paper. The Noho Marae paper immersed us in Maori culture and helped us create bonds that will withstand the test of time far beyond my time at AUT. We spent a weekend together learning traditional kapa haka, including songs, games, the haka and the poi. We met international students from all over and became a family, or whanau. The weekend was one highlight, of many during my time here, learning so much about the culture, especially how kind, caring, giving and loving they are. In addition to meeting awesome people, learning about the culture and learning the language, we also got to eat some very awesome food! Whanau for life! Besides my papers, I had lots of time to travel since each of my papers met once a week. I also appreciated how approachable and helpful the international support staff were! I had such a memorable experience, I'm sad to leave, but I'm happy to head home to share my stories with the world.

Yes, I recommend
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Spent the second semester of my MBA program here. All the staff did their best to help and was supportive all the time. The lecturers were well selected, and the program appropriately challenging. The highlight of the whole experience was definitely housing and res life events, and making friends with the RAs. My only complaint in the whole thing was that there was no A/C in the residence hall. 9/10, would definitely recommend.

How can this program be improved?
Air conditioning in the res halls
Larger refrigerator
Better laundry facilities
Yes, I recommend

My favorite semester ever!

This has been by far my favorite semester of college. I had such a unique experience that I couldn't even imagine myself having. Studying at AUT allowed me to gain a new perspective on my major of study, while also allowing me to see the entire country! The schedules and work load were reasonable enough for me to explore the entire country! New Zealand is a beautiful place and studying AUT is the best way to experience it!

How can this program be improved?
It can't be! It's perfect!
Yes, I recommend

New Zealand - I can´t get enough of you!

I decided to make a change in life and I wanted to study outside my home country, and you know what? I am SO GLAD I did!!

AUT offers extremely good opportunities and I have grown a lot during my time here, not just academically, but especially as a person.
The lectures are very good, they offer a lot of classroom discussions and the learning environment is safe, a perfect place to explore and learn!

Auckland is a safe and good city to live in, the people here are very helpful and kind, and I've definitely got friends for life. Not just other international students but locals too!

New Zealand is a wonderful country that offers a lot of fun and crazy adventures.
I have been exploring a great deal, although there has been a lot to do at uni. I will be doing my co-op through AUT in my home-country but I cannot wait to go back here again in October and graduate in December!
AUT for the win! I love it!

Yes, I recommend
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Loving New Zealand

AUT and New Zealand have been amazing. The last four and a half months have been unreal. The semester started off a little rough with arriving in Auckland and trying to find my way around but it got easier the longer I've been here. AUT was a lot of fun. They started off the semester with an international party for the international students and it was a great way to meet new people. I met people from all over the world and I fully intend to keep in touch with everyone. AUT did an amazing job welcoming the international students and it helped a lot. I loved most of my courses. Te Ara Pou Leadership and Food and the Senses were the highlight of the semester. I learned so much and I actually enjoyed them.

New Zealand as a whole has been an amazing experience. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. There's so many things to do. Bungee jumping, parasailing, abseiling, climbing through the coolest caves, gorgeous beaches, awesome places to take a road trip to, and so much more. I've done things I never thought I ever do. I've learned so much from this experience. I highly recommend studying at AUT and experiencing Auckland and New Zealand.

Yes, I recommend
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Great time

Traveling quite literally AROUND THE WORLD to New Zealand was a trip that was so worth it. Auckland is a great city with plenty of things to do and tons of good places to eat. The people are so nice compared to what I'm used to, and I've noticed strangers are always looking to help you or spark up a conversation. AUT is a very easy going school, and I never felt stressed to the point where I thought I would lose my mind. The way classes are scheduled is very convenient, and there are also lots of breaks that international students can utilize for traveling. The accommodation was also in a good area, close to town and the grocery stores. I also liked how I was put into a flat with international and kiwi students; it helped me make friends outside of my study abroad program.

How can this program be improved?
The student accommodation WSA could be improved. There are strange things such as no ovens in the flats, it gets very cold/drafty and there is no heat or curtains, and the appliances are very problematic.
Yes, I recommend
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An adventure far away

First of all, I have had an interesting journey here in Auckland. When I first came here, I had no idea that it would be so multicultural. Especially in AUT you could see multiple different cultures represented. I consider this a big pro as it reflects how it is in work life. Furthermore, when it comes to my studies I found my business papers challenging enough. There were many group projects and assignments which I found good as I got the opportunity to apply my knowledge in real life cases. I picked different papers than what I have studied earlier and found them very interesting and useful.

The student life was not as active as in Finland which I had known beforehand, but I did not consider this an issue as I could still hang out with my friends and explore Auckland. Many of my friends have told me that usually you do not spend so much time with the local students but tend to hang out with other exchange students. However, I was able to make many Kiwi friends which I find really nice. Living in the student apartment helped me to gain friends from both Kiwi and foreign background.

Last, I would like to thank the international student association for helping with all kinds of issues and being active when it comes to our well-being. In overall, I really enjoyed my exchange and would recommend New Zealand and AUT for any international student wondering where to head.

Kind regards,

How can this program be improved?
The program could be improved by increasing student activities and opportunities for exchange students to get to know locals. Exchange student nights were nice but there could be more mutual events with the Kiwi students.
Yes, I recommend

My amazing kiwi experience!

My exchange in AUT was one of the best experiences I have ever had! From the first orientation day onward, I felt I had come to a great place and university. I was active, got to know people and spend a lot of time getting to know other international students. Studying here has given me a new perspective for my studies, wide range of skills and heaps of friends all over the world. Especially events such as the UV treasure hunt, different pub quizzes, parties at Father Ted's and Noho Marae have been unforgettable moments. I also liked the way of teaching in AUT: the interaction between lecturers and students is good, and teaching methods allow students to use their creativity. I was studying marketing in AUT's new major MARS which was launched this year, and I felt the new structure suited me well because we didn't have any exams.

How can this program be improved?
Well I took part in the new system in business faculty, the major in MARS so there was a small fuzz because of the novelty of the system. Information sharing when it came to assignments was sometimes unclear, but all the problems were solved when asking the lecturer or someone else. I personally liked the system.
Yes, I recommend
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My Study Abroad

I'm not good with words but New Zealand was the adventure of a lifetime. I loved the staff at my university and the people I met there are amazing. I am returning to my home country with crazy stories and life-long friends.

The staff made me feel like home and I felt that if I needed anything they would lay down what they were doing and help. They also made events that involved the exchange students and made us feel comfortable in our new surroundings.

How can this program be improved?
Look more into the roommates you put exchange students with. My flatmates were not the best.
Yes, I recommend

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AUT University was established in 1895 and has transitioned from an excellent polytechnic to become a world ranked university. We are New Zealand’s third largest and fastest growing university – positioned in the top 5% of Universities...