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Interested in getting paid to travel the world? With International TEFL Academy’s Online TEFL class, you’ll be qualified to teach English in 80+ countries worldwide.

Are You...

- A native English speaker from the U.S. or Canada & at least 21 years old?
- Looking for a way to make money while living abroad in Europe, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East?
- Passionate about education and eager to earn your accredited TEFL certificate?

If yes, then armed with your ITA TEFL certification & our lifetime job search guidance, you'll be able to find professional English teaching jobs in countries like Spain, Costa Rica, and South Korea.

A job teaching English abroad is a fantastic way to gain professional work experience, learn a new language, make new friends, and ultimately one of the best ways to make money while traveling and living abroad.

Why is International TEFL Academy the Right Choice?

  • One-on-One Pre-Enrollment Guidance: What TEFL class is best for me? What country is best for me? How much money do I need to bring with me? Your own personal ITA advisor will help you navigate these questions about TEFL certification, teaching abroad, and many more! Your advisor will educate you on how to find English teaching jobs in 80+ countries around the world before enrolling in your class. Your advisor will help you decide if teaching English abroad is a good fit for you!
  • Professional Level TEFL Certification Courses: We offer accredited TEFL certification courses online (11 weeks online) and in-person (4 weeks) in 25 locations worldwide that exceed international professional standards of instructor qualifications, class, and student teaching hours.
  • We Have Been in YOUR shoes: Everyone on the ITA staff has extensive experience international experience. Travel is in our blood. It’s our passion to help people realize how realistic this dream of living & working abroad can be. We all appreciate the challenges & rewards of living, traveling, and working abroad from first-hand experience.
  • One-on-One Job Search Guidance: How do I find a job? How do I make friends? What paperwork do I need for my visa? Once enrolled in any ITA TEFL class, you’ll work with our team of expert job search advisors to help you out with these three questions and many, many more. Enjoy access to the most comprehensive job resources & guidance on the planet to help you navigate international job markets around the world.
  • Access to ITA Worldwide Alumni Network: Exclusive opportunities to network, connect, and correspond with our 15,000 ITA alumni teaching English across the globe. This is a great way to meet friends before you head out & get your questions answered by current ITA alumni on the ground abroad.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact International TEFL Academy for your starter brochure or call us directly at 773-634-9900 & start working with your personal Admission Advisors. Your advisor will work with you one-on-one to answer your all of your questions, go over your options & set up your game plan to see the world. Your advisor will be happy to speak with you as many times as you need to go over job markets, hiring requirements, TEFL course options & much more.

Your journey begins now so let’s get in touch & let’s get started!

Questions & Answers

Well first you need to get a work visa and your family can come as Accompanying family members
I got the certification through ITA because I was going to study abroad. With a wife and son, I knew I needed to work while I studied. I finished the certification course in April and have been teaching English online since June. I would not have gotten these online opportunities were it not for the certification. This has been a wonderful option for me and my family.
I have a TEFL certification and I'm teaching at a wonderful language school in the far northeast of Russia.
My guess is that most organizations will require a non-native English speaker to demonstrate C1 or C2 proficiency in order to teach. I’m not sure what International TEFL Academy’s policy is on this.


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  • Support 9.4
  • Value 8.3
  • Academic Rigor 7.4
  • Job Assistance 8.7
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In a sentence, ITA allowed me to make my dreams come true. From the Admission Advisors to the TEFL courses to the Job search assistance to the communities it created, ITA went above my expectations. The course work is not easy, but neither is teaching! ITA understood that while taking the class, I was working full time and made reasonable requirements for the work to be due. The most beneficial part, in my opinion, was learning how to present yourself to international employers. It’s easy to forget that each country has different expectations when applying for jobs and ITA prepared you for that. It really helped to give me a push in the right direction to living our my dreams. I will forever be grateful to ITA!

How can this program be improved?
Maybe more interaction between students in the classes.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Job guiding

Not being a native English speaker I was told that I would have less "opportunities" than a native speaker. I was clear about that but they didn't say the wouldn't try to help me once I was done with the course. I would expect a change for future with non-native English speakers that have a dream to spread their knowledge and start the adventure of living abroad teaching English and need to obtain a TEFL certification. This is a hard step to make from many people so choosing the right company to get certified with is key too. Also, the course completely focuses on the American culture, while there were Canadians, Australians and among other nationalities. So, it should be diversified.

How can this program be improved?
They should provide a better guidance and also have a list of non-native requirements schools and actually stand up for their students because I was "interviewed" before I became a student to know how my English level was. I finished the course with an A/Outstanding grade. I achieved high-level score and everything. So, they should support their alumni no matter what. Once they are enrolled they'll represent your certification company. So, you should fight for all of them. they decided to choose you over the other ones, not for being "cheaper" certainly. So, the best you can do is provide help.
Response from International TEFL Academy

Hi David,

Thanks for taking the time to write this detailed review and share your feedback. As mentioned in previous correspondence a few months ago, ITA does our best to assist every single graduate with his/her job search - no matter if you’re a native English speaker or a non-native English speaker. It is entirely up to each employer (or entire an country for that matter) if they want to hire someone. ITA as an organization does not set hiring standards for specific schools nor do we have any say in what credentials school’s require.

We also do not guarantee jobs for any English teachers (native or non-native). As you mention in your review, all non-native English speaking students are also thoroughly educated by ITA of the added challenges they may face teaching abroad. We do require all non-native students who plan to enroll in an ITA TEFL class to take a test to ensure his/her English skills are high enough to succeed in the course and ultimately teach the English language. We talk with every student who plans to enroll in one of our TEFL courses, native or non-native. We do this because we don’t want anyone enrolling in a course and wasting their time & money if they aren’t a good fit for the class.

In regards to your job search, it looks like our Student Affairs team has communicated with you 25+ times to assist you with your job search. We’ve worked with you on your resume, a letter stating that you completed the course so you could begin applying to schools before you received your certificate, and in addition to our job search resources available for all students; a list of a few schools in Santiago directly that do hire non-native teachers when we found out that you were having issues finding a job. Another point to note is that the best way to find a teaching job in Chile is by interviewing and applying in-person upon arrival, especially as a non-native teacher. So as previously discussed, because you were emailing schools in-advance instead of applying face-to-face in Chile, you likely saw this impact your opportunties.

We absolutely support each and every one of our alumni (non-native English speakers or not). We are always happy to communicate with you further on your job search, so always feel free to get in touch and we will do our very best to assist you.

No, I don't recommend this program
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ITA Review

The instructors were great. Very knowledgeable and gave constructive criticism on the assignments. I learned a lot through ITA and am grateful for their teachings.
The one thing I do not like about how ITA is set up is how you have no assistance locating a placement. I am having an extremely difficult time and have been unsuccessful in locating an in-person placement so far. Even the "preferred locations" have been a bust.
Overall, it has been a great experience and I am more prepared for teaching in a classroom.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Overall very good

I enjoyed my TEFL course but it was not terribly difficult. My certificate has certainly made me much more marketable and valuable in China. The market for teachers is so high in China they hire many non-native English speakers, mostly from Russia, and try to pass them off as native speakers. Being a native speaker with a degree and a TEFL certificate increases a teacher's salary by a very large margin in China.

How can this program be improved?
Better help with job search guidance.
Yes, I recommend this program
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This program was so well put together, you had very clear guidelines, ebook and professor live lessons, i really enjoyed being able to schedule my course around my work schedule at the time. The practicum was extremely insightful and great tool to network too. i highly suggest taking this course it was so reasonable, affordable and useful to me in my job searches. They also provided great job searching tools and alumni facebook groups that we were able to join and gather more "from the field" real life experiences from the specific country you were interested in.

How can this program be improved?
no suggestions currently
Yes, I recommend this program

Gateway to the world

ITA is an excellent company to get your teaching certification through. I'm very glad that I used their services. Not only was it a simple process to get the certification, but they support you even after you've completed your program. I think my favorite thing about ITA is the community groups on Facebook in which fellow alumni help provide information about the various locations you want to teach in. All the major areas have their own page, like South Korea, Japan, etc. The website and the information on Facebook really prepared me for my travel to South Korea. Considering I can go live in over 60 countries, it really is a gateway to discover the world. I'm enjoying learning the culture and language of my host country. You should come join the adventure!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great decision with future opportunities

I definitely am glad I decided to get my TEFL through ITA. The course itself taught me so much. I am now a teacher for an incredible company in Santiago, Chile, thanks to the alumni community and connections through International TEFL Academy. I teach both business professionals and children and can definitely say that the online course gave me many amazing and applicable ideas that I now use every day in the classroom. I have also now had the opportunity to be an alumni video ambassador for ITA which has challenged me in a new way to hone in on my hobby for video making and allowed me to help future TEFL graduates understand what it is like to teach and live abroad in Santiago, Chile!

How can this program be improved?
The only major critique I have for ITA is the price. I think the online course is a bit pricey and not very accessible to many who would like to live abroad but don't have the luxury of putting off student loans or a strong savings account, post-university.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Ivan Joshua


Imagine a country full of ancient and modern history, saturated with temples, wildlife, rice fields, grasslands, and beaches. A country with friendly
people and smiling children in abundance. The country is stunning with beautiful beaches and awe inspiring temples. The food is out of this world and so reasonably priced! It’s relatively easy to get around the city ( Phnom Penh) with all the tuk tuks. I just need more time to explore .... This country is CAMBODIA!

Yes, I recommend this program
A very happy Jenny on a fishing boat in Greece

Solid preparation + convenience

I admit I thought this program would be easy based on online college classes I'd taken before, but I actually found this rather challenging--but in a good way. If I go overseas and am placed in a classroom with few resources, I want to have SOME idea of how to get started, and this program provided incredibly pertinent resources and assignments. (I have experience as an English teacher to English speaking students, and I found this way more helpful than the knowledge I already had.) At the end of the modules, students walk away with full lesson plans and they can all be catered to the country and age groups one is interested in teaching. I would highly recommend this program. Just note: there are practicum hours required, and if you're offsite (i.e., taking this course online), you'll have to find your own avenue of ELL students to work with. This proved to be pretty easy where I live, but depending where you are, it may be more challenging.

How can this program be improved?
They do promise help in job placement, but if you have a very specific place you'd like to work (I REALLY want to work in Greece), I've found the resources there limited and could not find a job.
--to be clear, if I had an EU visa, I could easily find tutoring or other jobs, but I have not found a way to stay in Greece as an American. Some people, I'm sure, sidestep legality, but I was trying to do things the right way.
Response from International TEFL Academy

Hey Jennifer,

Thanks for sharing your detailed feedback about the Online course!

When it comes to Greece, like you said, it is a very difficult place to teach if you do not have EU citizenship. We strive to set accurate, realistic expectations with every student before they ever enroll in one of our TEFL classes. Our pre-enrollment advisors work with every student one-on-one to understand what their unique goals are for teaching abroad, and from there, we work together with the student to craft this plan so everyone is on the same page and all expectations are aligned.

For Greece specifically, every ITA pre-enrollment advisor tells prospective students up front that it's extremely difficult to find paid teaching jobs if you're not an EU citizen. We advise non-EU citizens to teach and live elsewhere in Europe (like the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, etc) and then take trips to Greece.

We keep this same message about Greece (and similar markets) consistent across our website so there are no wrong expectations.

We have a team of job search advisors who are also very detailed about letting anyone wanting to teach in Greece know that it's not a wise plan and we then try to create a new plan with them. Of course our graduates are free to try anything they want, but we really do our best to make sure everyone is fully informed before they head abroad.

These kinds of things in the English teaching market do change, be it work visa rules, economies, demand, government programs, regime changes, etc., so we are always doing our best to give our students the most current information as we get it.

Sorry for the long-winded reply, but again, thank you so much for your detailed feedback. If there's anything we can do to help you out in the future please get in touch!


Yes, I recommend this program
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ITA is a Great Company

I had a great experience with the International TEFL Academy. I found them through a friend and I'm so glad I did. They partner with schools all around the world and offer convenient, relevant TEFL training at reasonable rates. They provide counseling before, and job placement after. All of their information is up to date, and really helpful. I love having access to the active alumni community. They have been able to answer all of my questions regarding the training process. I am looking forward to working with them for the job search.

How can this program be improved?
It would be nice if you could connect current students with housing locations options chosen by former students. I'm really happy I stayed in the location I was in because I got to see more of the city. If I had stayed close to the school, as I originally planned, I would have been disappointed. I also think the housing offered by the school would have been too far and would have made it difficult to participate with social activities arranged by my classmates.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A fantastic week on Thai Intro

Wow, where do I start, the organisation of this trip was incredible. It’s the most brilliant introduction to Thailand and entitles you to travel Thailand further after the trip with the friends you have made. The leader Britt was so enthusiastic about Thailand and inspired us to want to travel other countries in Asia too. We can’t wait to explore Vietnam with Intro Travel next year! What an amazing way to end the year.

How can this program be improved?
It can’t, perfect.
Yes, I recommend this program

International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy is an absolutely incredible program! Not only is the coursework applicable to teaching in the ESL classroom, but their constant support and guidance is priceless. The team at International TEFL Academy have experience in the ESL job network and they know how to advice their student. This program is perfect for anyone looking to teach English abroad! Thanks to International TEFL Academy, I have been teaching abroad for 2 years and plan to make this my life-long career!

Response from International TEFL Academy

Thanks Megan for the great review we are excited to hear that we have helped your fulfill your dream of teaching abroad! We look forward to hearing more of your adventures abroad.

Yes, I recommend this program
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TEFL Course - Chicago

I undertook my TEFL course with ITA in October 2015. It was my third attempt at trying the TEFL course. I had signed up for TEFL courses, with different institutions, in Thailand and Costa Rica, in 2015. However, the way TEFL was being taught in Thailand and Costa Rica was not for me. The way that TEFL was taught with International TEFL Academy - Chicago was for me :). The institution and staff are; friendly, professional and the course was wonderful. The instructors were excellent - supportive, positive and engaging.
In 2016, I worked as an ESL teacher in Colombia, S.America for a year. This was amazing - I had the opportunity to work on a very exciting project, also through the organization I got a teaching job with, Volunteers Colombia (it was paid :)).
This year, 2017, I am working in S.Korea in a private school. I love this.
The course with ITA is a very high quality, and gives a standard of TEFL that a lot of recruiters ask for.

Yes, I recommend this program
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The course was detailed and the format was great! It was difficult at times downloading the material. This was due more to my neophyte computer skills.
Whenever I needed assistance there was always someone available to assist.
Those who assisted were knowledgeable and provided positive feedback (they were also patient)
The course I believe was excellent in getting me prepared for teaching overseas.
The projects required detail planning and creativity. It was a positive and challenging experience

Yes, I recommend this program

Go abroad with ITA

ITA is was super helpful and informative. They set you up with an advisor from the beginning and help you. My questions were always answered within a day and I was never left in the dark or to figure things out on my own. I took the course online which is great because I was able to still work and earn my certification. They provide with as much information as you need and the tools to succeed. I will always recommend ITA to anyone

Yes, I recommend this program


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