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Aug 07, 2023
Aug 25, 2023
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The TEFLPros Plus 120 Hour Online TEFL Course provides high-quality instruction, weekly live coaching calls, full accreditation and practical skill-building techniques with 50+ hours of real-life classroom and instructional videos. Get the best of both worlds: high-quality training with a flexible schedule.

Perks of learning with TEFLPros:
- High-Quality Training
- Weekly Live Coaching Calls
- Accreditation
- Practical Skill-Building
- Time Flexibility
- Location Independence

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Program Highlights

  • Complete our free 2-day trial so that you can see our course materials for yourself.
  • Hop on a Strategy Session call with our team to get an in-depth evaluation of your specific needs as a TEFL participant.
  • Work at your own pace while getting weekly assistance from your trainers via coaching calls.
  • Gain practical skill-building in the areas of lesson planning, classroom management and career prep.
  • Receive valuable feedback on your performance from our team of trainers.

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  • Instruction 5
  • Support 5
  • Value 5
  • Academic Rigor 4.45
  • Job Assistance 4.7
  • Content 4.95
  • Engagement 4.9
  • Support 5
  • Platform 4.9
  • Value 4.95
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching English

I was at first a little skeptical but after starting the course, I came to realize several things. First of all how little I actually knew about English grammar and secondly how difficult it is for a teacher to set up a course of learning for non English speaking people. I gained an enormous amount of respect for teachers in general. The course itself wasn't too difficult with one exception. One of the modules was a definite tester for me. And the final exam was also a bit tough but it was that difficulty and toughness that made me so proud of myself that I was able to complete the online course with a passing grade. And their placement service is top notch with help getting work permits and so on.
This is not a way to become rich or even to earn a living wage here in Thailand but if you want to learn how to teach English to non English speakers, I believe that this course is the ticket and shouldn't be avoided because it is a little difficult and time consuming.

What would you improve about this program?
I'm not sure. The online assistance was a great help and I personally needed some of that encouragement when it came to one of the modules.
Perhaps one area that could be improved is a better explanation in the first chapter of everything that should be printed out and downloaded and exactly why. What is going to be needed to be saved for reference material and what is going to be needed for classroom guidelines.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Working with Refugees

For me, the TEFLPros course was amazing! My husband and I love to work with refugees , so I was able to use my knowledge in teaching English to many refugees in Greece, from many various countries. This course is so helpful in not only learning how to write lesson plans and to be able to carry out teaching skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing lessons, but also taught how to make the class work fun! Whitney and Joss were so supportive, throughout the course. I contacted them several times. My favorite part of the course was the videos of actual classes. How fun to see the students and teachers carrying out the lesson plans. I just have praise for this course! I feel much more confident in working with refugees now.
THANK YOU Whitney and Joss!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Choice...Even if you're not tech savvy

I was a little hesitant to buy an online course because I'm not the most tech savvy person. However, I can honestly say that the TEFLPros course was incredibly easy to navigate. The course is set up in an intuitive way that made it simple for me to work through in my free time. The instructors really understand the TEFL industry and I like that they have both lived abroad for a long time and can give real world advice. That type of honest "this is what it's really like" talk is the most reassuring to me. I also haven't traveled much and so I wanted a program that would prepare me for interviews in a foreign country. The TEFLPros Interview and Resume guide was invaluable. I feel confident and ready to take on this new adventure!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Now I Can Follow My Dream!

TEFLPros was absolutely the right choice. I have thought about going abroad to teach for a long time and from my very first interaction with them, they have been so supportive. They are not like other online courses. The quality is EXCELLENT. Their attention to detail and personal touch made me feel like I had real teachers. Their course has a ton of video unlike other online courses and they work with you to create a portfolio of lesson plans to show on your interviews. They gave me lots of great job tips and always answered all of my questions. Very impressed and very happy with this course. Thanks TEFLPros!

What would you improve about this program?
Nothing :) it was great!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great value

There are so many TEFL courses to choose from and I’m glad I trusted my instinct and joined TEFLPros. This course was comprehensive, interesting and supportive throughout the whole process. I started a cheap-o Groupon course a while back and it was a total waste of time and money. Online courses have a bad reputation but these guys definitely smash that stereotype. After trying it for free (which other courses didn’t offer by the way) I could see the the course quality and attention to detail were spot on. Clearly they saw how bad other online courses are and built something of very high quality. Now, I’m working in Thailand and I love it. Thanks to TEFLPros for being such honest and supportive educators!

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Yes, I recommend this program


The course and the materials were great and helpful, Jocelyn and Whitney always help and assist you through the course and they are very responsive.
I completeld my course in one week just lil bit of dedication and determination and you can do it too.
i would recommend teflpros for anyone who needs to get a tefl certificate, it gives alot of information about how to teach, plan your lessons, class management, and how to reflect on your teaching skills.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thank You!

This has been a great program. I am not finished yet with my courses but this was the first step for me to take in the direction of a career that I wanted to go in! I am so grateful for the chance to study how to teach English to others. This is the chance of a lifetime and I hope to make the best of my opportunity by teaching English and having adventures across the world. I look forward to the new people I will meet, and the cultures I will experience and learn from.

What would you improve about this program?
Perhaps videos with examples of how the techniques could be used in a classroom setting!
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Yes, I recommend this program


Taking my TEFL course with TEFLPros was the best educational/career investment that I ever made. After several weeks of searching online for a credible TEFL course provider, I finally met TEFLPros and thank God for the decision I made to study at their feet. Absolutely excellent trainers, dedicated facilitators and inspiring leaders, Jos and Whitney led me to discover valuable knowledge and skills in the teaching of English as a second language. Ten modules, broken down into well structured units covering valuable knowledge on lesson planning skills and class management skills. Plus, the extra guides on preparing for an interview and several other didactic resources. There couldn’t have been a better place to take this course. Today, I am more equipped than ever and ready to teach ESL anywhere in the world. TEFLPros are just the best.

What would you improve about this program?
I think the program is ok as it is.
63 people found this review helpful.

Questions & Answers

The short answer, yes it is appropriate for online or in-person 🙂 The long answer - A proper TEFL course should provide you with the teaching foundation to teach any age, setting or class type. Period. That’s the whole point of a TEFL course (the same for young learners, business English etc.). TEFLPros prepares you. The courses that try to upsell you on “online teaching modules” are a gimmick and...

Great question! Yes it is. Over 50 hours of course content is delivered via video - the majority of which is observation of real classes being taught. Some video is structured like a podcast with large text slides, and the remainder is video of step-by-step lesson planning. The course documents are all downloadable so you can print them on the paper that is best for you. Text is written in 12/14...