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The TEFLPros 120 Hour Online TEFL Course provides high-quality instruction, full accreditation and practical skill-building techniques with 50+ hours of real-life classroom and instructional videos. Get the best of both worlds: classroom experience with a flexible schedule.

Perks of learning with TEFLPros:
- High-Quality Instruction
- Accreditation
- Practical Skill-Building
- Time Flexibility
- Location Independence
- Affordability

  • Do a free full module of our course so that you can "try before you buy". No other courses offer this transparency.
  • Gain practical skill-building in areas such as lesson planning for reading, writing, speaking and listening lessons.
  • Gain experience preparing your own classroom materials and learn how to manage difficult classroom situations.
  • Earn an intentionally recognized certification. Two certificates mailed to you upon graduation - one from TEFLPros and one from Accreditat.
  • More video content than any other online course including discussion, video slide decks, step-by-step lesson planning and 20+ hours of real EFL classes.

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Questions & Answers

The short answer, yes it is appropriate for online or in-person 🙂 The long answer - A proper TEFL course should provide you with the teaching foundation to teach any age, setting or class type. Period. That’s the whole point of a TEFL course (the same for young learners, business English etc.). TEFLPros prepares you. The courses that try to upsell you on “online teaching modules” are a gimmick and...

Great question! Yes it is. Over 50 hours of course content is delivered via video - the majority of which is observation of real classes being taught. Some video is structured like a podcast with large text slides, and the remainder is video of step-by-step lesson planning. The course documents are all downloadable so you can print them on the paper that is best for you. Text is written in 12/14...


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Yes, I recommend this program

Not Your Average TEFL Program

As an aspiring digital nomad, I have been looking for a course that would provide me with the building blocks to teach overseas and potentially at home remotely. Unfortunately (and if you are reading this you probably already know) finding a quality course is incredibly difficult. They are expensive and you really don't know what you are getting until it is potentially too late.

This course was comprehensive and will actually prepare you to get into the classroom and get your first teaching job. I felt confident during my job hunt up through my first week at my new placement. I felt that I could not only teach English but excel at it.

Not only was the course fantastic, but it was also a good value without many other unnecessary, but pricey, pieces that come with a lot of other online courses. This course was mindfully designed to include the all the bare essentials and then prepare you several steps further give you an excellent toolkit to start teaching English.

What would you improve about this program?
By keeping it just the way it is! Don't change a thing!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Invigorating! Really helped me to finally get certified!

Having travelled for a long time, I felt that a TEFL would enhance my opportunities on the road and allow me to connect with local people. The problem was that no course really stuck with me. Either online courses didn't capture my attention long enough, or classes were inconveniently scheduled or taught to a generic level.

This course felt personal. I knew that I was being heard and understood and supported throughout my learning journey. I found it challenging enough to push me, without disengaging me.

More than anything, it was really worth the money. Many other online courses charge you for a whole host of additional extras and you find yourself spending much more than you realized.

I got real value and am now just sifting through the bunch of opportunities in front of me to teach English all over the world!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Well prepared in China!

So, I finally decided to get TEFL certified before traveling to China to work as an Au Pair. It has been a wonderful experiance to be able to work with and get to know a family as well as travel.
This course prepared me really well to teach English in another country and supported me throughout my entire journey. It gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to be a good teacher in a foreign country. I'm so happy I came across this course and I highly recommend TEFLPros to anyone looking to get TEFL certified!! I had looked at other classes that were very expensive and did not fit my budget at all. Luckily, this course ended up being a perfect fit for my needs, provided me with the knowledge I needed, could easily be done online and fit my budget.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Right Choice

There are so many online courses to choose from that picking a course can feel overwhelming, but I definitely made the right choice with TEFLPros. The staff at TEFLPros were really supportive throughout the whole process, from the first time that I logged-in to helping me find a job. I had previously tried some other big name courses and I felt really let down by their quality, so I never got through them and then my time expired. TEFLPros, on the other hand, was engaging and the quality was so much better than the other programs that I had tried. The TEFLPros program also is mobile and tablet optimized, so I could work on it easily from whatever I was connected to. Thanks to TEFLPros for helping me FINALLY get certified! Can’t wait to start in the classroom.

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Yes, I recommend this program


This course was very helpful. I was able to learn the methodologies and gain insightful experience references to be prepared to make a career teaching abroad. I fully recommend this to anyone who is fully committed yet busy. Thanks for the assistance! The support from the instructors really helped with pinpointing direct and expected issues while teaching abroad and how to adapt and solve these problems. I was also able to commit at my own discretion and complete the course at the pace I could blend with my work schedule. A great overall course for those who are willing to work towards an exceptional teaching experience. The cost and promotion offers provided were top notch and any problems or concerns with pricing and payment were alleviated quickly and sufficiently.

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Yes, I recommend this program

So happy I found this!

So I have been looking at online TEFL courses for a few years now and couldn’t find one I wanted to commit to. I was worried after being out of school so long that I would struggle and not be able to finish. I have to say that Joc and Whit have done an absolutely amazing job with this TEFL course. It was very relatable and they explained everything so well, with many real life experiences. Anytime I had an issue or was stuck I just emailed them and they were very prompt to get back to me and super helpful right away. I also really enjoyed the classroom observations that they had for us to watch. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone thinking about taking their TEFL. You won’t be disappointed! I’m so glad I found their course!

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Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL from the Professionals

As the name states, it's TEFL by the Professionals...
- Quality content delivered from the outset, e.g. Welcome Pack, Activity Guide, Interview & Resume Guide,
- Preparation for every Module with a thought-provoking 'Before You Watch' worksheet,
- Solid, practical knowledge in the 'Unit Overview' documents,
- Fly-on-the-wall education via the many 'Classroom Observation Videos' of real-life classes,
- 'Assignments' that are formally graded, and ultimately compile a personal Portfolio,
- Assessment of each Module using a 'Quiz' format to gauge/control progress,
- Insights and Tips from the field in the valuable 'Trainer Chat' audio recordings,
- A comprehensive, blended learning that teaches you the skills to teach EFL,
...as the name states, it's TEFL from the Professionals!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Alternative to Classroom Learning

This is a great way to study and obtain your TEFL certificate if you are on the move or can't commit to a classroom-based course. It was easy to create an account and start learning. I was able to fit in the lessons, portfolio work and online tests around my schedule, doing it all at my own pace, completing an entire module one day and then taking a break for several days at a time when I was busy. The course material is clear with written and video instruction, including many classroom teaching videos so you can see the learning in practice. The site is clear and easy to use with progress tracked. TEFLPros were quick to answer any emails so I felt supported when I needed it. Once uploaded, I received clear feedback on my portfolio assignments. All-in-all, a great way to learn and improve my skills. IThanks, TEFLPros!

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