Plan My Gap Year - Volunteer in Ghana from $375
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Plan My Gap Year - Volunteer in Ghana from $375

PMGY offers 2-week to 6-month volunteering opportunities in the ancient capital of Kumasi. Volunteers get involved in a wide-range of project work including English teaching, orphanage care, medical electives, mental health & psychology and working with special needs children.

Our programmes in Kumasi run throughout the year. We have two start dates every month so you decide when you go and how long you go for.

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- And of course PMGY's round the clock UK support service - It's what we're famous for!

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Going an African country for the first time in my life during the winter holidays

Ghana was the first African state I travelled to. Prior to the trip, I was full of awe and wonder at the same time somewhat nervous to embark on this life changing trip to the peaceful African country. All PMGY staff in Ghana was extremely helpful. The programme coordinator Seth made me feel incredibly welcomed even before I arrived! Whenever you need someone to speak to or are caught in a difficult situation Seth will respond to Facebook messages and phone calls at an instant. Other PMGY staffs, Kwame and Sofia are both very friendly, they made you feel very comfortable while living in the house. I recommend you to eat the red red beans and Plantin made by Sofia, they are delicious! My trip was cut short because of family commitments however, this did not stop me enjoy my short time in Ghana. Even with the short time in Ghana, it was a sad and difficult goodbye.

The orphanage experience was amazing! it was made me appreciate how good my life was and made me notice that it is the smallest and unnoticeable things in our life that is in fact the most important in theirs. Helping out at the orphanage has been an unforgettable and worth every second of my life experience.

Christmas in Ghana! Christmas in Ghana is not celebrated in the same manner to the UK, nevertheless, the PMGY staffs try their hardest to make you feel at home during Christmas, such as, putting up Christmas trees, decoration around the house, watching Christmas movies and sing songs.

How can this program be improved?

The orientation could include the culture centre :)

Yes, I recommend

Ghana Medical Experience - Best 3 weeks ever!

Spent 3 weeks with the PMGY Ghana team from 19/06/2016-10/07/2016 and it was one of the best experiences of my life! I took part in the medical programme, which was amazing! So so eye opening, and a massive culture shock. All the medical staff were very welcoming and friendly and we're happy to answer any questions you had about anything at all. Due to the fact not being medically trained, the placement was largely observational but you get out what you put in, the more questions you ask the more you learn! The ONLY small negative I have is that the hospital was very slow placed with lots of waiting around but that's just the Ghanaian culture and something you have to get used to! Seth and the PMGY Ghana team (Rex, Sofia, Adjowa and Maria) were amazing and made the trip that bit more special. They all did their best to make you feel safe and welcome at all times. All the team, particularly Seth, did everything in his power to help you, whether you found something distressing at placement or were unwell Seth would do all he could to resolve the problem no matter the time of day! My only regret is that I didn't decide to stay for longer!! I would recommend the company PMGY and Ghana to anyone :D

How can this program be improved?

Make sure the bathroom facilities are working during busy times!

Yes, I recommend

Ghana 2016

I returned this year for 4 weeks with PMGY in Ghana after spending 4 weeks there in 2014. I didn't know that it was possible for the experience to get even better the second time around! I spent my time volunteering on the orphanage project. My time in Ghana was both an incredible and eye opening one and being able to help and care for such sweet children at the orphanage is an immensely rewarding experience. Not only were the projects great but I have made so many life long friends thanks to PMGY! The PMGY staff were great from start to finish, Josh and Philip were always quick to answer any queries before the trip. Seth and the rest of the staff at the volunteer house would always go out of their way to ensure that you are comfortable with everything and having the best time possible, no request is too much to ask! From the weekend trips to Cape Coast to the Mole National Park - Ghana has so much to offer! I would highly recommend PMGY for an amazing and affordable trip!

Yes, I recommend

My trip to ghana

I spent 3 of the most interesting weeks of my life in Ghana. I volunteered in the medical placement and it was vastly different in practice compared to anything comparable I've witnessed in the UK, it showed me a whole different side to how medial care is practised around the world, this placement is so much more than that. You are not only let into a hospital you are let into Ghanaian culture and life as well as Seth's home. When you embrace it and throw yourself into this adventure you get a truly unforgettable experience with some amazing people that i can not recommend more.

Yes, I recommend

My Time In Ghana

I visited Kumasi in Ghana for 1 month over the summer of 2016. I chose to volunteer with PMGY after a recommendation from a friend on their medical placement, and I also had the opportunity to visit the children in Kumasi children's home as part of the orphanage placement. I travelled on my own, but had the opportunity to meet many other volunteers of a similar age whilst I was there, with whom I have made life-long friends! As a Biomedical student it was an incredible opportunity to be able to spend time in many different wards in the hospital in Kumasi. The doctors and nurses that worked there were lovely, they were always so pleasant and welcoming and were always helpful in answering questions and getting to know the Ghanian way of life. On placement, you have the opportunity to observe a variety of patients in A&E, maternity, surgery, ultrasound and more. Outside of placement, you will have the opportunity to spend time with other volunteers as well as the staff there on PMGY, including Seth. Seth was there to help from start to finish, and I think most volunteers would agree that it wouldn't have been the same experience without him! Along with the rest of the PMGY team, he took us fellow volunteers to see much of Kumasi, including the amazing market, as well as trips outside of Kumasi to the likes of Cape Coast and Mole National Park for a safari. The PMGY team make you feel right at home, and I always felt safe no matter where I was or what I was doing. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone that is interested, and in a few years time I hope that I will be visiting again. Thank you PMGY for an amazing month!

Yes, I recommend
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My time in Ghana

My name is Genine Collings, I am 23 years old from Ontario Canada and I was a volunteer in Kumasi Ghana. My experience in Ghana was an amazing one. I met many great locals and volunteers who all wanted to make a positive difference in someones life. Being in Ghana gave me the opportunity to venture outside of my comfort zone. I never expected to be apart of such a welcoming team who made me realize I am much stronger, smarter, and more brave than I could have ever imagined. The moment I arrived at the PMGY volunteer house I felt at home and there was never a time that I felt uncomfortable or out of place. The coordinators, staff, and all the volunteers helped make Ghana my home. Although my stay was for a short two weeks, I was able to see and experience the most amazing sites, people and make the most amazing friends. These memories will last me a lifetime thanks to PMGY.
The placement I chose was to help teach at a school in Kumasi. I am extremely happy for choosing this placement because the teachers taught me different teaching methods and how to effectively teach each child in the classroom. I was also able to move around to different classrooms and teach whatever grade I preferred. The class I ended up teaching most of the time left a great impact on me and it broke my heart to say goodbye to all the grateful and wonderful students. Everyday you walk into the school, every student is welcoming and very happy to see you. They are playful, funny and will keep you smiling all day long. There were no bad days while at the school because the staff and children never ceased to warm your heat with their friendly welcoming arms.
Ghana is an amazing place to visit and there are so many hidden beauties that I never expected to see. The PMGY staff took us to see the most beautiful places in Ghana which was not even the half of it. Ghana is a beautiful country with very friendly residents who always seemed very happy to meet you wherever you went. I would definitely love to go back to Ghana and would recommend anyone to visit this beautiful country.

-Genine Collings

Yes, I recommend

Ghana is great!

I really enjoyed my time in Ghana, the house was lovely and all the PMGY staff were brilliant - we even went to one of their weddings while we were out! I found the country fascinating and it had such a friendly, safe atmosphere - in two weeks of independent travel before meeting PMGY we didn't have any issues at all (largely thanks to the Bradt guide to Ghana), and the PMGY trip to mole national park was well organised and fun! The placements themselves were all amazing - the hospital allows you access to everywhere if you know who to ask (and Seth does!), the children at the orphanage are so so sweet, and my two weeks of teaching at the school weren't nearly enough. I really recommend this trip if you're looking for a taste of Africa - my only regret is not staying longer!

Yes, I recommend
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Trip of a lifetime!

Words really can't describe the way you will feel and I feel about pmgy Ghana. Everyone seems to write purely about the projects so I'm going to try and take a different approach.. Keep an open mind for me, Although will probably fail, just bare with me :)
(Please please please read full review on Facebook - plan my gap year)

So the first thing I will say READ THE HANDBOOK but also.. do not over things, trust me when I say. Do not over think, from malaria tablets, packing, to flying by yourself, to your whole trip. Take a deep breath and go with an open mind when they say this in the hand book they really mean it, ya no don't go with expectations it will really help your trip reach full potential, be most enjoyable and help you to embrace the Ghanaian way of life. It will give you and your mind the opportunity to be open and welcoming to anything and everything you do, see and experience I honestly can't stress this enough! I volunteered in the orphanage, visited the disabled house within the orphanage, regularly went to the school and made a couple trips to the hospitals. I my self personally felt I was really prepared for this trip mentally, and I was right you expect the unexpected and it truly helped I was able to absorb the Ghanaian life to its full potential. It is AMAZING. Ghana is a beautiful beautiful beautiful country full off loving caring humans where ever you turn, with a face full of smiles, giggles, care and always a lovely compliment for you. They have the ability to make you feel so welcome and good all from complete strangers I've never felt anything like it it was eye opening. I am going to be honest in saying you will get a lot off attention in the dusty roads of kronum but it's most definitely not something to shy away from, embrace it! Embrace the attention you get, yes it may feel too much sometimes but don't over think they mean no harm, its the wonder they have about you, the questions they ask you, the conversations people will have you the kids that shout at you and look so happy by having you wave back to them because I can assure you walking through the streets of England i don't get that any more haha! Take the time to learn twi, take in the culture it will get you a lot of respect and get you a long way in Ghana the locals love it. The moment you turn around and say even small small as 'medase' or 'etesen' or 'eye' the reaction is priceless, a English person speaking twi.. Whaaaaaat!
Briefly - Colby and Seth were fab! Colby is just a beautiful inspiring and strong women who for me made the most impact on my whole trip. She was so welcoming, loving and caring and really did help my practically, emotionally and with all aspects of the trip, heart of gold and a true honest friendship was made. Seth is the man fo all you need to know about Ghana and his friend cobbinah will be your trusting friend for life. Massive love to you all.

Yes, I recommend

Ghana - June 2014! You won't regret taking a trip with PMGY.

PMGY really care for you, the best experience of my life in Ghana. Met some amazing people and I will never forget my trip. Highly recommended :)

Make the most of every experience including; working with the children, visiting the markets, seeing the elephants, feeding monkeys, touching crocodiles, walking on the high canopy's of Kahkum National Park and making friends for life.

The PMGY team are amazing and won't disappoint.

Book your trip today!

How can this program be improved?


Yes, I recommend
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Great Program Staff and a Fun Experience.

The program staff are incredibly helpful, and ensure you get everything you need. Kumasi is a fantastic city and volunteering with the children is incredibly rewarding. The heat takes a while to get used too but after a while it is no problem. This program is great for getting a taste of life in Kumasi and the experience is eye opening. It is incredible to be able to meet and live with wonderful people from all over the world! I can't recommend this program enough.

Yes, I recommend

My life changing month in Ghana

I went to Ghana last summer for 4 weeks and it was the most incredible experience of my life! Words can't really explain the feeling you get knowing your volunteering helping others. Seth and colby were amazing they become second parents your African mum and dad they take such good care and do there absolute best to insure all volunteers are comfortable and happy in their stay they go beyond to make sure everything is perfect! Nothing can prepare you for the emotions you gave once you get out there weather you decide to go on the medical project or the orphanage project it's just an experience which really makes you realise and appreciate everything in life! You share a house with some amazing people you create really special friendships that last a lifetime you make some amazing memories with some of the most loving people in Africa. Being in Ghana was so refreshing it was just such a positive happy atmosphere everywhere you go the people are all so friendly and make you feel so warm and welcome where you go! The trips you can go on the weekends are also incredible visiting cape coast, the safari and much more! Seriously had the best time ever and would seriously recommend to anyone weather it's 2 weeks or 4months it's something you would never regret personally I'd recommend that you go longer than 2 weeks because there is so much to do in Ghana the longer your there the more you get to bond with people get a real feel of there culture and feel even more like you apart of one big family. Volunteering in Ghana is so rewarding it's just amazing and everyone should do it! Defiantly be returning this year myself so get yourself to Ghana you'd be crazy not too!

Yes, I recommend

Plan My Gap Year - Ghana Orphanage Volunteer

I have done the PMGY Ghana orphanage project. First of shoutout to Gad, a member of the UK team who pretty much filled in my application form and advised what to do, he even follows up with you after your chat! Now onto Ghana, where do I even begin? Seth and Colby are helpful and funny people, so there's no problem getting along with them, they're very open people and will always have their door opened for a chat! If you don't feel like chatting, play with their adorable baby Flora! They are helpful from picking you up from the airport to guiding your way to the projects and finding the seamstress (Colby draws maps, just get her to explain them or you may get abit lost haha). Their house always felt like home and the girls I came with made it even better! Now onto the orphanage, you get what you put in. I loved chatting to the older girls to helping out with the baby boys and playing with the older kids. You do really see the Ghanian way and it really is an eye opener. Even though my experience was only 2 weeks, there's never been a passing day that I don't think about my time there. Thanks to everyone who was a part of that experience!

Yes, I recommend

Best 2 Weeks of My Life!

I only spent 2 weeks in Ghana with the PMGY team, but I wish I'd have booked to stay at least another 2 weeks more. Time flew by, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of each day. I spent most of my time doing the orphanage project (where I fell in love with the gorgeous kids) but also got to spend a day in the school and a day at the hospital, all amazing experiences.
Thanks to Phillip and Josh for making things so easy and smooth before I travelled to Ghana.
Seth, Sophia, Rex, Maria, Roland my little man, and all the PMGY team made me feel so at home in Ghana, they were extremely accommodating and Seth, I couldn't have asked for a better coordinater, you were amazing. Keep on doing what you're doing, because there's no one better at it than you! (P.S. Thanks for my chicken )
I made some friends and memories I will treasure forever on this trip, and I've learnt so much from my time in Ghana.
Because of what an amazing time I've had, I hope to do another volunteering project soon.
Thanks Seth and the PMGY team!

Yes, I recommend
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My time in Ghana with PMGY

I have just come back from spending a month in this amazing country. It's been one of the best experiences of my life, and I had a blast! I loved meeting all the different volunteers from all walks of life :) I volunteered at the orphanage and school teaching children English and maths, and it was the best experience I've had. The children are absolutely beautiful and all so sweet. Staying in the house with Seth and Colby was great, they are both so welcoming and kind hearted people. Seth is amazing co-ordinator, he'd do anything for his volunteers and go out of his way to ensure you are having the best time. Definitely go to this worth while programme you will not regret it. It's worth every penny, you will meet some amazing people and change a child's life. Thank you guys for everything once again

Yes, I recommend
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My time in Ghana: July 2016

I spent 3 weeks in Ghana doing the orphanage placement. Seth opened up his home and allowed us to stay in his volunteer house. Due to him and his team being so friendly they made me feel like part of the family and I always felt like if I had any problems I could discuss it with them. They always put the volunteers before themselves and focus entirely on making your trip the best that it can be.
The placement at Kumasi children's home was incredible. I met so many children that I wanted to bring home. It was interesting to see the cultural differences in the caring for children in the UK and Ghana. Due to disabled children also living at the orphanage you can gain a broad set of experiences.
I feel like even though I was only there for 3 weeks I had the opportunity to make long lasting changes by painting rooms in the orphanage and the school.
I feel like I made everyday in Ghana count as I did both the mole national park trip and the cape coast trip. At the mole national park I went on my first ever safari and got very close to the elephants, fed the monkeys at the monkey sanctuary, saw the oldest mosque in Africa and went swimming in the waterfalls. I also took part in a village day where I got to experience a day in the life of the village. This was eye opening as it is completely different to anything I have seen in the UK.
On the cape coast trip I saw the slave castles, stroked a crocodile, completed the canopy tree top walk and had an amazing surf lesson where even though it was my first time surfing I managed to stand up on the board several times. I also got to spend my last 2 nights of my trip staying on the beach.
I would recommend PMGY Ghana to anyone who wants to volunteer as both the Ghana team and the U.K. Team make you feel safe throughout with providing information and contact with you both before, during and after. I want to go back as soon as possible and I'm pretty sure anyone thinking of going would feel the exact same after coming home.

I would also just like to say thanks once again to both the UK and Ghana team but especially to Seth who made my trip unforgettable.

Yes, I recommend

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