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Plan My Gap Year - Volunteer in Ghana from $375

PMGY offers 2-week to 6-month volunteering opportunities in the ancient capital of Kumasi. Volunteers get involved in a wide-range of project work including English teaching, orphanage care, medical electives, mental health & psychology and working with special needs children.

Our programmes in Kumasi run throughout the year. We have two start dates every month so you decide when you go and how long you go for.

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- And of course PMGY's round the clock UK support service - It's what we're famous for!

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Ghana psychiatric unit

I really enjoyed my time in the PMGY ghana house, I made lots of wonderful friends and got to explore some of ghana with the most amazing staff team! On days off we were always given options of things to do by the in house staff such as the culture centre, market etc. and were generally either taken there or shown how to get there (which we always felt safe doing by ourselves as the tro tros were quite easy to use). The biggest challenge was dealing with the lack of running water but we all managed to deal with that quite quickly. it was really fun being able to live with so many people and play games every evening to chill out after placement.
The trips to cape coast and mole national park were amazing, it was incredible to be able to see so much of a different country and i really enjoyed the surfing lesson. it was really fun being able to do something recreational and getting some fabulous experiences along side my friends.
I enjoyed the placement and tried to get as much out of it as possible, i learnt a lot from the nurses who were very willing to explain to us what was going on. However the psychiatric unit was disappointing as the nurses and patients spoke in the native language to each other ( as expected i guess), which made it difficult to understand what was going on and to make a positive contribution. the nurses did their best to explain what was happening but we weren't left with much opportunity to participate and do things. we also went out with the community outreach nurses into the local community to promote mental health and reduce stigma which was really interesting to learn about how little the public knew about mental health. again there was not much english spoken here so it was difficult to understand and contribute to the discussions. overall the placement was positive and i learnt a lot but i feel i was limited by the language barrier.
I really enjoyed the whole experience, and it was really sad to leave everybody behind when i had to go home. it is definitely an experience that I won't be forgetting any time soon.

How can this program be improved?

metal bunk beds
running water
english speaking hospital program

Yes, I recommend
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PMGY Ghana

I have just recently returned from Ghana, where I spent four weeks. I can honestly say it was one of the most amazing and incredible things I have ever experienced.
Throughout my time there, I volunteered at two hospitals in Ghana in their psychiatric units as I was on the mental health programme. However, in the last week I spent a lot of time at the school as well. I really appreciated the flexibility and the opportunity to spend time and help such extraordinary children.
The mental health programme allowed me to learn so much about how they diagnose and treat psychological and psychiatric disorders. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience that I couldn't have gained in the UK.
I couldn't have felt more comfortable in the volunteer house, and while the water/power cuts could be annoying. However, it was never for long, and accommodations were made for that. The staff at the house were amazing, and could not have been more helpful or available. I never once felt unsafe, and always felt secure.
I highly recommend this experience and PMGY to anyone.

Yes, I recommend
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Life changing experience

I am really happy that I have volunteered to help and doing something good for the kids at the school , to see their faces lighting up when they see you and so eager to learn and so interested in what you have to say. They even will pul you into their class and they were so smart that I didn't have to work so hard in teaching them. I loved every moment with them and I will be back next year, I miss them so much

Yes, I recommend
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Truly a Life Changing Experience

Upon booking this trip I was extremely nervous, as I have never traveled alone before. However, from the start, I was never actually alone. The PMGY team were always eager to answer any questions and answered my emails/returned my phone calls promptly. They ensured that everything ran smoothly from the airport pick up, to transportation, food, (etc.). The second I got off the plane and exited the airport, I was greeted by smiling, friendly faces. Seth, Dennis, and Florence helped me with exchanging money, activating my SIM card, and anything else that I may have needed assistance with.
Everyone in the volunteer house is like one big family. The house is surrounded by a gate and has an outside patio space, kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and several bedrooms as well as a living room and dinning room area. There are many group activities to partake in, but one is always free to go out and explore on their own adventure if they wish to do so! I found that I was never bored while staying in Ghana, as there was always something to do.
I volunteered at the Manhyia District Hospital in the Emergency and Surgery Ward, and also assisted teachers at the school placement as well. Both placements were extremely rewarding. I got to watch multiple surgeries, and the doctors actually gave me a lesson or two during the procedure and explained step by step what they were doing to the patient. It was a brilliant learning experience. In the emergency ward, there was more hands on work. I got to take patients vital signs, assess patients, and assist nurses with whatever they needed! The school placement was filled with vibrant energy, and the children I got to meet were unforgettable. You are able to teach the children your own lesson that you have constructed, and interact with them one on one. The teachers at the school love the volunteers and really do appreciate the help.
Overall, Ghana with PMGY was an incredible experience. I have come back home a different person, with a different perspective. I am forever grateful for the friends I have made, the people I have met, the experiences I've had, and the memories I've made. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who wants to travel! PMGY makes you feel right at home, and ensures that you are safe at all times and have no complications during your trip. It was a wonderful experience!

Yes, I recommend

Disabled children placement

I spent four weeks in Ghana, on the Disabled children placement.
It was a great experience, from the start we were guided around until confident to travel alone. Even when travelling alone the local community are so helpful and friendly; from telling you which stop to get off for the next minibus, to letting you know your bag is open in the market. There was never a reason to feel unsafe during my time in Ghana.

For the placement itself once I was able to recognise the routine of the children's home it became easier to be productive and make a good impact. The home seems understaffed so being able to help with washing clothes, changing nappies, and giving so more attention to a child who's usually left to their own devices does make a positive difference. w
Whether it's chatting or singing with them, exercising their arms and legs to encourage mobility, there's always something to be done.

In addition to working in the children's home I was given the oppurtunity to contribute at the School; I paid school term fees for a number of students and helped towards their end of term party.

The PMGY team in Ghana were really supportive and hardworking, and help you to let of steam at the end of a tiring day or week.
I wish I could have stayed longer as they have created a home environment for us volunteers, and continually took our needs into consideration, seeing what they could change to make our stay better. They also told is about the differences in Ghana, and encouraged us not to be wasteful, for example concerning water and food.

I would recommend Pmgy Ghana to anyone and hope to return. Come with an open mind and acknowledge that many of the norms which are taken for granted in the developed world are luxuries here and appreciate how people work around it. It may take a few days to adjust but it's worth it.

Yes, I recommend
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Unforgettable & Lifechanging

Firstly, from the start of my experience when I signed up with PMGY , the U.K staff (Philip & Josh) were most helpful. Together, they were on hand , on a daily basis (via email) to answer all my queries. The sign up process was made simple and every question I had was answered prompt and honest. I then made contact with Seth (the company coordinator in Ghana) via facebook, and he also answered every query I had leading up to my trip. Already, even before arriving at Ghana to volunteer I felt at ease that I would be looked after.

The staff in Ghana are all amazing people. You become part of a family. All of which are on hand 24 hours a day as you all live together in the same house during your stay.

The safety elements during your placement in Kumasi is the teams utmost importance. It actually surprised me how safe of a country Ghana is, so although you can assured that the team has your safety as a number one priority, this is not something that is an issue. Ghana is one safe friendly county. You will not only be looked after by the team, but also by the local Ghanaians. Never once throughout my stay did I feel unsafe. It was like home from home to me. Far safer than even being at home in the U.K in my opinion.

The placements offer so much experience and opportunities. Those of which you can not gain in the UK. For example, during my mental health placement at Tafo District, I was able to write out patient prescriptions for the nurses. You gain so much hands on experience which will have a huge impact on your life forever.

Mental Health project lets you have an insight on how mental health patients are treated. In the UK you could ever gain an insight like you can in Ghana. Medial staff are friendly and are really helpful with any questions that you may have.

The school/teaching project is most enjoyable. You will engage in very close relationships with the children, the teachers and even the children's parents. I was lucky enough on my last weekend to go to one of the family's home and take their 3 children out on my own. The Ghanaian community are most friendly I've met in my whole life. I've gained a new family for life.

I am confident that after completing my placement at both Mental Health and School/teaching, I have made a huge impact into various lives. Returning back home to the UK is sad, but Its also and incredible feeling knowing you have touched the lives of so many people who can stay in touch with and be a part of their life forever.

Food is amazing. I love embracing in local cultures of any country I visit, and Ghana has been my favorite by far. From learning to african dance, make african food, to getting tailored african outfits made at such a low cost, it made my trip even more enjoyable than I could of imagined.

How can this program be improved?

No improvemnts needed.

Yes, I recommend

PMGY Ghana

When people have asked me how my time in Ghana was, I have found it really hard to put it into words. I have experienced emotions which I have never experienced before, been introduced to a new culture, become more confident in myself and I have made friends for life.

The volunteer house itself is what I expected with around 6 volunteers per room which enabled me to become really close to numerous people. The living and dining area is spacious so all of the volunteers were able to sit together and participate in activities which also helped our group to become even closer. Although often having no running water came as a shock, I surprisingly really enjoyed the bucket showers.

My time at the orphanage was an experience which I will never forget. Although at the beginning of my three weeks I found it hard to know what I was able to do at the orphanage and after the initial shocks of how the house mothers treated the children, I soon settled in and felt able to contribute in ways that enabled me to make a difference. As my time progressed at the orphanage, I found myself becoming more confident in myself and became much more involved. I painted the disabled girls' room along with a couple of other volunteers and transformed their dark and dull room into a light, pretty, girly room which was greatly appreciated by the house mother and the children. Some of the children at the orphanage have completely stolen my heart and I plan on visiting them again in the future. The children at the orphanage have taught me a very important lesson as they all were so positive, enthusiastic and happy despite them having absolutely nothing.

The staff at PMGY Ghana have been absolutely amazing. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive, caring and enthusiastic team to spend my three weeks with. Whenever I needed advice or help Seth or Flo were always there to help. As this was my first time volunteering abroad I was a bit apprehensive before I came as I thought I might feel out of my comfort zone, however, the staff really helped to make everyone feel at home as soon as they stepped foot in the volunteer house. I felt so safe during my time in Ghana, there was never a time that I felt anxious or worried about safety aspects.

Overall, I have had the most amazing experience of my life and I cannot recommend volunteering in Ghana enough. I believe that it has changed me for the better and I have learnt a lot of important life lessons.

Yes, I recommend
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PMGY Ghana

I have recently returned home from three weeks in Ghana with PMGY.
I loved my three weeks in Ghana, I can honestly say I've made friends for life. After arriving off the plane and arriving at the hostel we were met by staff at Pmgy before arriving at the hostel for the night.
The volunteer house is easy to settle into with bunk beds and lockers for personal belongings. The living room has a TV and the dining room is large and good to play games in. I found myself enjoying the bucket showers which were welcomed after a long hot day.
Placement is overwhelming but amazing and the children will steal your hearts as they did mine. I was shocked to have found myself so attached the the children so soon but with their charm and smiles they make any day a good day. The orphanage was hard for me at first but after finding my feet I was confident to roam around and find jobs to do. The school is so amazing, the children will be overjoyed to see new people and they love singing and dancing! I would definitely recommend visiting both.
The staff are helpful and are happy to help arrange any excursions you're interested in.
Overall I would recommend this amazing oppertunity and I've returned home with a lot more perspective on the little things. I would love to visit the children again and see how they've grown.

How can this program be improved?

I think that a little more insight on life at the volunteer house e.g. Food and bathroom situation and bedroom would be useful in preparing new volunteers.

Yes, I recommend
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I cannot put into words how amazing my time was in Ghana. The past two months have been absolutely incredible and life changing. I have come back so thankful that I got to experience what I did and it has changed my outlook completely. I loved my time in Ghana and I cannot thank the PMGY team enough.
I did the teaching project and the orphanage project and loved both! I fell in love with the children from day one and the bounds formed with them I will never forget. I would teach at the school in the mornings and then volunteer in the orphanage in the afternoon and I'm thankful that i was able to do both projects as they have taught me so much. Both projects are completely different experiences but each were equally rewarding and I felt like I was helping at both. Whilst at times it was challenging, the fulfilling feeling you got from helping the children and seeing them happy made it easier. The attitude that the kids have is inspiring and seeing their smiling faces has really taught me not to take anything for granted. They constantly stayed positive and happy and I feel blessed that I got to work with them. I will honestly always remember them and everything they have taught me. Leaving both projects was incredibly difficult and probably one of the hardest things i've had to do. I miss the Kids so much and think of them everyday, they have made such an impact on my life.
Not only is the projects amazing but so are the PMGY Ghana team. They are incredibly hard working and helpful and this experience wouldn't of been the same without them. Seth and Flo will do anything to help and go out of their way to ensure you are enjoying yourself and having a good time. Flo is a shinning star and to me the heart of the house. She is constantly upbeat and cheerful and its impossible to be anything but happy when around her. Whilst also working at the school herself, she also helps volunteers in any way possible and I never felt out of my depths at the school as she was always there to make sure everything was ok. I also need to mention the two best chefs Kristy and Cindy for the delicious food they cooked for us everyday. Not only that though they too were so upbeat and happy that it was just lovely to be around them. They created such a fun atmosphere in the house. Often you'd come home from project feeling tired but it was nice to come back to their liveliness and chat about our days or have a little dance. I consider all of them friends and I feel lucky to of meet them. Also not to miss out Roland, Dennis, Kwami and prince, a massive thank you for making this time so great. All the team made me feel so welcome from day one and it did feel like one big family. I never once felt alone as I knew I could always have someone to go to. By the end of my time in Ghana it felt more like a second home. Also to all my fellow volunteer a massive thank you to all of you for making this trip so special, I love you all!
I never felt unsafe throughout my whole stay in Ghana, and I always knew if I needed help the locals were always more than happy to help with what you need. I've fallen in love the country and the culture, whilst its very different to back in the uk, its so interesting to see and experience. What i have found most inspiring is the happiness of everyone you meet, even people who are struggling keep a smile on their face and I think that's truly amazing! I would 100% recommend PMGY Ghana! The memories I have from Ghana I will cherish forever and Ghana will always have a special place in my heart! I will definitely be returning.

Yes, I recommend
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William Tennant - Ghana 2017

It's difficult to put into words how my time in Ghana has been.

From arriving at Kotoka Airport to spending the night in the Pink Hostel then arriving at the volunteer house in Kronum, all of which were experiences in themselves, I knew I was going to be spending my time with an incredible bunch of people.

The volunteer house is as you can imagine. Lots of bedrooms, a communia dining room. I think this aided in us becoming a closer group in some way. The food was a culture shock, obviously, and I'm still unsure about some of it, but Christie and Cindy do a great job, as does Flo, Dennis and of course Seth!

My placement was incredible. I worked in the Emergency Unit and made some great friends with the nurses. It was hard at times - myself and another volunteer found a woman in cardiac arrest in the car park of the hospital and despite doing everything we could in the Emergency Unit we couldn't save her. The EU team is very welcoming and supportive, and we were able to chat about what happened.

The most difficult time I had on my trip was saying goodbye to people who I became so close to. For three weeks we worked, ate, travelled and shared rooms with eachother and to have to say goodbye to them one day was really difficult.

I'd definitely recommend PMGY to people, and especially the medical programme.

Yes, I recommend

PMGY Ghana - June

I have recently returned from a 4 week placement with PMGY Ghana where i worked both at the teaching placement and the childrens home. Both placements were absolutely incredible and something i couldn't reccomend highly enough, the school is incredible and the children are amazing to work with and it's great to see them eager to learn! Aswell as the orphanage, it is an amazing experience there and again the children and wonderful and there smiles will fill you with joy! My time in Ghana was the best time of my life, the culture and people make every penny worth it and i would reccomend traveling to Ghana as it is amazing! I can't wait to be returning next year!

How can this program be improved?

Only improvements would be more support from staff at the orphanage.

Yes, I recommend
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PMGY Ghana

My time here in ghana has been beyond amazing. During my last 3 weeks in Ghana, I have encountered a wide rage of experiences, opportunities and eye opening insights, which willl remain with me forever. Everyday in ghana has been a different day which has made this trip so delightful and fun. I'm extremly happy that I made the choice to come and volunteer in ghana, as the people here are always happy and kind, the culture is different and welcoming and overall the volunteers that I've met have turn out to be more than just but friends but more like family.

The medical placement where I was volunteering, has made my time here in ghana feel like I made a difference. The majority of the time at the hospital I observed the doctors, nurses and surgeons, however from these observations i managed to learn a lot which may not have been volunteering in a direct manner but it surely made me aware of many things.

The staff in ghana are lovely, supportive and extremely friendly. They've made me feel like I've been at home for the past 3 weeks. I appreciate everything that they do and I'm very grateful for them being there for all of us.

Personally, I think Ghana is a safe country to visit and volunteer as everyone is so friiendly and welcoming and I've had no issues.

I loveeeee ghanaaaa

Yes, I recommend
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June 2017 - Medical Programme

Since arriving to Ghana there hasnt been a single day that I have regreted signing up for the programme. It has been an extraordinary experience as well as rewarding in many ways. Ghabna has change me as a person and enable me to realise how privileged I am and how many aint that lucky.
Altghough at first I was sceptical about my placement as it didnt feel like I was helping, I was able to combine it with the school programme which gave me the opputunity to help. The medical placement is fantastic and I would honestly not fault the program itself. the medical professiuonals were always ready to share their knowledge with you and challenge your understanding and views of medicine. Truly enjoyed myself and Im glad I cameas I was able to witness things (eg. surgeriers) that I probably wouldnt be able to back in the UK.
Staff were great! From the minute we stepped in to this country to the minute we left. Never felt alone, or in any way lost because wherever and whatever i neede4d i would have somebody.
Ghana is very safe all the locals love obronis and like in any other country you have that odd episode taht a purse gets stolen but honestly Ghana is SAFE! I would defenetly recomend Ghana, you are going to have the best time of yoyur life! A special shout to Dennis for helping me so much, he has defenatly changed my experience since I have been here. He was always ready to help, buy anything that I wanted/needed, take me to placement until I was sure of my way ect.

How can this program be improved?

How can this program be improved?
Possibly cheaper programmes.
I know it's hard but maybe avoid having conversations in twi in front of volunteers as we dont really know what is being said and although is probably nothing is just nicer if we could understand it.

Yes, I recommend
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Ghana Summer 2017

I have just spent a life changing 3 weeks in Ghana with PMGY and couldn't have asked for a better organisation to do volunteer work with. As a 17 year old, I was quite apprehensive about travelling all the way to Africa on my own. However, in hindsight there was no need to worry at all - it was as fun, eye opening and educational as I could have ever hoped for. I took part in the orphanage program which was very emotional at times but extremely rewarding when you make a child smile or you make a mother's job that little bit easier. Despite the initial culture shock I experienced at the beginning, I overcame that and began to learn more about myself and the country which has opened my eyes an awful lot. The kids are great and become your own little friends which makes it so much harder to leave them but only goes to show the amazing relationship you are building with them, showing that you are making a positive difference. As for the staff that work in the volunteer house, they are all truly amazing. Each and every one of them gives 100% and more to make sure you feel happy during your stay. I cannot fault any member of staff, Seth, Flo, Dennis, Kristy and Cindy are your friends and really do make you feel like you are part of a family. They are a huge part of my experience because of the many laughs and happy moments I've had with them during the 3 weeks. Safety is not an issue to worry about whilst in Ghana, even though, to admit I was a bit concerned to start with. However, I had no reason to, I felt very safe during my time in Ghana and not once did I feel in danger. I must say though, the tro tro drivers can be a bit crazy but you get used to it haha! I would 100% recommend PMGY to anyone who really wants to make a positive impact in the world because you really do feel like you are with this organisation. PMGY Ghana you have been amazing! Thank you for this opportunity!

Natalie xx

Yes, I recommend

6 weeks with PMGY GHANA

I have just got back from an absolutely amazing and life changing 6 weeks in Ghana. I did both teaching and orphanage programmes and I honestly loved both so much. The children are all beyond happy and just seeing their little smiles put a smile on my face every single day. 6 weeks absolutely flew by and if I could if I would've stayed for way longer- put it this way, I loved it so much I am planning on going back next year.
Each day I travelled to the school in the morning and taught at the school then left to go to the orphanage for the afternoon. Every day came with its own challenges but every day was making a difference. If a day came that was a challenge- the staff at the house and fellow volunteers were there 24/7. I honestly could not recommend PMGY ghana enough! The children are bundles of fun, the staff are absolutely amazing and so friendly, and the general community and vibe is just so vibrant. I can't say a single bad word about it. Before I came I was a little worried about the safety out there, but there was never a single moment I felt unsafe. Everyone is so friendly and the staff will make sure you know how to get around before going out without them.
Thank you so much for such a life changing and extrordinary experience- would honestly recommend PMGY to anyone and everyone!! You won't be disappointed :)

How can this program be improved?

Can't see the programme needing any improvements:)

Yes, I recommend

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