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PMGY offers 2-week to 6-month volunteering opportunities in the ancient capital of Kumasi. Volunteers get involved in a wide-range of project work including English teaching, orphanage care, medical electives, mental health & psychology and working with special needs children.

Our programmes in Kumasi run throughout the year. We have two start dates every month so you decide when you go and how long you go for.

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My time in Ghana with PMGY

I have just come back from spending a month in this amazing country. It's been one of the best experiences of my life, and I had a blast! I loved meeting all the different volunteers from all walks of life :) I volunteered at the orphanage and school teaching children English and maths, and it was the best experience I've had. The children are absolutely beautiful and all so sweet. Staying in the house with Seth and Colby was great, they are both so welcoming and kind hearted people. Seth is amazing co-ordinator, he'd do anything for his volunteers and go out of his way to ensure you are having the best time. Definitely go to this worth while programme you will not regret it. It's worth every penny, you will meet some amazing people and change a child's life. Thank you guys for everything once again

Yes, I recommend this program
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My time in Ghana: July 2016

I spent 3 weeks in Ghana doing the orphanage placement. Seth opened up his home and allowed us to stay in his volunteer house. Due to him and his team being so friendly they made me feel like part of the family and I always felt like if I had any problems I could discuss it with them. They always put the volunteers before themselves and focus entirely on making your trip the best that it can be.
The placement at Kumasi children's home was incredible. I met so many children that I wanted to bring home. It was interesting to see the cultural differences in the caring for children in the UK and Ghana. Due to disabled children also living at the orphanage you can gain a broad set of experiences.
I feel like even though I was only there for 3 weeks I had the opportunity to make long lasting changes by painting rooms in the orphanage and the school.
I feel like I made everyday in Ghana count as I did both the mole national park trip and the cape coast trip. At the mole national park I went on my first ever safari and got very close to the elephants, fed the monkeys at the monkey sanctuary, saw the oldest mosque in Africa and went swimming in the waterfalls. I also took part in a village day where I got to experience a day in the life of the village. This was eye opening as it is completely different to anything I have seen in the UK.
On the cape coast trip I saw the slave castles, stroked a crocodile, completed the canopy tree top walk and had an amazing surf lesson where even though it was my first time surfing I managed to stand up on the board several times. I also got to spend my last 2 nights of my trip staying on the beach.
I would recommend PMGY Ghana to anyone who wants to volunteer as both the Ghana team and the U.K. Team make you feel safe throughout with providing information and contact with you both before, during and after. I want to go back as soon as possible and I'm pretty sure anyone thinking of going would feel the exact same after coming home.

I would also just like to say thanks once again to both the UK and Ghana team but especially to Seth who made my trip unforgettable.

Yes, I recommend this program

Best summer in Ghana

I have spent 6 weeks in Ghana, at the orphanage project. It was an experience I will never ever forget. Plan My Gap Year have been amazing since before I even decided to come they have been so reassuring and helpful even before I’d decided on everything, They have given me so much support in country and at the UK office. Nothing was ever a problem for them! Working in the orphanage was extremely eye opening and rewarding I loved every second of it. It truly is a life changing experience. Aside from the placement the volunteer house was lovely Seth was so welcoming and his support staff are the nicest and most amazing people I have met. I have made so many friends for life, no words can describe how amazing, eye opening and life changing my time in Ghana was. A massive thank you to Seth, the most amazing host ever. From day one I felt so welcomed and at home. Seth is always there for you and goes the extra mile for the volunteers. Seth was available all day every day and nothing was ever an issue. The weekend trips to Mole National Park and Cape Coast where such great value for money and I loved them so so much they were such an amazing break from volunteering. I am already looking at flights to come back again !

Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana 2016

Travelling for the first time, myself and my friend were a little anxious but super excited about volunteering in Ghana. However Josh from PMGY UK team was really helpful with all the prep and any queries we had. Volunteering abroad was something we had always wanted to do and we'd settled with an adventure in Ghana.

Seth, Sophia, Adjoa, Cobbinah and Roland were really helpful and respectful of our religious beliefs (we're Muslims) and really went the extra mile to help us. Cobbinah is definitely the coolest taxi driver and Sophia and Adjoa great cooks! Anywhere you want to be - Cobbinah will sort it! We spent Eid in Ghana without our families for the first time, Seth arranged for us to spend two days with a Muslim friend through which we got understand the culture and really experience Eid in Ghana.

The medical programme was quite an experience and a real eye opener. The nurses/midwives/radiographer allowed us to get involved and were willing to help and answer any questions. Everyone is so friendly, and the patients so appreciative of your time. However prepare yourself for what you may see - we are now so much more appreciative of the healthcare system in our country.

Ghana is such an amazing country and we can not wait to return back! We really got to understand the culture through hanging out with the locals and exploring Kumasi. The locals are so sweet, welcoming and grateful for the time you spend with them. The culture so rich, the people so warm, friendly and grateful. Ever since we have been back we have been sharing our fulfilling experience with so many people and will continue to do so! It doesn't matter what background/religion you are from, with the welcoming team in Ghana you can be reassured that you have a great time in Ghana! Thanks again Seth, Cobbinah and team!

Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering in Ghanaian orphanage

During my two weeks in Ghana I had the most eye opening time, experiencing the the everyday way of life and overall culture of Ghana.
The Pmgy house is very nice and has a good atmosphere with all the volunteers inside. Seth the host is great, very nice guy and more than helpful if you have a problem.
My time at the placements was definitely the best part about the trip. Mostly working in the orphanage I got to know the children and would have fun playing with them and helping with their homework after school. At times it could be quite upsetting due to part of the Ghanaian culture with how they treat children. But on the whole working in the orphanage was very rewarding and made me realise how privileged I was.
My view of Ghana is that it is a very warm and happy country with the people being very excited that we go over to help. There was never any problems regarding my safety and I would recommend anyone to go and experience working in Ghana to give another out look on life.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Ghana- Plan my gap year

What can I say about Ghana and my experience over there?... I came back a week ago and my head is still there, I can’t stop thinking about it and I am constantly sharing my trip with all my friends and family!
My experience was beyond amazing and the reason why is the people. No matter where you are, home, placement or in the street… everybody is extremely friendly, welcoming and they transmit a wonderful happiness.
Specially, I would like to emphasise how great the people is at home; Seth, Sophia, Iowa, Kobbenah, Kofi, Rex, Roland… They are all so helpful but also extremely fun and that is something that I love about the Ghanaian culture… how much they like to joke, laugh, dance… they really know how to love life.
Likewise, the house it’s a great place to stay, it made my whole stay so homey and cosy. I also liked to share it with all the other volunteers, living with your friends and sharing your everyday experiences with them makes the whole trip even more memorable. Moreover, I loved the area in which the house is located as you can find absolutely everything right beside it, food, taxis and even a bar where we liked to go to have a drink and dance with all the kids and people from the area.

Furthermore, I went Ghana to volunteer in the school although I also wanted to go to the orphanage and this was not a problem at all and I was able to compliment both. In the school I had the opportunity to teach a whole class by myself and it is the most rewarding experience. The kids are really willing to learn, no matter what you teach them, they are full of curiosity and passion to pick up new things. I felt that I was really able to make a little impact as you are able to open their minds by teaching things that are new and different for them. The staff in the school as well… they were so grateful to have volunteers around.
Finally, the kids at the orphanage are full of love. it is amazing to spend time with them and get to know them as they will teach you a life lesson.

I am so thankful to have met every single person, to have given a little bit and have received soooo much more from all of them.
If someone is thinking about volunteering, don’t even think about it, do it and it will be the most fulfilling experience of your lives.
See you soon Ghana, me pe wo

Yes, I recommend this program
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Ghana 2016

Hi everybody!
Since I was young I wanted to volunteer abroad but I wasn’t sure about the destination. Finally I decided to go to Ghana, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life.
I spent three weeks doing the orphanage placement and it was UNBELIEVABLE!
I was afraid at first because I didn’t know what to expect. However once I got there I realized that the people working in the volunteer house try to make you feel always at home. They embrace you from minute one.
That's why I fell in love with their personality and culture. Besides, being far away from your friends and family gives you the chance to learn more about yourself and reminds you what you are made of.
I believe that even though sometimes at the orphanage it was tough, it was one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve ever faced before. I promptly realized that our group of volunteers was making a big difference to their lives and our company was a treasure for them.
Personally, I feel so grateful because I had the opportunity to learn a lot from them. I think that their enthusiasm and how they enjoy their time with simple things has helped me to appreciate the little things more. They gave me a life lesson.
I recommend this experience to anyone who wants to live an unforgettable adventure and get to know how helping others can enrich you emotionally and personally.

Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana... A home away from home

I spent 3 weeks in Ghana, Kumasi where I had the best experience of my entire life. When I originally booked to go with PMGY, I had a lot of questions for Josh and Philip the UK team throughout the upcoming months before my trip, they were extremely informative and replied to my emails within a matter of hours. I felt safe knowing that I was going to Ghana well informed on what to expect when I arrive to Kumasi.

When I finally landed in Accra, Ghana I was met by Seth, who was very welcoming and kind, which made me feel at ease about the trip that I had just touched down to experience. Getting to know Seth has been incredible for me, he is the funniest, kindest man I have ever met, and when I think back to Ghana Seth will forever hold a place in my heart, as he helped to make my trip the most enjoyable it could be. I cannot thank him enough for the lengths he went to, to make everybody happy. Seth is truly an inspiration to all and I wish him well for the future with all the plans he has for the volunteer house.

I was on the orphanage placement, for me this was a deeply moving and an eye opening experience. The staff were friendly and the children were so energetic and always wanting to play, I just wish I could've paid them all more attention, and had more one on one time with the kids. Travelling to and from the orphanage was fairly easy once you get the hang of it, it can be daunting at first, but one thing to bare in mind is that you will never been alone, which made me feel incredibly safe about my stay in Kumasi.

Ghana is the most incredible place I have ever been to, I am already looking into going back again next year. The food is nice and the people are all so lovely and welcoming. I honestly wouldn't hesitate to go back to Ghana, I didn't want my 3 weeks to end, I was having way too much fun.

Finally I would like to say thanks to all the PMGY staff and especially to Seth for making my once in a lifetime trip something I will be talking about for the rest of my life. I cannot thank you enough!

Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana 2016 - A Summer To Remember

I spent a month in Ghana and it was by far the best month of my life! The volunteer house is so warm and welcoming. Seth is fantastic and is there for you 24/7 for whatever you need! Regardless of how small your worry or problem is his door is always open for the volunteers. Ghana itself is such a unique and remarkable country, everywhere you go you are greeted by smiling children. The orphanage programme lets you develop inseparable relationships with children regardless of the length of time you are there. I honestly could not recommend PMGY more if you are interested in doing some travelling, they are reliable and trustworthy. Im only just home and already eager to plan my next trip with them!

Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana June-July 2016

I spent a month in Ghana doing the teaching project and had the most amazing time! Right from the moment you get off the plane, Seth is there to introduce you, get you water and help with whatever you need. The volunteer house is so welcoming, friendly and Sophia and Adjua are amazing! The school is the most overwhelming but lovely place - I loved being swarmed by children everyday, and each child really does appreciate the time you give them. It is a completely different atmosphere to what I was used to but I felt instantly welcomed and loved every minute! The trips are honestly once in a lifetime experiences, from experiencing the life of a Ghanian village, being metres away from elephants and even touching a crocodile! I would definitely recommend doing them and would 100% recommend PMGY Ghana - I hope to come back soon!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Two weeks at Kumasi children's home

I spent two weeks in Ghana volunteering at Kumasi Children's home, it truly was the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences I have had. The children really enjoy your company and attention which makes every minute you spend with them count! I could not fault our host Seth he is incredible and the rest of the PMGY Ghana staff who were so helpful and made me feel so at home. Aswell as this they gave me the best insight into life in Ghana, through trying traditional foods, learning Ghanaian songs and dance, meeting the local people and exploring Ghanas largest national park (Mole) to get up close to some amazing animals. I would 100% recommend visiting this fabulous and friendly country with PMGY Ghana, the only regret I have is that I did not stay longer!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing experience, would highly recommend

Had an amazing 2 weeks in Ghana with the Medical volunteering. Got to experience different departments of the hospital from laboratories to maternity wards, even did a night shift in maternity and got to see a birth from start to finish. Had an amazing weekend at Cape Coast seeing the castle and surfing. Spent 2 days at the orphanage which was amazing, making the children smile and playing with them was so rewarding. Wish I could have stayed longer than 2 weeks. Seth was so welcoming and Josh was really helpful when I was booking everything. Met so many lovely people while I was there. Would definitely love to come back again.

Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana August 2016

I spent three weeks in Ghana and this was my second trip with PMGY (after first going to India in 2014). The UK team are fantastic at replying to queries and I cannot fault them at all.

I had a wonderful time in Ghana, and I would definitely recommend it to younger or more nervous travellers, as I can honestly say I felt safe 100% of the time, and was happy to travel around Kumasi alone without any problems. Seth and Cobbinah are extremely helpful and will organise hotels, trips and taxis for you if you choose to do any excursions of your own. Sophia and Adjua are genuinely great cooks which makes the change in diet much easier to get used to! The orphange project is challenging but very rewarding, and there is plenty of opportunity for you to organise your own activities if you bring the stuff you need - be that colouring, crafts, football/rounders or even a trip to the swimming pool.

I went on the Cape Coast trip which was an absolutely fantastic weekend - the range of activities from the poignancy of the Cape Coast museum to the opportunity to learn to surf made the weekend really good value, and some of the places we visited were genuinely the nicest places I've ever been able to see.

I'd recommend PMGY to anyone looking to travel and volunteer - they are great value for money and provide an excellent service. Sadly I'm running out of time to do anything like this again, but if I ever am feeling adventurous, I'll be heading straight to PMGY!

Yes, I recommend this program

Kumasi, Ghana & all its glory.

I spent two weeks doing the mental health experience in Ghana. I was the first one to actually do it! Let me say IT WAS AMAZING. The language barrier was no problem because the nurses help translate. I learned so much that I didn't know before. Especially, the different medications used for mental disorders and their side effects. I wish I could have stayed longer. I'm confident any future mental health volunteers will have a great experience like I did.

The household was one of a kind. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. Anything you want to do they accommodate you. Any extra trips or weekend endeavors they accompany you and help you to and from. Overall amazing experience!

If your birthday happens to fall during the time your there. There's a special something you get lol.

I'm ready to go back !

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program

My experience with PMGY GHANA

I have had the most amazing time with PMGY Ghana, I can't believe that I almost put it off for the second time!I spent a month (3rd July -31st July 2016) and at the end of my time, I didn't want to leave.
Where do I even begin, Seth is an amazing host. He has opened up his home to each and everyone of us and also treats us like family. He listens to the needs of volunteers and ensures that we are having a great time. I think he is a big reason why the Ghana destination is so popular. All the other staff are amazing too (Rex, Maria, Kofi, Cobbinah and Sophia) and when you get to know them they become like an extended family.
I did the medical placement the whole time (although placements are quite flexible so you can choose to spend time in the school/orphanage as well) and it was a very rewarding experience. I observed c-sections, hernia repairs, women giving birth without pain relief etc. I also got involved in the lab and with ultra sound scanning of pregnant women. I definitely recommend the medical placement!
However, it isn't all work because there are 2 main trips to embark on: Mole National Park (Safaris, nice food and accommodation) and Cape coast (Cultural tours, surfing, stroking crocodiles, lovely beach accommodation but to name a few). You can also arrange your own trips e.g. to the swimming pool for sun bathing and continental food, kente weaving house or to a beautiful lake for horse riding. Lastly, the atmosphere in the volunteer house is very chilled and as sociable as you make it. I lived with over 20 people and the house was very lively and friendly.
Overall, Ghana is an amazing country and so rich with culture and friendly individuals. If anyone is considering Ghana, go for it! However, please come with an open mind and just take everyday with a smile. Don't focus too much on what they don't have compared to your home country, make each day count!

Yes, I recommend this program


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