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There is a reason why South Africa is consistently rated one of the top travel destinations in the world. Make that several reasons. Where else can you watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain, catch a wave in the ocean and spot an elephant roaming at dusk all in the same day? President Nelson Mandela proclaimed this country as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ – a country as diverse and colorful as it is exciting and adventurous.

Whether you prefer the wild outback of the Greater Kruger, the rural beauty of Zululand, or the hustle of Cape Town, South Africa has something to offer for any volunteer.

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Hey Jenna, glad you're interested in joining us either later this year or in April next year. We can definitely help you with that! We have 3 different program bases in South Africa: Cape Town, the Greater Kruger Area and St Lucia. The only program base that offers short-term trips (either day volunteering, or 1-week volunteering) is at our Cape Town project base, where we run: - An Early...
Hi! Awesome news that you're interested in joining us as a volunteer - we can definitely help with finding just the right project for you. The majority of our volunteer placements only offer stays between 2 and 12 weeks, however it's possible to do 2 placements back-to-back if you did want to spend 6 months volunteering. The price per project does vary, so we would highly recommend visiting our...
Monday to Friday. 8 hours per day. I don't know yet, but around this.
Hi Rachael, Thanks for getting in touch and that's very exciting that you're interested in volunteering abroad - we can certainly help you out with some options and give you advice on each of our available programs. The majority of our programs are only option to volunteers aged 17 and above, but that being said we do have a few locations across Africa that are open to 16 year olds and each of...


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Amazing experience in beautiful St. Lucia

I loved my time volunteering in St. Lucia. This experience opened my eyes to the epidemics of poverty and HIV/AIDS in a South African village while offering concrete and veteran projects that allowed me to feel like I was truly making a tangible difference in the lives around me. I can honestly say I learned and benefited as much or more than those we were helping, giving me deeper insight and perspective that I have been able to keep with me and share with others upon my return home. The volunteer house is beautiful, comfortable, and safe, and the staff are absolutely amazing. The programs are organized and structured without being "stuck in old ways," and are therefore constantly being reevaluated and improved upon. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for travel and memorable excursions so that you can be both a volunteer and a tourist in beautiful South Africa. I will never forget my time in South Africa or the amazing people I met there!

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A great time in St.Lucia

I was for 8 weeks in St.Lucia with African Impact. From 1-10-12 till 26-11-202. It is the best decision I have ever made im my life! It was great to work with the children and to meet the Zulu people. It is a wunderful culture. This place is in my heart and if I can have the chance, than I will come back and find a job overthere. It is a beautiful country and the people are amazing. I think everybody must be a volunteer, it really chance your life! And African Impact is great, they made this volunteer experience for me as a time in my life that I never forget!

How can this program be improved?
Get internet in the volunteer house so that the volunteers can use that instead of the internet cafe.
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Awesome experience!

I was on the community project in St.Lucia working in the surrounding communities. It was such an incredible experience and worth every penny. The people are incredible and the staff are so supportive. I would 100% recommend it to anybody interested in volunteering. It was a humbling experience I will never forget and I have made so many friends from all over the world. Sign up, jump right in and have the time of your life!

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African Impact South Africa - St. Lucia

My time in St. Lucia was beyond anything I could have expected. While there, I was on the community project. Volunteers from both the community and medical project lived together, and had afternoon projects together.

My mornings consisted of teaching at creches (like a preschool or day care center). African Impact has organized a rotation to teach at creches at different times throughout the year, but ensuring all get an equal amount of our time. Their influence at creches is huge, but I think the children's influence on me was even greater. These kids are amazing, their desire to learn, their happiness, their sense of responsibility and positivity moved me. The more you put into teaching, the more you truly receive back.

The afternoons consisted of a variety of projects, from After School Club, to gardening, to bed making. The schedule worked on an equal rotational basis. Regardless of the project done, African Impact's goal is sustainability, and all projects aim for that.

During the weekends, there are plenty of opportunities to go on excursions, thanks to our great location. You can go on game drives, feed elephants, go swimming with dolphins in Mozambique, hold a baby croc, the list could go on and on.

I felt extremely welcomed, among our mini little volunteer community, and among the community in the villages we worked. I stayed for 4 weeks in St. Lucia and felt it wasn't long enough. My advice to you is to go, to try everything, and put all your effort into the project!

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Fully submerse yourself in South Africa

For myself, the best part of volunteering with African Impact was that only once during my 6 week stay, did I feel like a tourist. The rest of the time I felt like I was fully submersed in all the amazing things that South Africa has to offer. I walked away with a very personal and true understanding of the plants, animals, people, communities, cultures and lifestyles which has all contributed to the most amazing memories of an unforgetable experience.

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African Impact experience

This trip to africa helped change my life. The African impact project made me realize how blessed I was and how great it was to make an impact in the lives of other people. I came home knowing that I truly made a difference in the lives of the children I was involved with. The group leaders did a great job of keeping us informed of what was going on and I didn't feel out of the loop as some people might feel when starting on a new project. I was very involved with everything and my group leaders were there every step of the way to help the volunteers out. They even took time out of their busy schedule to take us to the doctors office when a few of us got sick in the middle of the week. I could no ask for a better experience and I want to work with African Impact in the near future.

Yes, I recommend

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