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Physics, organic chemistry, microbiology. Flashcards, lab reports and even more flashcards. Rinse, wash, repeat. If you’re a pre-med student, you know the drill. Not only can you study abroad as a pre-med student, there are actually benefits to doing so. And while all your...
If any of you have visited Europe in the past few years, you may have seen me. I was the one in the gym shorts and bright blue tanktop -- marching in front of a long line of college students as if I were a mother duckling. I occasionally had a clipboard in my hand, and at random...
“How do I go about getting a work visa for teaching abroad?” It’s one of the most common concerns I hear from people that are interested in teaching English abroad . And of course, it’s a perfectly reasonable question -- one, in fact, that you should be asking. If you are...
What a wild and wonderful thing it is to study abroad . Beyond the scenery and the cuisine and the independence, studying abroad affords you lots of time to expand your mind with a good book (what with all those long train rides and flights you'll be taking on weekend getaways)....
You’ve heard your fellow students raving about study abroad in your Spanish classes. You’ve seen the glossy brochures on campus, devoured stories from living in Spain and Argentina from your Spanish language professors, and can’t help but smile ear to ear when hearing from fellow...
Internships are an absolute must these days, and doing them overseas are becoming an increased necessity to get that leg up in the after college job search. You business majors are no exception! In fact, with how globalized and interconnected the business world is these days (and...
One day, we look up and we’ve been working in the same place or in the same industry for years. Friends get married, have kids -- you might even get married and have kids -- but ultimately, we take the same metro every day, occupy our same cubicle every day, and eat our same bag...

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