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Córdoba, the second largest city in Argentina, after Buenos Aires, is a culturally and economically diverse hub of activity. The National University of Córdoba is the oldest university in Argentina and give the city the nickname 'La Docta'. Aside from intellectual prestige, Córdoba is one of the most culturally abundant cities in Argentina. The birthplace of writer Marcos Aguinis and the cuarteto style of music, Córdoba is also home to the Caraffa and Evita Fine Arts Museums as well as the recently founded Paseo del Buen Pastor, which highlights local artisanal agriculture in addition to art.

The city's proud history and venerable architecture mix with decidedly modern sensibilities. Córdoba is the locus of many modern telecom and manufacturing companies, and the Córdobans themselves are as likely to enjoy electro as traditional music. Interning in Córdoba provides the opportunity to explore Argentina's second city, while taking advantage of all the advantages that urban internships can provide.

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  • Business: Córdoba has been an industrial base since the Second World War. This economic foundation has supported a thriving business economy in the city. Doing a business internship in Córdoba provides valuable experience and an entrée into the field. In addition to hands-on experience, interning at one of the internationally recognized companies in Córdoba creates opportunities for networking and forging life-long friendships and connections.
  • Environmental Studies: Argentina is known for its natural beauty, however Córdoba faces many of the challenges of a modern city. Pollution, particularly water pollution is a problem in the city. Interns in Environmental Studies can help bring their hopes of a more sustainable world to fruition working in either urban or rural settings. Environmental internships often include field surveys, data entry, grant writing, and case study creation. They also provide a valuable introduction to the quotidian life of those in the field, engendering familiarity with the important names and standard practices of environmental work, while at the same time providing skills that are invaluable both inside the field and out.
  • Technology: With three Nobel Prize winners in the sciences, Argentina puts itself on the cutting edge of several scientific fields. Biotechnology and space research are particularly popular at the moment. Córdoba is the technological center of Argentina, home to the Argentinian spaceport as well as offices for Motorola, Intel, Vates, and Electronic Data Systems. Technology internships can include work on website design, ad campaigns, and product marketing, as well as more academic pursuits. Technological savvy ensures a valued position within any company and there are few better ways to build contacts within a company than by being able to provide technological advice. A tech internship in Córdoba will provide the necessary skills for advancement in a popular and fast-growing field.

When and Where to Look for an Internship:

Internships are available year-round. Spring (September to November) has the most volatile weather and largest number of thunderstorms, so that is something to take into consideration. Córdoba is home to many international businesses, as well as the second-oldest university in Latin America, both of which offer many exciting internship opportunities.

Cost of Living in Córdoba

Youth and student discounts are common in Argentina, so be on the look out for those to save some money during your internship. Here are some expenses to help you figure out the average cost of living in Córdoba:

  • Rent 1 bedroom apartment City Center = $376.41 US/month
  • Basic utilities = $41.42 US/Month
  • Month Transit Pass (regular price) = $27.27/month
Work Culture in Córdoba:

Etiquette: Important things to keep in mind is that although working relationships are friendly and very personal, and both physical and eye contact are a part of the workspace, dress in Argentina tends to be formal and subtle. Women and men both tend to wear suits in dark colors to work.

Language: Many Argentinians, particularly in a professional environment, are at least conversant in English. However, knowing Spanish will likely make the internship more enjoyable for you both personally as and professionally.

Networking: Although many more conferences are hosted in the capital, Buenos Aires, Córdoba is also home to many symposia and other networking opportunities, such as the forthcoming Argentine Symposium on Artificial Intelligence. The 16th International Congress of Photobiology is also taking place in Cordoba in 2014 The National University of Córdoba draws many such conferences to the city. Some telecommunications companies also use the city as a meeting hub.

Work and Labor Laws in Córdoba

Most internships are unpaid since a paid internship requires a working visa in Argentina. Unpaid interns need only a tourist card, good for 90 days. The US State Department and Argentinian Embassy have more information about visas.

Why Intern in Córdoba?

Córdoba is an exciting city with plenty of cultural gems for a foreigner to explore. Frequent festivals, such as the Carnival in February are plenty to keep your social calendar reasonably full during your internship. In addition to its rich city life, Córdoba is also located near to marvelous mountains and refreshing lakes, perfect for little get-aways from the city. More than just recreational pleasure, Córdoba provides many opportunities for career development. Its urban location means that internships are available in a variety of fields and from internationally recognized corporations and groups. An internship in Córdoba points to a time abroad that is both personally fulfilling and professionally practical.

Contributed by Robin Goralka

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