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Shanghai is glamour personified. From the iconic Bund waterfront to the city’s old town, via the renowned Jing’an temple - everything you could hope for in an internship location is waiting here.

We provide award-winning internships - as featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, WSJ, and BBC News - in a career field chosen by you. We offer 18 career fields in total and work with over 1,000 host companies; meaning we’re confident that we can provide you with the perfect internship. After completing their internship, 89% of participants obtain a graduate-level job within 3 months!

Shanghai is widely considered as the ‘soft landing’ city in China, due to it being more westernised and less of a culture shock than other cities in the country. However, you don’t have to look far to experience the authenticity of China.

CRCC Asia has partnered with Saint Peter’s University to offer a U.S. transcript and award 3, 6, or 9 academic credits for our international internship programs.

  • We guarantee placements in your professional career field of choice in one of our 1000 host-companies throughout China
  • Included in the program is: High-quality accommodation, Visa-processing, 24/7 support, Pre-departure services, Social and community outreach events, Airport Pickup, Drop-off & Pre-paid Sim and Travel Cards
  • Academic Credit: You can receive 3, 6, or 9 academic credits for our programs through our school of record, Saint Peter’s University.
  • Over 10,000 satisfied global alumni & Access to CareerBridge, our Professional Development Hub, which contains our 12 professional development courses

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CRCC Asia has three brand new internship program locations: London, Mumbai and Seoul to help boost your global employability in 2020. Our Internships span 18 Career Fields in these two locations in an abundance of host-companies to suit your background, current educative background and life-long goals. Secure your place today!

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  • Fun 8.9
  • Housing 9.2
  • Safety 9.3
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Yes, I recommend this program

Interesting company, excellent classes, and nice group

The program helped me with employment because it added to why I stood out as an application written terms, then later a candidate in subsequent stages too with increased confidence. I got offered another job towards the end of my internship.

During the interview, I was able to talk about transferable skills I gained such as Facebook Advertising, which I currently apply now in the role. It was

CRCC Asia have great team members within their Shanghai staff who are kind, engaging, and funny. Also, I liked the sector-specific knowledge imparted through 5 key learning objectives.

Shanghai is an awesome city with loads to do and they actually arranged a variety of events for us to attend and take part in at regular intervals. The Chinese language teacher was one of the best I have ever had.

Yes, I recommend this program

Great Professional Experience in China

My internship with CRCC Asia was not only a valuable professional experience, but also an enlightening opportunity to see life in a different corner of the world. I was fortunate enough to work for a small environmental company in Shanghai, which finally enabled me to feel like I was making a difference in a field that I cared about. I conducted research, wrote reports, assisted with translations, prepared company contracts, and collaborated on a number of other company projects, all of which undoubtedly helped me prepare for a career in the 21st century. I would highly recommend this experience!

What would you improve about this program?
The program was overall very great, yet I think one way to improve it in the future would be to add even more organized group events for interns to get to know each other better. I became great friends with the other interns that I lived and worked with, but I would have liked the chance to become more acquainted with people outside of that circle as well.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Mandarin + IT Experience in Shanghai

Through CRCC, I was able to gain experience in a Chinese IT company. The company itself has seen huge success offering blockchain and cryptocurrency related services, and the department that I was placed in offered me the opportunity to gain meaningful development experience in this dynamic new field!

As part of CRCC’s “Intensive Mandarin” program, the experience that I gained in my Mandarin courses that preceded my internship were absolutely invaluable in helping me to make the most out of this experience. I was able to learn from my peers about IT, language, culture… So much more than if I would have just gone in on my own. CRCC helped me set myself up for success with my host company.

As a result, I’m walking away from this experience able to come back to live and work in China, and utilize the skills in data science and machine learning that I continued to develop this summer!

What would you improve about this program?
Definitely go for "internship only", if you have the time and ability to set up housing yourself. Everything else can be figured out quite easily (no need to pay hundreds more to have somebody hand you a sim card and a metro pass, especially when both are so easily obtained from the airport and literally any metro station (respectively)).

Also, the Mandarin courses can be purchased directly from the school for cheaper than what you pay in CRCC's program fee. Anything beyond basic internship placement, definitely not worth the money in my opinion - you basically pay them and extra $2000 to find you a place to stay :/

However, having said all that, the internship itself was GREAT; CRCC representatives took all the time necessary to get to know me and help connect me with an ideal position that fit both my skills and aspirations. Definitely would recommend to anyone for internship placement!!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Internship in Shanghai

My experience in Shanghai with CRCC Asia is one I am very grateful for. The opportunity to live and work in a culture so vastly different than my own is one that very few people get to experience. While the hustle and bustle of Shanghai is not something I was used to, I ended up loving the fast paced culture I was immersed in. Not only have I boosted my workplace skills and employability but also my life experience. The memories made are some that will last a lifetime as they were once in a lifetime.

What would you improve about this program?
Yes, I recommend this program

Marketing Intern in Shanghai

Being immersed in a completely new environment provided me with a sense of discomfort which allowed me to develop my personal character as well as change my approach to problem solving and question answering. This new environment allowed me to focus on my weaker points and helped me to put forward any ideas, and observations that I thought would be of relevance. I believe it is true that at times of discomfort people grow into a stronger person once they manage to overcome whatever obstacle may be present. In China, there were many boundaries and times where I felt discomfort yet I never lost hope or gave up. Learning new skills and techniques in China has shown me different ways to approach my personal education while I finish my studies at the University of Canterbury. The Chinese are firm believers of balance, my manager taught me that it isn’t about studying yourself into the ground on one day and relaxing for another, instead it is important to split your study and relaxation time in half. For example, for every hour spent studying, spend 30 minutes to an hour relaxing afterwards as a reward. This helps keep motivation levels high and avoids the crash of spending long hours studying non-stop.

What would you improve about this program?
Cannot be improved 10/10
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Yes, I recommend this program

“China made me more motivated to go out and make things happen for myself”

I chose CRCC Asia due to the range and quality of companies CRCC could provide. I definitely feel I was placed within a relevant company. Additionally, the other activities CRCC organised and offered whilst out in Beijing sounded really good and would give me the best chance to meet lots of people and take part in amazing experiences. Some of the events I took part in were: an acrobat show, Mandarin lessons, a Man City v Arsenal match at the Birds' Nest Stadium and numerous nights out to local bars and restaurants. The pre-departure drinks evening in London was also great for meeting fellow interns before heading out to China a few weeks later.

Whilst interviewing for my first job (as a Project Manager in a bank) as well as a few others at the time, talking about my internship was amazing. It made me stand out to employers and in a few interviews it ended up with them asking me all about my time in Beijing more than anything else! During interviews I found myself having a lot more interesting situations to call upon and refer to, as well as finding that the interviewers seemed a lot more interested in my answers to their questions. Since becoming a teacher, I really feel the confidence and life experience I gained in China has really helped me become successful in my job and be able to tackle any problem in front of me (since after being lost in a massive city where no one understands me any problem doesn't seem so daunting!!).
Professionally, my confidence in dealing with the unknown and being able to improvise in any situation was improved. I also gained my first experience working with international clients and having to adapt quickly to different working styles and cultures.

Personally, my confidence was given a huge boost by this adventure. After returning home I was immediately more motivated to go out and make things happen for myself, not as afraid to put myself out there and take (calculated) risks.

This trip has also gave me the travel bug, since 2012 I have travelled to more than 20 countries and have no intention to stop anytime soon! Prior to this trip I'd never left Europe, yet here I was preparing to work in one of the most contrasting countries to my own. I also began learning Mandarin prior to my internship Mandarin (which I am continuing to this day) and being able to experience and use the language first hand was excellent for my progress.

It's really hard to pick a favourite moment from my trip! I was mesmerised by the vastly different culture and spent a lot of time interacting with my work colleagues and locals in order to immerse myself in their way of living. Beijing is a fantastic city for seeing ancient history (Forbidden City etc) as well as sparkling new architecture (CCTV Tower etc) and I loved being able to experience both, sometimes within metres of each other!

My advice to future interns would be to make the most of every opportunity. You never know how contacts made in a random meeting in the middle of a massive city like Beijing could have a positive effect on your future. Also, enjoy the best of both worlds during your internship; take on everything possible during your working day, challenge yourself and test how far out of your comfort zone you can go. On the other hand, after work, enjoy everything amazing places like China has to offer. Try the strange food, talk to the locals in an unfamiliar language and visit the fascinating landmarks around you. Even to this day I am still not over how amazing my time was in Beijing and my friends and family will tell you, I'm still not finished talking about it quite yet!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Shanghai changed my life

I interned with CRCC Asia in Shanghai over the summer of 2014. Three years later and I am still seeing the benefits of my experience!
I had always wanted to go to China - plenty of my friends had travelled South East Asia but few had been to China so it seemed like a great place to go to get something different for my CV. Shanghai in particular is such a vibrant city. There's always so much going on so you're never stuck with nothing to do! My highlights included lazy afternoons in the markets and the parks, and further afield I will never forget camping on the Great Wall!
I chose CRCC Asia primarily because I valued their professional approach to the internship. I wanted professional experience as opposed to simply travelling. I also got a lot from the business seminars and mandarin lessons that CRCC Asia provided - it was great to have something extra to talk about in interview that showed that I hadn't just partied whilst in China!
When I arrived in China I made friends for life, and three years later am still regularly in contact with many of my Shanghai friends. All CRCC Asia interns are serious about their futures and passionate about their careers. We all quickly found common ground and made not just friends for life but also a professional network that we often rely on on the year's since Shanghai. It's also great to be in contact with other CRCC alumni at the events that CRCC Asia put on throughout the year. Our China internships are the common ground and it's fantastic to be part of a network of such successful and driven people.
I interned with Riviera Events. I loved my internship, getting experience and responsibility that I couldn't have imagined receiving in the UK. The most important transferable skills in my career since China have been: problem-solving, adaptability and confidence - China really threw me in at the deep end, I learnt to think on my feet and adapt to a new way of working but more importantly be confident in putting my ideas forward. It's great to be able to have examples from China to evidence these skills to future employers. Since returning from China I got a job within a month of being home. My employer was really interested in my experience in China - in the company, it was a country that few people had been to and less had worked in. The team valued my different experience and knowledge.
My advice to anyone thinking of interning in China is that it is a fantastic investment in your future. It shows you take yourself and your career seriously and are able to take on challenges that not every graduate has the courage to do. You learn so much about yourself, the World and your area of employment. And you genuinely make friends for life!

What would you improve about this program?
The programme was great! We were well supported by the CRCC team in Shanghai and in the UK pre-departure. The internship provided was fantastic! Thank you!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Once in a lifetime experience- work and travel!

Having spent two years as an investment banking analyst in London- I had come to the conclusion a career in finance wasn't for me, so I decided to look at all possible options of a 'career reset'. Upon doing some research I came across CRCC Asia and the opportunities they offered for guaranteed internships.

I felt this was the perfect fact to try a marketing role- despite having no previous understanding or experience in the industry- and also to add an international dimension to my CV. During my initial advising telephone conversation, I outlined a long-standing interest in the airline industry and the advisor mentioned they had just secured a partnership with airline host company and that I could be put forward for a possible internship in their marketing department.

The entire process was professionally handled, and whilst I was made aware they were no guarantees with that specific company- it was great to know that CRCC Asia would ensure I was placed in one of my sectors of choice. It completely eradicates the most stressful aspect of job-hunting- the process of finding and applying for jobs!

About 4 weeks before going to China, I was informed I had successfully been placed at the aforementioned airline- and it happened to be Virgin Atlantic! I was extremely impressed by the strong placement and the fact it was also within the marketing team (as per my first choice).

When I arrived in Shanghai- it was for the Feb 2013 intake- so there were fewer participants than the summer- but if anything this made the experience even more rewarding as all of us got to know each other a lot more and became a very close knit group. In total there were about 15 participants - mainly from the UK, Australia, and the US.

Socially, the experience was unbelievable. Outside of work, the group went out at the weekends, explored the city, took day-trips to Hangzhou and Suzhou, and generally become inseparable. Everyone has their own personality, but the best thing is that everyone is like-minded. We had all given up jobs/studies in our home country to come half way around the world to explore a new and different culture! And fundamentally this made it such a joy to spend two months with people who to this day (4 years on) I still consider many of them my close friends (our 'China crew' still has it's dedicated WhatsApp group- and we still meet up regularly to remember the experience - and the oh so many stories!)

On a professional basis, the experience was equally rewarding for me as I was given an insight into the variety of projects and campaigns the Virgin team were involved in. During my 2 months, I was involved in several Virgin- sponsored events including the Shanghai F1 Grand Prix, Shanghai Fashion Show, and James Bond Skyfall Exhibition (where I got to meet the Bond producers!). From the event-management side, I was also given the project of organising a dedicated Scottish-themed event for 50 of Virgin's agency clients to launch its new routes to Aberdeen/Glasgow- the autonomy of this project had me sourcing suppliers, venue, arranging the actual on-the-day logistics, and working the London marketing team to ensure relevant PR. Alongside this, I was exposed to day-to-day implementation tasks for Virgin's high profile 'Flying in the Face of The Ordinary' campaign- whereby I learnt how digital and physical marketing channels were tailored to a Chinese audience. In addition my time at Virgin coincided with the airlines 'April Fool's' PR prank- whereby the airline claimed to have developed a 'glass bottom' plane- and my manager was responsible for launching the PR aspect of this in China which got picked up by CCTV and reported as a genuine news story - thus generating worldwide attention! Overall the work experience was invaluable in terms of its insight and the fact I got a glimpse of the various marketing strands of a major organisation.

Throughout the program, CRCC Asia also organised various events for us - notably a KTV and dumpling-making session, which to this day my friends and I still talk about! Whilst I needed to rely on the CRCC Asia team for support- I always felt they were there and available if I ever required them. The communication on the ground between the team and the participants was clear but not overbearing- which meant participants still had a sense of independence without feeling patronised.

Overall, I cannot speak highly enough about the experience. For some, the biggest issue will be the funding concerns- which is totally understandable, but if you can secure the funds it's such a great experience - socially and professionally- it's something you will never regret.