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Award-winning Internships in Shanghai - CRCC Asia

New programs, new cities!

Now announcing program locations in Tokyo, Japan and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

CRCC Asia offers award-winning internships in Shanghai, China (as featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, WSJ). Few cities in the world evoke so much history, excess, glamour, mystique and exotic promise in name alone, and this is your unbelievable opportunity to intern there.

Through these 1, 2 or 3-month global internship programs, you will have the valuable opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture, cuisine, history, business whilst having the chance to explore the many amazing attractions that exist throughout the vastness of China! CRCC works with over 600 forward-thinking host companies and so we are confident we can find the perfect internship for you, irrelevant of sector. Simply let us know which sectors you wish to work in and we will get to work! The wealth of skills, knowledge and experience you will gain during your international internship will dramatically increase your career prospects and future global employability.

  • We guarantee placements in your professional sector of choice in one of our 600 host-companies throughout China
  • Accommodation provided - Clean, accessible accommodations - our hotel-style apartments can be shared with one or two roommates (of the same gender). This is a great way to meet new people sharing the same experience!
  • Includes pre-departure services, social, business and networking events as well as a leaving ceremony
  • Includes visa-processing
  • Over 7300 satisfied global alumni
Computer Science
International Business
Life Sciences
Year Round
Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Enrollment in a degree program (Associates, Bachelors or Masters)
GPA: 2.7 minimum
Online Application
Phone Interview
Weekly Hours
Starting Price
Price Details
Program includes:
24/7 Support
Airport Pick-Up
English-speaking Supervisor
Guaranteed internship in a sector of your choice
Induction Day & Cultural Training
Mandarin Lessons (Weekly)
Pre-Departure & Visa
SIM Card & City Guide
Social & Networking Events
Welcome Package & Banquet

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My experience with CRCC Asia

I spent in Shanghai two months and I met people from all over the world, especially from Australia. I had the chance to go around the city with an amazing group of people, and I had the opportunity to improve my English with them.

How can this program be improved?

The communication between the work place and the CRCC Asia Staff needs to get better, in order to offer a better sevice. The company needs to be prepared to welcome new interns and give them the chance to learn.

Response from CRCC Asia

Hi Laura,

Thank you for reviewing our Shanghai Internship Program! We are glad to see that you enjoyed your time in Shanghai and got to meet other interns from around the world. Most of all, we appreciate that you would recommend the program to others.

Comments from former interns like you help us to improve our program. We are constantly working with our host companies to help improve their internship programs. Through workshops and training, we try to prepare our companies to host Western interns like yourself. We will take your comments into consideration as we continue developing workshops for our host companies.

Please feel free to contact our CRCC Asia office at [email protected] or [email protected] if you have any other suggestions for improvement.

Yes, I recommend
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An experience I would never regret

This internship program was one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many different people from all parts of the world who I still keep in touch with. I was able to see so many different things an actually do a lot of activities that weren't even on my had to do list. So many opportunities presented themselves when I was there and I took advantage of every one. I was only there for 2 months and that was my only regret. I should have stayed longer. The program coordinators were always accessible every step of the way. Th culture is awesome. The hustle an bustle made my days go by fast. The food was great and I had no complaints. In Shanghai, English speakers weren't too hard to find an my basic Mandarin helped me more than I thought it would. I recommend CRCC fully!

How can this program be improved?

The program was a bit costly compared to other programs out there. They also usually included the price of getting a visa in the program but apparently that is only offered to Americans so since I'm Canadian, I was told that I had to pay for my visa which bothered me a bit because that information was provided to me a lot later after I had dished out a lot of money for the initial program already.

Yes, I recommend
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Wo shi Meiguo ren!

That's Chinese for "I am from the United States." It's three months since I've returned home from what what was one of the best experiences of my life (no exaggeration). Let me give you a glimpse into the two months I spent in Shanghai. Imagine yourself riding in the passenger seat of taxi, in what should really be NASCAR considering how fast these people down, gold embellished temples just barely noticeable among the glass, steel, colorful skyscrapers that surround the city. You can actually smell/see the assortment of dumplings made by street vendors. My first impression...This is a Chinese New York, but bigger, much bigger. The nightlife is comparable to that of Miami; as a miami native that is a bold but true statement. Oh and the work you ask? Lucky for me I was placed in a Consulting Firm that challenged my thinking daily, with independent projects, group collaborations and close mentorship every day was an adventure (even getting there by Subway). The rumors are indeed true: there is no such thing as personal space. However, its a small price to pay seeing as you automatically become a local celebrity just for looking differently. If none of this tickle's your fancy, SOMETHING in Shanghai will. It's a city of bright lights, growing potential and exotic beauty. Give it a try, I'm so glad I did...

How can this program be improved?

I think I would research the companies that are bering paired with students more thoroughly just so they are getting most out of the program. I was personally fine however I had friends who were not satisfied with their placement and were not given another option even after voicing their concerns.

Yes, I recommend
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A great social net in a new place

If it's your first time in China and you don't speak the language it can be very, very daunting. Staying in a hotel with a large group of other interns makes this much more manageable and fun.

The internship itself varies, though I think most people in my program would report having had a good experience. You probably won't be placed in a huge company but the experience in itself is what impresses your future employers.

The social aspects of the trip are definitely the highlight. I had the pleasure of meeting other likeminded interns from around the world and of course the nightlife in Shanghai is phenomenal.

While CRCC Asia is quite expensive, if it's your first time living in China it is definitely worth the extra money. The program staff were very helpful and the built-in social network is invaluable.

How can this program be improved?

Anything more they could do to introduce to Chinese culture could be beneficial but obviously time is limited and maybe not all participants are equally interested.

Yes, I recommend
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Definitely a Good Investment

CRCC Asia is a great way to make your resume stand out. The program helped me get an awesome internship where I met a lot of great Chinese co-workers, developed my skills, and practiced my Chinese. CRCC Asia participants come from all over the world, which was also a plus for me. Depending on your internship, make sure it's right for you. Some of my friends didn't do much on the job, whereas I always had something to keep me occupied. The program was definitely worth the investment and I recommend it.

How can this program be improved?

Respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Decision I Ever Made-Internship in Shanghai

I am so grateful to CRCC Asia for providing me with an opportunity to not only live in China, but also work and enhance my professional development. The decision to work in Shanghai, China the summer of 2013 was one of the best decision's I made in my life. I was hesitant to take advantage of the opportunity at first because of fear that I could not finance it and living all away across the world from my parents and support system. However, I quickly realized what an awesome opportunity it would be and beneficial experience I would gain to enhance my life long-term. My parents and I were able to make this happen and I realized when you release fear and step out on faith, your life will be enriched in so many ways. I worked for a large law firm that challenged me intellectually, and culturally. I worked on so many valued added projects in the areas of law that I loved (contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and employment law). My boss was superior and helped me get exposed to as much as possible within those few months. My language skills improved tremendously because my firm spoke only Chinese. As a result, I have had numerous job offers and interviews because the employers in the United States are so impressed with my experience in China. I would recommend the experience of living and working overseas to anyone. Finally, it helps when the country you live in is so beautiful. I think I saw all of China while living there and did lots of shopping relatively inexpensively. I hope you will seize the opportunity like I did to live in China.

Thelma Brooks

Yes, I recommend
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Helping get you settled in Frantic Shanghai!

The people at CRCC were great! From the first meeting in Australia, to getting of the plane and being greeted by water and cookies, everyone went the extra mile to make us feel supported. Besides organising accommodation and visas, it's being paired up with a business that is really priceless! Organised activities and plenty of opportunities to meet other interns and network. Can't recommend CRCC enough!

Yes, I recommend
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Solid Program--some things need to be worked out

-loved being able to meet fellow international students but did that out of my own volition not due to program staff
-needed more networking advice for participation in international culture not just China
-more advice on getting acculturated to Shanghai
-Poor post-program support (they say they'll do resume reviews etc. but do not follow through)
-Poor post-program networking opportunities (LinkedIn group, Facebook group, etc.)

How can this program be improved?

--Work on communication between residence and CRCC staff. Need a translator. How to get mail and other such things.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Trip

Working with the locals with a language barrier and adjusting to a different work ethics was the most challenging part of the whole trip. Highlights were def. the nightlife and meeting new people across the world. I wish I could say the highlight was my actual internship but I learn more interacting with the people who ended being my friends.

How can this program be improved?

The work placement could have been alot better and I wish the company would be more prepared to receive interns.

Yes, I recommend
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Shanghai Internship, An experience I will never forget

I have visited China before as a tourist, and going over as an intern is very different , about the only similarities is the ability to see the sights, and experience the foods they have to offer. From an intern perspective, living, commuting and working in a different culture is much different then going over as a tourist, and I felt it was an eye opening experience. China is a fast paced growing economy, everywhere you go you can see and experience the growth. One of the most interesting things I had experienced is commuting on the subway system, it is very easy to use, but also certain times of the day it can be very crowded and overwhelming, and keeping this in mind people do this everyday, and at least twice a day. With todays businesses expanding to the global economy doing an internship is well worth the time, effort and expense involved in it.

How can this program be improved?

Get the intern as close as possible to their desired field or selected program. Many of the programs are broken down into more specific areas of concentration, and every effort should be made to get the intern into their selected area.

Yes, I recommend
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CRCC Asia- Shanghai

CRCC gives you a tremendous opportunity to intern at an established company while exploring all that Shanghai has to offer. During my internship at a consulting firm I was challenged with numerous projects that enhanced my analytical and communication skills. I was in charge of researching management consulting firms in the North American regions and compile data on financial performance, ownership, and their ability to establish a successful business in China. Also I developed the company's international investors database with over 120 new clients. Lastly, I maintained the company's public presence through Chinese and American media mediums.

Not only did I gain valuable skills from my internship, I also met some of my best friends during the program. Each night we ate at different Shanghai eateries and on the weekends we explored Shanghai and other neighboring cities. Future CRCC interns should know that while interning in your respective city, you will also learn about Shanghai's culture, language and have the ability to observe China's growth as an emerging market economy.

How can this program be improved?

There are a couple things that I would change about the program. First, I would create more communication with the company and the intern prior to their arrival. Secondly, I would have more group dinners each week and make them mandatory so everyone in the program can meet one another. Lastly, there seemed to be a lot of disconnect with the interns in the program who lived in different hotels. I would either keep everyone at the same hotel, or have hourly shuttles that go back and forth so everyone in the program does not have to spend their own money visiting their friends each night.

Yes, I recommend
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My month in Shanghai

My internship was for a month in Shanghai with CRCC Asia. As this was my first time traveling on a plane, and going outside of Canada, I was quite nervous. However, the thing that I was dreading the most was when the plane landed in China. At that moment I would be alone in a foreign country, in which I did not know anyone or the language. This is what I dreaded for the weeks leading up to my trip, and when I got to China, after a not stop flight, this is what I found. I was lost, confused, and sick from my flight, and just when I was feeling sad from the fact that there was no family or friends waiting for me at the arrival gate. I saw a CRCC representative waiting for me with her flag and smiling face. She offered me assurance and water, and then took me to me to the other lost interns who just got off their flights too. As we were being driven to our place of residence, we bonded over our mutual concerns, relief and amazement of the city we were being driven past. This set the course for the rest of the weekend, CRCC getting everyone together so we can get to know each other and the beautiful city we were living in.
CRCC afforded me the confidence to go forward with getting to know the other interns and the city. All the interns lived in the same hotel/apartment blocks, we were roommates and neighbours. While the accommodations were not the highest of quality, they were large and conveniently located. These close living situations brought the twenty interns that month tightly together. We did everything together, explored the city, ate at restaurants, enjoyed the vigorous night life, even just buying groceries at TESCOS was a group activity. It was such a great time, with everyday being a new adventure, one made better by the people who I was sharing it with.
Shanghai was such a great city to explore! It is a big city that has such a cheap and convenient public transportation network, in which everything is written, and announced, in both Mandarin and English. This made it easy for me to get around for work and recreation. CRCC made it even easier by giving us a guide book with key phrases, and they also included weekly mandarin lessons to help with the integration into Chinese society.
My work placement was an excellent introduction into my chosen career path, and has led me to further interest in that work. Everyone in my office was friendly, and the work was interesting. I learned a lot and gained valuable experience. Along with my work life, my social life was vastly improved by the other wonderful interns visiting that month.
This internship was one of the best experiences I could imagine for a first time traveler, like myself. Everything is planned and taken care of, and while it is a little pricey, if you are able to afford the fee, it is worth it. This was such a fantastic time, and has made quite an improvement in my ability to stand out amongst the crowd of other graduates. It was the best of times, and I would do it all the same again, but maybe for a little bit longer next time (a month was difficult to get everything in!).

Yes, I recommend
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The CRCC Asia Program is an incredibly enriching program from a social and professional standpoint

When thinking about my future I felt it's important to have exposure to the real world. In contemporary times, experience in the real world is gaining international exposure and creating great networks. This is something that the CRCC Asia program offers in abundance. A typical day at work involved me contacting CEO's of publicly listed companies to arrange buyout capital. A typical day on the weekend involved partying in Xintiandi in the same clubs as Will.I.Am and with my fellow interns. The social scene in Shanghai is brilliant and there are also plenty of networking opportunities to mix pleasure with business. I would never of had such a good quality experience without CRCC Asia.

Yes, I recommend
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Short period....

It was a really nice experience! I was very lucky to work in a big agency were I've learned a lot a could make new contacts.

Very sad it was a short period of time.

Life in Shanghai was really easy CRCC helped us with everything i can't complain of anything. Sometimes I forgot that i was living in China cause the city is full of expats and is very modern.

Choosing SH to live was the right decision! I saw some interns living in Beijing and it wasn't my style at all very messy and complicated.

Made good friends and had time to think were i wanted to focus my career.

Yes, I recommend
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Great time in Shanghai

I worked in the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, the executive director said to me it was up to me what I wanted to get involved in so you really have to throw yourself into it and be proactive and get involved in all of their events/projects going on.

I was involved in copy writing for the website for example articles about events, as well as attending and helping to run events and business development.

The office is very small made up mostly of chinese staff who are all nice,and a great way to learn more abotu Chinese culture

I went to lots of events and at first felt a bit out of your comfort zone as business etiquette is very different to ours! lots of job opportunities and networking events where people ram their business cards into your hand and want to see what they can get out of you!

You get out of your internship what you put in so be proactive and engage and everything they do.. lots of post work chamber events which I pretty much went to all of them and got involved in the running of the event

Be approachable and offer help, you'll only get something out of it if you put the effort in.

Yes, I recommend

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