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Go Abroad China, the leading service provider of Internship Abroad Program in China since 2003, only offer you the best internship that suits you the most. Contact us for latest positions and special offers.

20+ important industry sectors: Business, consulting and management - Accountancy, banking and finance - Marketing, advertising and PR - Engineering and manufacturing - International business - IT & Technology - Hospitality and events management - Legal & Law - Recruitment and HR administration - Transport , logistics & supply chain - Media, Entertainment & Journalism- Art, Fashion & Design...
1000+ partner companies made of Fortune 500, multinational organizations and start-ups
2000+ guaranteed paid internship positions
4000+ past participants from 50+ countries with positive feedback
FACT: 90% of our participants obtain a graduate-level job within 3 months and 20% of interns are offered a full-time position at their host company after their internship!

Top 6 reasons to join GAC China Internship Program:
  • Professional internship placement services guaranteed: with GAC rich in experience, we are able to make a perfect match internship and secure a placement to your preferred area of work.
  • Continuous feedback about your progress and performance: throughout GAC China Internship Program, we will frequently communicate with both the intern and the partner company to ensure that the internship experience is varied, well-structured and managed in a professional way.
  • Onsite support from GAC professional staff: our clients are allocated coordinators who escort you from the airport and act as guides during your entire stay. We ensure comfort, safety and well-being during their time in China.
  • Chinese language studies and fun activities: by integrating Chinese language courses with work experience, students will not only study Chinese through class instruction, elective workshops, etc. but they will also have the chance to participate in social activities, study tours, volunteer in China, cultural excursions, etc.
  • Social network support: participants get the chance to attend networking events and meet reputable Chinese CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs.
  • Our program deposit is completely refundable: If the participant is not satisfied with the internship offer, the GAC program fee deposit is 100% refundable (after sending an internship offer)
  • Personalized internship recommendations based on your academic background, interests, career path, industry sector, destination & budget.
  • Tailored career advice: one-to-one mentoring and coaching from industry professionals- CV, application, interview, workplace advice, etc.
  • Guaranteed paid internship positions chosen from 2000+ vacancies in 1000+ well-known enterprises- all at your choice
  • All-round practical experiences in a real career world (Fortune 500, multinational corporations & Start-ups, etc.)
  • One-stop & all-inclusive service package with 24/7 support to assure a worry-free life & work in a whole new career field as well as a foreign country

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It’s high time to make unforgettable memories and a life-changing experience of working and studying in China! All you have to do is let us know the duration, the city, interests and the sector of your choice, and we will take care the rest.

Let Go Abroad China guide you to your challenging but rewarding life and job in China!

Questions & Answers

Sure is. You may intern in the sectors of advertisiong, PR, media, press, design, marketing, etc. to do the product or event photography, ads design, multimedia production, graphic design, digital marketing and more related work. Tell us your interests and preferred field, and we'll match you into your desired intern position and company.
Go Abroad China is one of the biggest China Internship and Cultural Immersion Providers. Our intern abroad programs offer all sectors, from roles in Marketing, investment banking, PR to positions in NGOs etc. Our internship program will propel your career development forward and help you stand out in an increasingly competitive job market, enhance your future employability there are 30% of interns...
No, you do not have to know Chinese prior to participating. Although the internship companies may be Chinese, we make sure to arrange an English speaking supervisor that will arrange your daily tasks and guide you everyday. However, while you are still abroad, you still have an opportunity to learn Chinese. Most participants usually ask for private tutoring on the days that they are not too busy...
Adjusting to a Chinese-style working environment and way of work was challenging in the beginning, but once you are in the company for some weeks it gets better. Its always helpful if you make a friends with some of your colleagues as they will pass on tips about what is expected, you adjust easier if you talk to people who have been there longer than you have.


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Yes, I recommend this program

First Time to Stay and Work in China

When I decided to spend my mandatory internship semester abroad, I was totally in a mess. But after contacting Go Abroad China, it looks much easier than I thought. Go Abroad China provides a referral service that helps you find the right type of companies who are also interested in hiring you. So basically, instead of preparing and sending out 50+ applications you only need to write one.
The company that I ended up with is a Japanese based company with labs all over the world. The Shanghai office has approximately 200 employees and is quite modern. I work in a sixteen person team in the R&D department and my work involves a lot of software development and prototyping. The work is, thanks to a large amount of research and development tasks, a smooth ramp up from previous university courses and provides very many interesting challenges.
Due to the fact that the official language at the office is English, adapting to the working environment has been a breeze. But anyway, I still have chance to practice my Chinese with my Chinese colleagues after work. Everything else on the other hand is completely different and takes some getting used to, but should be no problem for an observant traveller (“When in Rome…”).
No matter whether you study engineering and are looking for something beyond the typical ERASMUS semester or just a business student needing an edge for future job applications, an internship in China will provide you with a unique and rewarding experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Management Consultant in Shanghai, China

After graduated from my university, I decided to look for an internship in a different country to widen eyes. Compared to other countries it seemed to me as a jungle to lock my final intern country, which is why I contacted Go Abroad China, which assisted me in finding an internship. The internship is in a management consultancy with headquarter in Shanghai. It was clear from day 1 that I would work very independently and that you have to be good at managing large assignments yourself, as If you were working. By providing such a high level of responsibility, I have gained a high belief in myself and my knowledge has increased a lot. I have been assisting on many types of different projects and every one of them has been really interesting and given me many insights into many different industries.
Furthermore, has my Chinese skills improved remarkable since you are working a lot with sales material and presentations.
My skills within excel, word and power point have also improved. I valued myself as a skilled user before I started, but I can ensure I indeed have improved these skills as well.
What they require from you is the same as many other consultancies so the work pressure and hours is very volatile, so do not take this internship if you are not willing to work. Do it if you have a passion about management consulting and if you want to get a feeling of how things are working within a management consultancy and if you want to work in a young dynamic team.
Overall my job is very versatile and interesting which combined has resulted in that there are no two similar days in a week. So far I’ve enjoyed my time very much is and that it is based in Shanghai just a bonus. I personally believe it should be mandatory for everyone to work abroad to get an insight into different cultures and hereby prepare them to adopt the more and more globalized economy better. Furthermore, it is a good way to improve your CV and yourself to the life after the studies.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Shanghai life and experience

After graduated from university, I decided to look for an internship. Compared with many countries, it makes me more confused. Then I contacted Go Abroad China, which assisted me in finding an internship in Shanghai, China.
The internship is in a Swedish management consultancy with headquarter in Shanghai. It was clear from day 1 that I would work very independently and that you have to be good at managing large assignments yourself, as If you were working. By providing such a high level of responsibility, I have gained a high belief in myself and my knowledge has increased a lot. I have been assisting on many types of different projects and every one of them has been really interesting and given me many insights into many different industries.
Furthermore, has my English skills improved remarkable since you are working a lot with sales material and presentations.
My skills within excel, word and power point have also improved. I valued myself as a skilled user before I started, but I can ensure I indeed have improved these skills as well.
Overall my job is very versatile and interesting which combined has resulted in that there are no two similar days in a week. So far I’ve enjoyed my time very much and that it is based in Shanghai is just a bonus. I personally believe it should be mandatory for everyone to work abroad to get an insight into different cultures and hereby prepare them to adopt the more and more globalized economy better. Also I really appreciate the assistant from Go Abroad China. They helped me to find such a good job.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Paid Fiance Internship in Shanghai, China

With a huge interest in international business and cultures, I have always wanted to learn about different business practices in different parts of the world. So after a pleasant experience studying in my colleague, I decided to go to a different country and learn more. After careful consideration, China became my top choice which was also why I contacted Go Abroad China.
After a short trip, I finally first landed on one of the fastest developing city Shanghai. Miss Tina from Go Abroad China picked up me at the airport and help arranged everything for me. Two days later, I was placed in a global logistics company in Shanghai. The work was very versatile and required a lot of quantitative analysis. I had different assignments working with both Finance department and commercial department. Through collaboration, I was able to create several expense analysis templates for them to use in the future. I found that my excel skills have improved and I’ve mastered the skills in analyzing large sets of data.
Overall, it was a very pleasant experience working in this company, the working environment and the colleagues were very friendly and knowledgeable. I believe this experience has allowed me to gain insights in the Chinese industry.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Wonderful Experience in Beijing

Because I did not have much time to search for an internship, I contact one of my friends who has ever stayed in China for couple of month, and he recommended Go Abroad China to me. After an intense week I got an internship in a management consulting firm in Beijing. The tasks I have been given so far are very interesting and challenging. I was expecting to be spending a lot of time doing administrative work, but I spend 90%+ of my time doing tasks which are more project-related. In the company I am working for I feel that if you can get the job done well, they do not care what position you have in the company, and are willing to give you challenging and interesting tasks.
Living in China can be a challenge. You have problems communicating and simple daily tasks can in the beginning be hard to get done efficiently. I would recommend that you approach these challenges one at the time – and remember "what does not kill you – makes you stronger". Fortunately I get help from Go Abroad China from the beginning to the end of my time in China. I had to say Go Abroad China staff is really helpful during my time in China.
At the same time it is exciting to live in a totally different culture. You will quickly understand that the Chinese are very friendly and very interested in you as a foreigner.
To summarize my experience in China in short is not possible, but I would like to say the following as an ending note: if you want to have an Internship abroad – go to China with Go Abroad China.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Internship Experience in China

I was looking for an internship abroad for a long time, and found out that China is a common destination as there are many opportunities for recent graduates to gain some experience. As I didn't have any time for looking for the internship myself, I found Go Abroad China searching on the web and told them what I was looking for. They came up with several options until we find one that suited me, they were really helpful during all the process. Arriving in China without speaking any Chinese is not easy, as almost no Chinese speaks English so it can get really frustrating when trying to rent an apartment or doing basic shopping, but they always try to help you. Same for the working environment, first weeks working with Chinese people will challenge your patience but if you believe that some struggling is the best way of learning, you will find that you grow much faster professionally than in a western working environment. Bottom line, China is a fascinating country, full of opportunities, that will frustrate you in the beginning but it will end up surprising you as you will find yourself loving it sooner than expected. And Go Abroad China is a great gateway to it.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Not satisfied with the internship in Shanghai with Go Abroad China

I initially thought that interning in Shanghai through Go Abroad China was a good decision, provided their numerous positive reviews. However, after arriving in China, this was not the case for me.

There were many issues upon my arrival in Shanghai. Given the fee I paid for the program, the accommodation was not up to the standard. The shared-apartment was quite old, with no TV or good heating system, just a heater to keep my room warm. My Chinese textbook came almost one month late, and I didn’t receive proper orientation around my neighbourhood, felt lost and unfamiliar in the area. Also there was no proper free social/cultural activities with other interns, as promised on the website, but I guess the reason is because I am the only intern in Shanghai through this agency! But nonetheless, I paid for this program so they should at least inform me or do something about it.
And it seems like Beijing is a more popular place…. So if you want a more individualized internship I recommend Shanghai, but if you want to meet other interns and do social/cultural activities together, go Beijing.

Anyways, what really ticks me off (annoys me) is their poor communication and disorganize & unprofessional way of business; I mean while applying for the program they told me the electricity/gas/water bills are included in the program fee; but then when I arrive in China, they told me they will only pay 200RMB/month and I am responsible to pay the remainder. I was shock because I did not bring extra money or expect to pay for house bills! They did not mention anything about it while I was still applying for the program, even when I asked them about the bills. I mean what kind of agency does this?! Revealing “hidden costs” after they receive your payment and once you have arrived in China…Seems like I was scammed by the agency! So my advice is be careful in which agency you choose, do plenty of research, and get feedback from “real” people you know who have done the internship, it is much better/reliable. And ask A LOT of questions to the agency so you know what to expect upon arrival in the foreign country.

Aside from the company I am interning at the moment (which is a pretty good company), I am very disappointed and unsatisfied with this program. The agency is very disorganized and unprofessional; and has created so much hassle/stress for me. If you want to intern or study in China, I suggest you find a different agency; ones that are worth your money and you can trust!

Response from Go Abroad China

Dear Julia,
As part of Go Abroad China placement department team, It is our company obligation to share the other part of the facts and making sure that the whole picture is revealed in the right way. We will also try to explain the few conflict points: Accommodation, company placement, visa extension and activities.

The apartment is in the down town central part of Shanghai, walking distance to subway station and Nanjing Road. In shanghai there is no public heating system, all shanghai people use the heater. Additional info has been given on the website, as this is standard regulation for all company policies. On our website we declare our self very clearly: Please note that the expenses for gas, water and electricity fees (roughly RMB 200 per month) are not included in the program fee and will be the responsibility of the program participant, but Go Abroad China still paid for you though, and for the cleaning fee and your water fee, of course you need to pay yourself. Hidden costs are never existed if checking our website statement clearly.

Regarding to the activities, our program assistant in shanghai took you take part in several social networking events where you meet lots of foreigners in shanghai, and we cant guarantee you to make new friends everywhere in your internship city and even took you to meet your personal friends.

We have did respected your desire to find you a permanent job after the internship has finished; this company do not provide this opportunity. Also the permanent job never has been under discussion or part of the Go Abroad China responsibilities. Finally, because Go Abroad China’s good job from placement department, your internship company agreed to offer a full time permanent job Visa length and extension which were connected only with your internship duration.

We do hope that, we will have understanding on those issues, as sometimes the culture and communication differences bring misunderstanding in either side.

GAC Team

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Yes, I recommend this program

2013 Summer Internship in Beijing China

Choosing Go Abroad China for my internship has been an excellent decision, and I have not regretted it for a moment.
Prior to coming to China I did not speak any Chinese at all, and naturally this makes life a little bit difficult, especially when trying to get directions or order food at restaurants. However, the program coordinator's service was extremely good. They were extremely friendly and helpful, and made the transition to Beijing life much easier than it would otherwise have been. I will recommend this program as it provides a very unique and rewarding experience, and is provided by a very professional and helpful organization---Go Abroad China.
I was placed in an IT company which is one of the leading ISP and Telecom service providers in Hong Kong , Greater China and Taiwan. My working environment is amicable, passionate, innovative, cooperative and effective. I love to work here. Everyone is so friendly. Until now I still keep in touch with some of my Chinese Colleague. I will never forget the support they give to me. This experience is so wonderful, I miss my friends from Go Abroad China and my intern colleagues.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Color Your Life-Join Paid IT Internship in China

I initially discovered Go Abroad China simply because they were one of the few overseas agencies to offer an internship program in my discipline. After browsing their website for an hour or so it became apparent to me that Go Abroad China was an extremely professional organization that has a clear understanding of student needs. Then I proceeded to contact a representative of the company. All of my questions were promptly answered, and the process for applying for the internship program was clearly explained.
A number of things contributed to making my internship such a fantastic experience. First of all, as I chose the home stay option, I was living with a Chinese family in a typical Beijing apartment. The family was very kind and provided assistance to me where they could. Secondly, the internship position itself and the company I worked for were excellent. For the first time since starting my studies I was able to get real-world, hands-on experience applying my knowledge, and I got to learn a lot of new stuff along the way. Thirdly, the other employees at my work were great people who really enriched my experience. I worked in an IT company to assist in Marketing campaigns from event organization through to PR, digital marketing and corporate hospitality. I learned lots of things that I never know in the school from this company. It is really a precious experience for me. I will never forget this experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Paid Construction & Property Internship in Shanghai with Go Abroad China

All my life I've wanted to internship abroad so I could make a difference in my life. When I heard a friend of a friend interned through Go Abroad China, I immediately checked out their site. Not only are the prices significantly lower than other internship organizations (making it a very affordable experience to check off the bucket list), but the variety of companies to choose from was amazing! I fell for Go Abroad China instantly and signed up within minutes. After much preparation and excitement, I finally embarked on my journey and it was phenomonal. I would go back in a heartbeat.

After arriving in Shanghai, I had Go Abroad China employee Miss Tina to pick me up. During the whole program, she kept in touch with us as well to make sure everyone was happy, healthy and are satisfied with their arrangement. etc. Go Abroad China puts a lot of thought and care into their programs.
The company I was placed is a construction and design company. It is a professional design company that provides customers with comprehensive all in one service including urban planning, architectural, landscape, and interior design. As I Know, In the past 10 years, the company has been serving the government and large development agencies and finished many important and influential city regional planning, commercial estate planning projects and residential and landscape design jobs. My job is mainly assisting the project manager to complete each stage of work and daily arrangement. Although I stayed there for only four months, I learned lot from my Chinese colleague.
Overall, everything was fantastic. I was so happy with my internship with Go Abroad China experience. It was absolutely beautiful and continues to melt my heart whenever I think about it. I'll definitely internship with Go Abroad China next summer again.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Paid Finance Internship In Beijing with Go Abroad China

My internship trip with Go Abroad China was amazing. I had never done any form of international travel before. From the moment I stepped off of the plane, I knew that I was going to be cared for by the staff. It was a very personable experience.
Once arriving in Beijing, I was picked up at the airport by a girl named Ada that we got to know quite well over the next few months, as she came to visit our specific internship placement weekly to check in and make sure everything was okay. For my first night in Beijing, I stayed at a local family house, which was very nice. They are the nicest people you will meet in your whole life, very approachable and receptive to questions/requests. They truly make you feel that you are part of their family
I was placed in a Finance Company which was established in 2010 with its headquarter in Beijing and several overseas offices in New York. It is a global firm that specializes in fund management, investment management, investment advisory, financial innovation and globalization of Chinese private capital. The company provides you transportation to your placement.
I had such an amazing, life changing experience in my life. Wow, I felt great.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Awsome summer internship with GAC

Soon after leaving the plane, we were greeted by a local team waving and shouting our names with a Go Abroad China sign. We were introduced and taken to our host family, who were kind enough to stay awake until late in the night just to greet us. I was shown to my room, which was surprisingly spacious, with my own single bed, wardrobes and dressing table.
The next morning I was awoken to the heat of a Chinese summer day, and after breakfast I was greeted by the Go Abroad China coordinator who took me to visit my intern hospital.
Upon returning to our host family after a long, but great day out, we were welcomed to the smell of the delicious and popular Chinese dish. This also gave us a better chance to talk to our host family along with the other intern. We were told that we were accepted as part of the family and should see the host mother as our real mother for our stay in China, which was particularly sweet of her.
A typical day of internship consisted of observing and sometimes helping in the dental department of the 'Police Hospital'. I was not expecting to do any hands on work with any of the dental equipment as I had no qualifications, so being able to use some equipment was a pleasant surprise.
Also, once or twice a week, Go Abroad China would organize some activities, which was great as I felt I made a huge impact. On evenings, we were able to have some free time, to either sit and relax with the other interns, or go out somewhere perhaps to watch a film or go shopping, or just explore the local area. This is also the time when most of the interns in the city got together at the Go Abroad China and chilled out to play.
In Addition, Go Abroad China staff were fantastic in organizing my placement. I had special dietary requirements which were all tended to, and the pre departure contact was extensive, giving me confidence that I was to be taken care of very well. The organization of my placement was decided by myself and then implemented brilliantly by Go Abroad China. I would definitely recommend this to my friend and cannot wait until I can undertake another project somewhere!

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Yes, I recommend this program

unforgettable internship experience with go abroad china

When I first got to China, I was picked up from the airport by a member of the Go Abroad China staff and immediately taken to my host family. I had two host sisters, a host mom, and a playful dog named Tato. I was lucky to have a spacious room all to myself. A little later into my stay of 2 months, I also received another intern who is also arranged here by Go Abroad China in my host family, and it was so great to have another intern to bond with in my house. I met a lot of the Chinese families that were hosting other interns, and all of them were so warm and welcoming. I am so grateful for memories with them of trying traditional dishes, dancing around to typical songs, and celebrating a birthday Chinese style, which involved getting a cake in the face.
I was also very lucky because I immediately fell in love with my placements. I was placed at a great IT company. Everyone in this company is so warm and welcoming. My life is busy but I really enjoy it. However, I never felt abandoned by Go Abroad China, as I had a supervisor who came to visit me each week at my host family and ask me if everything ok for me. In addition to working in the company, I also worked in the Sports Program on some afternoons, in which I served as a recreational volleyball coach and mentor to 10 to 11 year old girls. This was such a rewarding experience, and I came to love my girls as the little sisters I had never had.
On top of all of this, Shanghai is a great area to be located in and I took part in may activities arranged by Go Abroad China, such as barbecue, KV, travelling, ect.. The other part of my experience that I am so incredibly thankful for is the amazing group of interns that I came to know and love. We were brought together by Go Abroad China in Shanghai. They were such an extraordinary group of people who became some of my closest friends and whom I continue to keep in contact with even after we have all returned to our respective home countries.
Overall China was the experience of a lifetime and if I have a second chance to choose it, I won’t hesitate to choose Go Abroad China again.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Wonderful Summer with Go Abroad China

I first heard about Go Abroad China through my university. I was looking to complete an internship internationally and Go Abroad China was one of the organizations recommended to me by my Internship Coordinator. I chose to go to China because I was looking to complete my internship in a place that would enable me to improve my Chinese skills while at the same time exposing me to a culture-rich environment. It is an understatement to say that I was not let down. China was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life, and I have Go Abroad China to thank for organizing it and being with me every step of the way (especially through all my long question-packed emails) before I even boarded the plane for China.
The moment I got off the plane, I liked the country immediately. Go Abroad China team picked me up at the airport. They took me into town and showed me where I could buy things I needed, and many times called to see if everything was going Okay. Nice follow up that I had not experienced with other agent coordinators with other internship organizations.
I have several great moments in the program, but the most heartwarming is the way the kids at the daycare all greet me with sister and come for kisses and hugs. They are so cute. I begin to miss them now. The second is a trip to a The Bund, which is a famous scenic spot, I was really attracted by the beauty. Now all of that wonderful time will stay with me in my whole lifetime.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Paid Internship in Shanghai with Go Abroad China

I had a wonderful experience in China with Go Abroad China. The Go Abroad China staff was very helpful and level headed. Prior to traveling, when I unexpectedly lost my passport during the government slow down Go Abroad China staff told me to be patient and not cancel anything until about two days before I was expected to leave, just in case the new passport arrived in good time. I was glad for their advice as I was panicky that I might lose the trip and the internship experience.
It was eye-opening to realize the magnitude of the problems in Shanghai, China which have developed better in recent years. The company I interned with is an on-the-ground, activist organization fueled by passion and commitment of the founder/director. It is a great internet and media company. They need lots of help, I felt I did them a great favor. I am grateful for what they teach me not only in my working ability but also in Chinese speaking. The women I worked with were incredibly generous and grateful and really appreciate all the help that interns are giving. However, it’s good to have some idea of how you would like to help and take the bull by the horn. They need help writing, organizing, updating the website, grant writing, letter writing, etc. I look forward to following up with the work that I started there…editing the video clips into short videos that can be used for fundraising or on the website. The experience was humbling and inspiring.
It was quite difficult to leave Shanghai in the end. Even having been there for a short time, I had made friends who I know will be my lifelong pen pals and totally immersed myself in the new, exciting culture of China. I am already planning my next trip to China with Go Abroad China, but it might be more wishful thinking seeing as I am about to become a student! But my advice to those thinking of volunteering is not to think about it too much, obviously planning for your trip is important but try not to get too caught up in what might or might not happen when you're there – just go for it, you won't regret it.

What would you improve about this program?
Wonderful Company, Best experience with Go Abroad China