Best Competitive China Internship Program With Fortune 500 Companies
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Best Competitive China Internship Program With Fortune 500 Companies

Go Abroad China as the leading internship abroad provider in China, with over 13 years of experience more than 10000 talented students from 50+ countries have joined GAC China Internship program. Your placement will be based on your sector and background, and tailored to your interests and goals. You will work with world-renowned organizations, meet established professionals in your field, and attend professional development events to make the most out of your internship.

Join our internship abroad program and get exposed to the professional world, explore your chance and learn how the Chinese conduct business and learn the inner workings of their companies. Get a jumpstart on your career path by coming on over, visit our website and get in touch with us to start planning your trip with GAC.

Top 6 reasons to join GAC China Internship Program:
  • Professional internship placement services guaranteed: with GAC rich in experience, we are able to make a perfect match internship and secure a placement to your preferred area of work.
  • Continuous feedback about your progress and performance: throughout GAC China Internship Program, we will frequently communicate with both the intern and the partner company to ensure that the internship experience is varied, well-structured and managed in a professional way.
  • Onsite support from GAC professional staff: our clients are allocated coordinators who escort you from the airport and act as guides during your entire stay. We ensure comfort, safety and well-being during their time in China.
  • Chinese language studies and fun activities: by integrating Chinese language courses with work experience, students will not only study Chinese through class instruction, elective workshops, etc. but they will also have the chance to participate in social activities, study tours, volunteer in China, cultural excursions, etc.
  • Social network support: participants get the chance to attend networking events and meet reputable Chinese CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs.
  • Our program deposit is completely refundable: If the participant is not satisfied with the internship offer, the GAC program fee deposit is 100% refundable (after sending an internship offer)
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GAC offer Short and long term custom packages for fraternities, sororities, student unions, alumni associations, and other groups available at special pricing. Please send email to [email protected] for more information.

The GAC China Internship Program are not just a bunch of job roles but also an opportunity to learn from industry experts.
• Internship Placement: GAC will arrange a professional internship placement for you in either a local Chinese or international company located right here in China
• Housing: 3 different options are available for the housing: homestay, shared apartment and private apartment
• Chinese Courses: Learn Chinese with other participants from all over the world
• Frequently communicate with both the intern and the partner company to ensure that the internship experience is varied, well-structured and managed in a professional way.
• Social & Cultural Activities: GAC has a broad selection of cultural activities and city excursions for everyone
• Entrepreneurial Training: (Our candidates will have the opportunity to join different business and networking events and take part the entrepreneurial training with young professional in china)
• Visa Documentation: (Eligible for doing internship)
• Welcome package: (Includes: Airport pick up, phone, sim card and city map and Oration)
• Support & Assistance: Go Abroad China's support literally begins during the initial stage of the application process
• Job Offer: 20% of GAC Internship in China program participants got Permanent Job offer after they finish the program.

Questions & Answers

No, you do not have to know Chinese prior to participating. Although the internship companies may be Chinese, we make sure to arrange an English speaking supervisor that will arrange your daily tasks and guide you everyday. However, while you are still abroad, you still have an opportunity to learn Chinese. Most participants usually ask for private tutoring on the days that they are not too busy...
Adjusting to a Chinese-style working environment and way of work was challenging in the beginning, but once you are in the company for some weeks it gets better. Its always helpful if you make a friends with some of your colleagues as they will pass on tips about what is expected, you adjust easier if you talk to people who have been there longer than you have.

Program Reviews

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  • Growth 8.7
  • Support 8.9
  • Fun 8.4
  • Housing 8.9
  • Safety 8.8
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Worthwhile experience

I believe that my experience in China allowed me to grow personally and learn a great deal about other cultures.
I think that GAC’s services are very unique and beneficial for students like me.
As for the language course, the tutor was extremely helpful, and allowed me to develop skills in a language I knew nothing about prior to coming to China.
Speaking about the internship, the program coordinator was very helpful and was available whenever I had a question or concern.
Overall was a great experience because on one hand I had the chance to develop and improve my level of Chinese; on the other hand I had a unique working experience.

Yes, I recommend
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Terrible experience

You can bet that any 100% positive review about Go Abroad China is 100% fake! One look at their fake staff page and you can get a lot of information about this company.

I was on the Shanghai internship program. GAC put me in a dirty apartment and gave a poor quality internship in a dead-end company. Totally against my dreams and aspirations for China.

Chinese law requires all non-Chinese to register their residence at the local police station in Shanghai. GAC NEVER told me about this and when I phoned them for guidance, they SHOUTED at me and told me not to go!! Why? Because then GAC would have to pay staff to tell all their interns this! I was fine 3000RMB because GAC did not tell me. GAC refused to pay me the money.

I had to consult a lawyer in China and luckily GAC became afraid and gave me a full refund so I could find new accommodation independently.

P.s. GAC is an advertiser on No conflict of interest there! (*sarcasm*)

Response from Go Abroad China

Dear Yasho,

As GAC International Relations representative, I feel responsible to reply to your feedback with full importance of this matter. We are sorry about the difference between your very high expectation and reality.. The same refers to the apartment issues. You have approved the apartment, and then you decided that this apartment is not luxury enough for your standards. Our staff in Shanghai helped you to compare several apartments several days and then you chose one. We even paid 2-3 night hotel fees. For residence registration, we definitely told you to make it at the beginning. However as you kept checking other apartments and missed the time, you could not make.
For the internship placement, we kept asking you your feedback about the company. As with our policy, we would definitely provide you with another placement if you don’t like it. However we never heard from you that you didn't like the company. And you worked there for 6 months and now you tell us you don’t like the company. We don’t think, your position make any sense in the already stated facts.
We never heard a anything about lawyer and we have no reason to be afraid of you. Your relationships are pretty clearly stated in the contracts and terms and conditions base.

GAC International Relations

No, I don't recommend
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Go Abroad China Shanghai SCAM

GAC is a disgusting company who lies and totally unethical. In 2012 I joined on their Shanghai Internship program. Here are the list of lies they committed against my wife and I:

1. The internship company did not pay a stipend despite GAC promising in writing that they did;
2. Accommodation was a dump, totally unsafe and they pictures they gave me before I came to China were fake;
3. I paid extra for for Chinese lessons but I was never given any. They promise on their website that they hire professional Chinese language teachers with degrees to teach Chinese. This is a 100% lie. They hired a girl, paying her $4 an hour and she had no language degree. Even she hated GAC;
4. GAC has NO office in Shanghai. Ask them on their Live Chat and they will grudgingly admit it! If you have a problem, they don't care and abandon you. They use part time workers, temporary workers as cheap staff and they then disappear;
5. GAC offer paid internships illegally on their website. It is illegal to pay an intern a wage under the Internship (F) visa. They are illegally advertising.
6. GAC find internships by spamming CVs to any random company and cannot find you the internships you want. They give you rubbish internships;
7. GAC did not provide me an internship when I got here, I was forced to wait for THREE WEEKS while they looked for one. They lied to me and told me they found one. When I arrived in Shanghai, the internship was non-existent!;
8. They tried to extort extra money from me because I wanted to leave the dirty apartment they gave me. They wanted to in effect have 2 deposits and cheat the next intern they had coming to Shanghai. When I refused to pay their bribe, they tried to put my apartment up for sale on an online agent! The language teacher they hired at $4 an hour refused their request thankfully!;
9. There are 100s of cheated interns who took the Shanghai internship program. They just don't bother speaking out. I met many ex-GAC interns who had to fight the company to get refunds. Examples include Newin Gretz from Switzerland and Yasho Rajmarathan from India.
10. GAC illegally prevent interns from registering at the police station upon their arrival in China
10. Their staff includes an ex-English teacher who regularly threatens interns with illegal actions if they don't pay GAC extra money.

Please do NOT use Go Abroad China. They are a scam company and do not provide a truly useful experience to their interns. All their reviews are fake or probably from Beijing where the interns don't know any better. They do not care about you. They are Chinese criminals.

Response from Go Abroad China

As GAC International relations representative, I feel responsible to reply to your feedback with full importance of this matter. We have to admit that all facts stated by you are very far from the real development of this case. We found that negative emotion implemented is not based on any facts, but personal interpretation 
1).   The company did promise us to pay stipend to our clients, but it’s based on program participants’ performance. Also it’s our first time to hear that you did not get the stipend. We would definitely coordinate with the company for you if you have told us earlier.
2).   If the accommodation is not safe, we don’t understand Mr.Rajesh had stayed there for 6 month totally. We stated clearly that due to uncontrolled reasons, we had right to change the housing. Hope Mr.Rajesh can understand this.
3) Mr. Rajesh have never been charged additional money for Chinese language lessons and it is not serious to comment professional relationships ,without having any information and details ,just based on guesses. 
4)We have never mentioned that there is GAC office in Shanghai as we work with our local employees , by providing better and more flexible service.
5) We have always stated the stipend ,not the salary as good way to help interns to cover part of there running expenses. Other than that never been commented or discussed.  
6)The following point is painless to discuss on public as Mr. Rajesh has no idea or access to GAC terms and way to work with Intern partnership companies.  
7)Mr. Rajesh request to be placed at Risk management’s business field with no related experience. He was not able to fulfill the most contacted company’s requirements, despite his high expectation and self overconfidence. As Mr.Rajesh did not like the first internship company, we arranged another more suitable one for him.  
8) Mr. Rajesh has live there for 3 months and refused to leave apartment after the end of the contract. The same person is living in the same apartment even at the moment, without paying the deposit even program finished. 

No, I don't recommend
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I stayed in a family house, my "mom" and "dad" were really kind and when I had time I gave some private English lesson to the child.

I went to work every day. The place wasn't so far, just three stops by subway.
After work, I used to go out with some colleagues or friends I met during my stay.

Yes, I recommend
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GAC Summer Internship Program

My stay in Beijing has been really great!

I participated in GAC program last summer. I thought the program offered what I was looking for: a way to improve my Chinese while experiencing China. The Chinese tutors were available flexibly to help with any language questions. My host mother Grace has been very very nice and patient with me, as well as GAC staff who has provided me with constant guidance and feedback! We often met up for dinners and other excursions, giving me the opportunities to converse and learn Chinese outside of the classroom. Before my program started in Beijing, GAC team was very responsive, making the process of getting to China and working, living in China much easier. Any problems came up were easily solved. I have to admit it is a great relief to know that I can call her anytime!

In addition, the group dinners and trips organized by GAC were wonderful. I was very very pleased by the welcome, and I am very thankful to GAC staff. I love them!

Yes, I recommend
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I interned in CRI through GAC and I worked closely with the manager and a number of other colleagues doing mostly interviewing, events and social media-type work. By interviewing, I mean interviewing ambassadors and counselors of various embassies like Micronesia, Nepal, etc.

Yes, I recommend
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Significant advantage

When I decided to participate I the internship in China program, I absolutely did not know where I want to work, what I want to do and what can this opportunity bring me. The program adviser was extremely helpful and helped me to figure out all the details about the program and to set up my goals. I was offered a variety of options and was provided with all the necessary information to make the right choice. When already in China GAC staff was by my side every second I needed them.

This experience gave me the opportunity to use theoretical knowledge acquired at the university. Now I know exactly what I want. I believe that the experience of working in a successful and rapidly growing company provided significant advantage in the future career development. This internship is a very important stage of my life, I realized that every day counts and you need to work hard and always "invest in yourself" if you want to succeed. Do not be afraid of new experiences, look for new opportunities to realize yourselves!

Yes, I recommend
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Internship in Beijing

It’s great experience. The staff was helpful, young and very understanding. Also Beijing is the heart of China, so to be exposed to China, Beijing is the right place. Everything was perfect. It lives up to my expectations and more, so why not advice my friends to experience it?! Program coordinators’ service was pretty good. Whenever I asked for something I would get a quick response. Go Abroad china is a great program. I had many options to choose, and I really appreciated that. Overall it was a great program, one month was like a day. I made many friends. I am now considering to go back to study Chinese for a year!

Yes, I recommend
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Internship, Beijing

A number of things contributed to making my internship such a fantastic experience. First of all, as I chose the home stay option, I was living with a Chinese family in a typical Beijing apartment. The family was very kind and provided assistance to me where they could. Secondly, the internship position itself and the company I worked for were excellent. For the first time since starting my studies I was able to get real-world, hands-on experience applying my knowledge, and I got to learn a lot of new stuff along the way. Thirdly, the other employees at my work were great people who really enriched my experience.

I initially discovered GAC simply because they were one of the few overseas agencies to offer an internship program in my discipline. After browsing their website for an hour or so it became apparent to me that GAC was an extremely professional organization that has a clear understanding of student needs. Then I proceeded to contact a representative of the company. All of my questions were promptly answered, and the process for applying for the internship program was clearly explained.

Prior to coming to China I did not speak any Chinese at all, and naturally this makes life a little bit difficult, especially when trying to get directions or order food at restaurants. However, the program coordinator’s service was extremely good. They were extremely friendly and helpful, and made the transition to Beijing life much easier than it would otherwise have been. I will recommend this program as it provides a very unique and rewarding experience, and is provided by a very professional and helpful organization. Choosing GAC for my internship has been an excellent decision, and I have not regretted it for a moment.

Yes, I recommend
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Beijing Impression

It is ironic in a way that, coming to China with such a passion for so many aspects of Chinese culture; Calligraphy, Martial Arts and Philosophy just to name a few, that I have so far had less engagement with traditional Chinese culture here than I did in Australia. There has simply been so much to do here that I haven’t had the time to pursue these interests. But I have no doubt that in future I will find plenty of time to explore the intricate sophistication and eccentricities of the cultural artifacts from the worlds’ longest unified civilization.

The staffs from GAC have been wonderfully supportive during my time here, and I think I have made some solid friendships from within the organization that will hopefully outlast the duration of my internship here in China. I can only hope that my experience of China and Beijing continues to be such a positive one. There are so many more things that I could say about this place, but I feel that maybe what is here should be enough of a taste to spark your imagination and inspire your own Chinese adventure.

Yes, I recommend
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Internship in Beijing

I participated in the Internship Program with Go Abroad China (GAC) during the Christmas. Although it was really cold, but I really had a wonderful time!!

Before my program started in Beijing, GAC coordinator team was very responsive in making the process of getting to China. That's why my life in China was much easier. They were available 24/7 to help you with anything that might come up. They made me feel much safety while I was there.

The trips organized by GAC were so great as well. I am very thankful to GAC staff. :))

How can this program be improved?

Overall it was a great program, but I feel like the length of program was too short for me. One month was like a day. Next time I'm gonna choose at least half year program.

Yes, I recommend
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Unforgettable memories

I would definitely recommend ‘Go abroad China’ without a once of hesitation. “Go Abroad China” team give you just the correct balance between freedom and their fun organized events. You can always get in touch with any of them if you require help which is very reassuring, they are fantastic people that if you get to know them around a good Chinese dinner (little advice for vegetarians china is not the best place, the menus are in Chinese and they are no ticks or anything of the sort to tell you the vegetarian options which are in most restaurants not even available as Chinese love eating pork and the meat there is particularly good price, however just tell the ‘fu wu yuan’ the waitress ‘wo chi su’ which means that you are a vegetarian and they will help you to choose) you will learn so much about culture, gain experience, listen to their stories and from the ones the other students taking part in the program will share with you on their country (Morocco, Tunisia are two places which never really tempted me to go visit before however I am planning to go to Casablanca and in the north of Morocco now that they I have been invited there and heard so much about it which made me so curious to go see for myself.) Making friends is one of the other main highlight of “ Go abroad China”, the range of people just never ends, so different but in a way so similar it is difficult to explain so just go and have one of the best trips of your life and get unforgettable memories!

Yes, I recommend
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Absolutely great

came to Beijing for 3 months Internship Program, because I wanted to study Chinese and to improve my career prospects. I was very satisfied with my experience and GAC assistance. Even though I was alone I knew that there was an organization behind me that could help with everything. The family I’ve been staying with was kind and helpful; they were open-minded so I didn’t have any troubles with them.

The program itself was very fulfilling from many aspects: language studies, daily life, excursions and culture. My Chinese language teacher was absolutely great; she helped me a lot to learn more. Program coordinators were caring and always helped me.

The greatest benefit that I’ve gained from GAC experience is the opportunity to find very good job and understand what my work career would be. I am independent now and I’ve learnt to live myself. I’ve left behind me all my fears that troubled me in the past.

Yes, I recommend
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great experience

The company I worked for was great, the work I did was fun, and all of my co-workers were friendly. In fact, I will be returning to China this summer for a second internship with them.

Yes, I recommend
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I had a fairly positive experience with GAC. I lived with young Chinese professional (no English) and studied 6 hours a day with a tutor provided by GAC. This is what I would recommend if you really plan to make progress in the language.

Yes, I recommend

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