Internships in Mexico City, Mexico

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Internship Programs in Mexico City

Internships in Mexico City, Mexico


Like any freshly modernized city, Mexico City provides a melting pot of old and new. One night after your internship you may be hanging out at a grand traditional cantina, and the next night bouncing with world-class DJs on a rooftop terrace.

Whether you are more interested in cheap delicious food from street vendors or trying out the newest gastronomic delights from Michelin chefs, this exciting city has something for everyone. The beautifully temperate climate, bustling street life, and rich culture will captivate and excite any intern adventurous enough to take an internship in Mexico City.

Top Industries

Social Work Internships

If you’re interested in doing social work, these internships will offer supervised work opportunities with Mexican social work agencies. This experience can provide a deeper understanding of cultural variables among different Latin-American ethnic groups and show how different factors work together to influence social work practice. With social work, an intern can choose which area of the industry to work under (ex: hospitals, orphanages, asylums).

Environmental Internships

If you’re interested in environmental science in a real-world, international context, then these internships are for you! Interns are expected to work to create community awareness for the environment and human impact on it. Not only will you be gaining hands-on experience in the field, but you will also be able to enhance your Spanish speaking skills while dealing with locals!

Economics Internships

Mexico has the 14th largest nominal GDP as of 2010 and is growing to be a huge economic hub. Interns can work alongside professionals in the field, and will be provided firsthand exposure to the world of economics in one of the world’s largest leading economies. Tasks will range from commercial economics, financial economic dynamics, to macroeconomic surveys.

Planning Your Trip

When and Where to Look for an Internship

Internships can be found anytime during the year. If you are looking for a hospitality or tourism internship, then it is recommended you start looking early in the spring to go during the summer – where most of the tourists flock to Mexico City to enjoy the culture and beautiful views.

Cost of Living in Mexico City

According to Numbeo, living in Mexico City will be slightly cheaper than living in the United States. A typical meal at an inexpensive restaurant will cost $5.29, whereas a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will be $30. Renting a three bedroom apartment will be about $850-1300 a month, depending on how close it is to the city center.


Several different languages are spoken in Mexico City. The primary language is Spanish, but some Mexicans will only speak their native indigenous language. Most Mexicans are monolingual Spanish speakers, but knowing English can still help an intern get around.

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