Internships in Wales

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Internship Programs in Wales

Internships in Wales


Castles, history, suburb golf, and all the beauty the United Kingdom has to offer but with a little more mystery -- meaning, rather than throwing yourself in with the throngs of other interns in London, you'll be different, interning in Wales.

Often overlooked as the small, less important country in the UK, Wales has a vibrant history and is full of action! The beaches of the Celtic Sea may a bit different (and colder) than typical beaches visited on a getaway, but the beauty of the country is unmatched. And with large cities like London, Manchester and Liverpool close by -- Wales is the best of both worlds.

Wales’ capital and largest city is Cardiff, with a population of a little over 300,000 people, is the country’s central political, economic, and cultural hub, making it an ideal location to land an internship in Wales..

The small but beautiful country has opportunities in media, marketing, fashion and many more! For the UK experience with a twist, turn to Wales for your internship abroad.

At Go Overseas, we strive to provide the most comprehensive program and internship listings available. At this time, we are only able to find a few internship opportunities in Wales, listed below. You can read this full guide to interning in Wales, or use the Search page to explore other internship opportunities.

Top Industries

While you‘ll find more small domestic businesses in Wales, that doesn’t mean the internships cannot be an equally rewarding experience abroad. A wide range of internship placements are available in areas such as:


Students commonly flock towards an international internship in business. In today’s world, intercultural awareness is almost essential for anyone seeking a career in the field of business and/or communications -- and that certainly holds true for marketing.

Whether you’re interested in pitching, marketing approaches, social media campaigns, or just overall business structure, a marketing internship in Wales can provide the necessary experience to better understand the global market -- especially if you’re more interested in marketing for a small business than one of the larger corporations in London.


An education internship in Wales is a great way to prepare for a career as a principal, teacher, librarian, or an educational administrator. Spending time in Wales and getting to know how their curriculum and teaching style works will give you a new frame of reference when you return to your home country.

Getting a global perspective on the ever changing structure of education will make you a more marketable educator. Completing an internship abroad can put you ahead and give you some unique tools to use in your classroom back home.

Social Care

Social care internships in Wales will give you the chance to improve the lives of people and communities who are in need. You’ll gain insight into the concepts of economics, law, education, psychology, sociology, health and medicine on an international scale. Social care is an all-encompassing practice that encourages a well rounded education that is easily provided through internships abroad.

Planning Your Trip

When and where to look for internships

Internships in Wales generally have flexible start and end dates throughout the year, though most will last somewhere between three and six months. Like the rest of the UK, it can become quite cold and gray in the winter time, so take this into account when you are planning what time of year to intern in Wales.

Accommodation and Visas

Most Welsh people enjoy a comfortable standard of living because it is a small country with relatively low costs of living. Depending on your location within the country, you will likely want to look into renting a flat as an intern abroad. Living away from the city centers and living with roommates will make the cost of renting a flat significantly cheaper. Also speak to your Welsh employer during the process about living options, as often companies will help international participants to organize accommodations.

Individuals from Europe will not need to obtain a visa to intern in Wales, while individuals from the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia will only need to obtain a visa if they plan to intern for over six months. If this is the case, then your employer will usually help you throughout the visa process and help endorse your application. More details can be found via the UK government’s website.

Costs & Salary

Expect most internships in Wales to be unpaid. Most will offer some form of alternative compensation instead, such as housing, meals, transportation costs, and a living stipend. Reach out to your host employer during the application process about the different types of compensation that they might offer to international interns.

The good news, however, is that Wales is a relatively affordable destination for internships abroad, as most costs of living there are cheaper than in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Housing, transportation, meals, and other necessities all generally fall below the UK average. The national currency is the sterling pound, the same as the rest of the United Kingdom, which can make traveling throughout the islands less troublesome when it comes to money exchange.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I intern in the UK without a work visa?

    You cannot intern in the UK without a work visa as an international candidate. Obtaining the appropriate visa, such as a Government Authorized Exchange visa, is necessary to legally intern in the United Kingdom.

  • What are the requirements to do an internship in the UK?

    To intern in the UK, you’ll need to hold a valid passport, obtain the required work visa, and be fluent in the English language. Some internships may require candidates to be undergraduate or postgraduate students.

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  • Can a US citizen get an internship in the UK?

    As a US citizen, you can pursue internships in the UK by applying for a Government Authorized Exchange visa (formerly known as Tier 5).

  • Do interns get paid in the UK?

    Most internships in the UK are paid, however, some companies offering unpaid internships may provide stipends, academic credit, or cover expenses like meals. The compensation varies based on the employer.

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  • What are internships called in the UK?

    Internships in the UK are commonly referred to as "work placements," providing valuable opportunities for individuals to gain practical experience and develop their skills in a professional setting within the United Kingdom.

  • Can foreigners intern in the UK?

    Yes! Foreigners can intern in the UK, but you’ll need to apply for a work visa and get sponsored by your employer.