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College students may study abroad with API in over two dozen countries across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. With a wide variety of courses offered in almost every major discipline and in various languages of instruction, it is easy for students to find a program that suits their academic interests. API offers high quality language and culture programs for all levels of language learners.

API was founded in 1997 by four women dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable study abroad programs for U.S. students. API has grown rapidly since its founding nearly 20 years ago. We now send more than 4,000 students and participants abroad annually to over 50 cities within twenty nine countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Oceania.

We strive to provide individual attention to every participant and attract students from colleges and universities across the United States, public and private, large and small!


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I had a great time! I was able to complete major requirements and have the experience of a lifetime! I took difficult science classes, to keep myself on track with my biology major. The classes were in line with the difficulty of my home university. All classes were taught in english, by professionals within their field (ex. psych class taught by a real life psychologist) I was able to set up time to volunteer in a local hospital as well, which will look great on my resume. I had no issues transferring credits at all, everything came through easily. The program itself is great. It includes three overnight excursions and many day trips. The program directors are impeccable and easy to reach. Highly recommend for all majors, not just science. Theres no program quite like this for the same cost.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Studying abroad at the University of Leeds was the best decision I made! The staff at API are very supportive, informative and enthusiastic about international education. What is unique about the program at Leeds is the fact that you are experiencing the English culture through the lens of an English university student. This program is one of the only programs in England where you have the opportunity to live in student halls with English students, attend lectures with local students, and fully immerse yourself within the student community. Leeds is also easily accessible, there is a bus system in the city, a train station downtown, and an airport outside the city. Leeds is located near many national parks, so there is easy access to hiking and exploring historic sites in England. API also includes cultural excursions to further teach you about British culture, such as trips to London, Edinburgh, and historic sites in Yorkshire.

Beyond the immersive aspects of the program, Leeds offers a wide range of courses to enroll in. By taking art history courses not offered at my home university, I enhanced my academic studies and strengthened my research skills within the field. The University also sent weekly emails to students about internship and volunteer opportunities. In addition to my studies, I presented my research at an Undergraduate Research Conference at the University of Leeds and held a research placement at a local theater!

Yes, I recommend this program
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API was a fantastic program to work with!! The pre-departure material was comprehensive and made me confident starting life in a new country. Housing was included in the cost of the program and API took care of setting up the living situation. I was in a co-ed "flat" style living, which is similar to student housing, with people from all across the world. It was a unique experience to live with people from different backgrounds and integrate our experiences, living styles, cooking preferences, and personalities. API provided multiple excursions within the program which allowed me to see amazing places I probably would not have seen otherwise! These excursions fostered friendships and typically included a meal, always a bonus for a student! API went above and beyond to ensure us students were taken care of and had the assistance necessary to thrive in a new environment. There was an international education adviser on campus we had access to as API program members. Everything from housing, travel, and education was seamless through the help of API. Terrific program, and I would recommend to anyone looking for a new experience in a vibrant country!! So much beauty and culture to explore, let the adventure begin!

Yes, I recommend this program
One of my favorite days in Scotland!

My experience studying abroad in the Fall of 2017 was incredible! I had a hard time picking a program and location because of all the options that were available. Once I had it narrowed down to the UK, the picture of the University of Edinburgh is what eventually made my decision. It was absolutely dreamlike!

The API staff was with me all along the way. From after I submitted my first application to getting reacclimated to the States when I returned home, I always had a contact within the program that I could ask questions and get answers from. The best part with API was all of our Cultural Excursions. We had four excursions to different prominent cities in Scotland that gave us a good look at the different cultures within Scotland from the Scottish Highlands to the largest city, Glasgow. We also had culture events throughout the semester that gave us many authentic Scottish experiences. We went to things like a rugby game, we had afternoon tea, and went on a scotch whiskey tour. These events happened almost every week and showed me new things that I wouldn't have thought to see or do without the group.

In Scotland, there was an onsite program director that led us in these excursions. She was an American who had moved to Scotland to get married. Alexis had a unique perspective as she had been in our shoes before. She had studied as a grad student at the University of Edinburgh so she also had good advice for schooling and how to navigate that. I got to see first hand how involved she could be in case of extreme circumstances.

API gave us the option of how involved they needed to be. If we needed something, they were there. If we didn't, we could be as independent as we wanted to be.

There was initial training online to do before we left and then there was helpful country-specific training once we got there with information like where to buy toiletries and groceries. There was information on language differences, even though they speak English there are certain words that mean different things in Scotland versus over here in America.

Studying abroad was the experience of a lifetime. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone, there are so many programs out there that everyone should be able to find one that they can make work. It broadens your horizons and teaches you life lessons that can only be learned through experiencing them. I have gained confidence and the ability to articulate my Study Abroad experience while in Scotland and since I've been back!

Yes, I recommend this program
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This was literally the best four months of my life!

I loved all of my classes! The teachers were super patient and always spoke to us at our level of French without being condescending. They made classes interesting. Because this is France, your classes will be a lot longer. I had a two-hour grammar/language classes every morning (it was 4 hours on Thursdays) and 2 hours of electives in the afternoon. I did have Friday off though which was great! Your schedule will depend on your level of French. There were also good options for electives. My favorite was Mythology.

Host Family:
I absolutely loved my host family. My host mom was the sweetest. They took me up into the mountains to see where the Olympics were, to visit the grandparents, to eat fondue, and more. I have a lot of really great memories because of my host family. It's also a great way to practice your language. My French was horrible when I got there but my host mom was super patient with me and by the time I left I could actually hold a conversation. They also had the fluffiest cat I have ever seen!

I love Grenoble!! It will take some time to grow on you, but you will end up loving it! There are mountains all around you and a river that runs through the city. There are lots of pretty parks where you can have a picnic or just hang out with friends. They also have lots of student-friendly deals at restaurants, museums, and other places since there are some big universities there. There are also lot's of places to go out at night and it's always fun since the city is packed with students. It's a little bit of an edgy personality, like a leather jacket and red lipstick kind of way, but I never felt unsafe there, even walking home at 3 am. It's also not touristy at all (but don't worry, there is plenty to do!!) which made it nice because we were seen more as international students than annoying tourists.

API was super helpful pre-departure, while abroad, and even after coming home. I had lots of questions about paperwork and visas and they answered everything they could. They also gave us a big online pre-departure packet with everything we could ever want to know about studying abroad. They made sure we were as prepared as possible for studying abroad. While we were there, Anna and Marie were super helpful! Marie took us around Paris during our orientation and even though I barely understood French she was super patient with it. They also took us on other fun excursions like snowshoeing, a weekend in Dijon, and a weekend in Nice. They also had cultural things in their office like a crepe party and a cheese tasting. I never had any problems, but they were always there to help us out! After coming home, API offers a program called the Global Leadership Academy so that alumni can continue (in a way) their study abroad experience, learn about leadership, and encourage others to study abroad.

Overall, this was the best four months of my life and I wish I was still there!!

How can this program be improved?
I found it kind of hard to meet local students since our classes were with other international students and because I barely spoke French. There are definitely ways to do it and I think I could've tried harder to meet local students, but it could be cool if API helped a little more with that.
No, I don't recommend this program


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