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Sign up today with China Study Abroad
Sign up today with China Study Abroad
Study Mandarin Chinese in Beijing, China
Study Mandarin Chinese in Beijing, China
Study Abroad at BLCU in Beijing
Study Abroad at BLCU in Beijing


China Universities offers short and long term university language programs in cities all over China. We offer a standardized set of services to help you get settled in and make sure you have support and a community for your time in China.

From mega-cities like Shanghai and Beijing to scenic Kunming or tropical Hainan island, we'll help you arrange your program and can sort out all the basics for you - visa help, choice of housing, airport pickups and 24/7 support.

  • Affordable.
  • Great On the Ground Support.
  • Housing options to fit all budgets.
  • Making study in China accessible to all.
  • Low-Cost options Available.

New Program on Tropical Hainan Island

New "Hawaii of the East" Program! We are now offering semester and year programs on Hainan Island, in the capital Haikou.

Semester w/ single dorm - US$3075
Year w/ single dorm - US$5345.

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  • Academics 8.7
  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 8.6
  • Housing 9.5
  • Safety 9.5
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Yes, I recommend this program

China Study Abroad: a first-class organization all around.

I studied at BLCU through China Study Abroad for 2 semesters starting Sep 2009. I was pretty apprehensive about coming to China, as I knew little Mandarin and I had never really studied Chinese properly. Hence, I was looking for a study abroad program that I could trust and rely on.

I do a fair amount of pre-judging, based on website design and functionality, and CSA's was the best by far. Their responses to my inquiries were quick and informative. I didn't really shop around, but I felt that I had chosen a good program.

Those feelings were backed up on arrival, when I was picked up at the airport by a CSA staff member. I was settled into my apartment quickly and given a tour around the area, and I quickly made some friends who were also CSA students.

The CSA staff were really friendly and helpful, always able to answer questions and offer help. They also organized trips and activities around Beijing almost every weekend, which I took full advantage of, especially the Great Wall camping trip... what an experience!

I met some really great friends through CSA, and we still keep in touch though we are far apart. I know I wouldn't have had the same experience without CSA, and I know I couldn't have had the easy introduction to China without their help.

At the end of my 2 semesters, I had learned enough Mandarin to be conversational in it, and I decided to stay longer in China to find work and experience more of this awesome country. I guess you can't say much more about a study abroad program than that!

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Yes, I recommend this program


CSA is really well organised and they understand what makes a good language experience, making my own experience something I will remember forever! I was lucky enough to stay with a wonderful home stay family which was understandably difficult at first but is really benefiting my Chinese and means I have seen the city with the help of locals. Thanks to CSA I have learned so much about Chinese culture and made loads of new friends. The CSA weekend activities have shown me new areas of the city and helped me meet some really cool people, and although I am only a beginner BMA is bringing my Chinese along in leaps and bounds. The school is easily accessible from my place and the area is really fun to hang out in with my classmates. I would really recommend CSA and BMA to anyone wishing to learn Chinese, make new friends and have an awesome time!

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Yes, I recommend this program

No regrets!

BLCU provides great quality Chinese instruction and I love the camaraderie my classes developed. The classes were a little big (around 20) and a little too long but the benefit I received by studying with experienced, helpful, and understanding teachers more than compensated for that. There's a very large international student body so it was great to meet and make friends with people from all over the world. The Chinese student population also made it very easy to find a language partner or tutor.

CSA went above and beyond my expectations. Free drinks in the office, organized events every weekend as well as longer, multi-day trips on holidays were great. Everyone was also very approachable if there was a problem that needed help or fixing. I'm personally indebted to one staff member in particular after she stayed with me at the hospital for the entire day after I had an accident on my bike. There's nobody else I would go to if I come back to study in China.

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Yes, I recommend this program

CSA and BLCU in the Spring

The CSA staff are always willing to help out in the event of any dificulties and even if you just need a friendly word or two. They arrange all sorts of outside events and suggestions for an active social life as well as group activities and trips outside Beijing. They are always available to help with any visa issues well as advice on places to visit and generally wnyhtng you could possibly wnat to now about life in Beijing!

The BLCU program is hard, partly because it is generally an intensive course and partly because chinese is hard!!! The teachers are generally very helpful and there is a surprising amount of class readjustment, students can try out other classes if they feel they are not in the right one, hopefully everyne manages to end up in one that suits their needs.
BLCU also aranges a number of trips as part of their program: visits to the Great Wall and National Museum etc.

One of the other interesting things about the BLCU program is the amazing number of different nationalities in the different classes as well as ages from 17 to 60. You certianly have a whole new outlook on the world after time spent here.

I would highly recommend this program and CSA.

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Yes, I recommend this program

CSA & BMA - A great combo for a China first timer!

After I finished university, I planned to move to Beijing on whim - with no Chinese language training and no living abroad experience, it was all a bit daunting (and I was somewhat naive!). However, after contacting CSA two weeks prior to my departure, they helped me create a customized program with Beijing Mandarin Academy, that allowed me to study in the morning for 3 hours per weekday. The program at BMA was great - while the teachers do follow the textbook lessons, I find they do so in a unique and interactive way. My laoshi (teacher) even brought a few dozen dumplings to class once for us to practice ordering and speaking about food (as well as practicing our chopstick skills!). The program at BMA was great and gave me a great foundation for my Chinese language skills. I am grateful that CSA was available to help me set up my language program as I would not have been able to find my way without them! x