As computers become a more and more important part of everyday life, IT is growing as a field of study around the world. Information technology serves as the backbone for pretty much all aspects of the modern world. It’s a crucial part of almost everything, from healthcare to education to retail to engineering. If you've chosen to study IT, however, you already know how diverse and important this field is becoming. IT is a developing and pressing field across the world, which makes studying abroad a great choice for students looking to take an active role in changing life around them!

So why study abroad? Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. It will inspire you and broaden your perspective on the world. There’s a ton of evidence that people become more creative, flexible, adept at problem solving and just plain happier if they are exposed to different cultures through travel (#BecauseScience). And if you’re worried about falling behind in your extensive major requirements, don’t fret! There are many renowned IT programs across the world so you can explore new places and get motivated for your studies back home!

There are technology programs at universities across the world, so you have many options to choose from if you would like to study IT abroad. Regardless of where you choose to study, you'll be exposed to interesting new technological developments that you wouldn't see studying in the United States. In Europe, there are high-caliber IT programs in England, France, Switzerland, and even Poland. Consider the University of Cambridge or Oxford - two of the top universities in the world - if you're really interested in taking cutting edge courses. Other great options in Europe are the Efrei Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies, the University of Wroclaw, or ETH Zurich. In these more unique locales you'll have plenty of time to immerse yourself in the local culture and explore your surroundings.

Silicon valley isn’t the only tech hub in the world. Bangalore is the fastest growing tech community in the world, and draws technically minded folks from all over India. There are also IT opportunities elsewhere in Asia, including in Singapore and Tokyo. Asia is definitely a hub of groundbreaking technology, so it will be very exciting to be a part of this community. Getting that far afield will certainly be a unique study abroad experience, but it will be both a challenge and an adventure to study somewhere completely unlike your hometown.

Scholarships for Studying IT

Worried you can't afford study abroad and your next laptop upgrade? We got you covered! Check out these scholarships that can help you study IT abroad:

Information Technology Study Abroad Programs

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The Spanish Course
Study Abroad at One of the top 3 Spanish Universities
6 reviews2 interviews

Study in Santander, a safe and idyllic city, whilst living at your...

CES Maastricht University
Business & Economics in Europe
14 reviews

The European Union (EU) is a major global trading power. With the...

American College of Thessaloniki
Study Abroad in Greece with American College
13 reviews3 interviews

For the student seeking a unique and immersive study abroad experience...

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad
9 Countries: Nursing, Pre-Med, and STEM Traveling Summer Study in Europe
Multiple Countries
3 reviews

Make your summer unforgettable! Travel throughout Europe with students...

China Study Abroad
Affordable Master's (and Bachelor's) Programs in China
2 reviews3 interviews

Curious about studying in China? Did you know that... - many Master's...

AIT - Budapest
AIT-Budapest Computer Science Study Abroad Program
6 reviews2 interviews

Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT) provides a unique study abroad...

The Coding Space
GirlCode Gap Semester Program
United States of America
3 reviews1 interview

The GirlCode Gap Semester is designed for a group of self-directed...

Athena Study Abroad
Athena Study Abroad at Griffith College in Dublin
5 reviews

Dublin is the perfect blend of the energy and commodities of a big...

Semester in Thailand at Mahidol University
3 reviews

During your Semester in Thailand, you’ll live in Bangkok, the capital...

Coding & Web Development Bootcamp in Spain, France and Mexico
Multiple Countries
2 reviews1 interview

Looking to make a transition into a technical career? Ironhack’s Web...

Institute of Technology Sligo
Study Abroad at the Institute of Technology Sligo
5 reviews1 interview

IT Sligo was established in 1970 and is a publicly funded higher...

InteRDom Internships
Internship, Research & Study in Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
2 reviews

InteRDom is the leading expert in comprehensive and immersive...

University of Leeds
Study Abroad at Leeds International Summer School
2 reviews1 interview

This is your chance to spend next summer studying abroad at the...

Central European University
CEU MS in Business Analytics and MS in Finance Scholarship and Internship Programs
Multiple Countries
2 reviews1 interview

At CEU, our goal is to welcome outstanding students regardless of...

International Business Seminars
International Business Seminars: Winter Two: London & Paris
Multiple Countries
2 reviews1 interview

Winter Two is a condensed version of our Winter One seminar. This...

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Its was an incredible journey with HEX, I would never imagine to learn so many things be it profession or for personal development, making new friends for life, meeting great bunch of people from...

watersports alicante

Studying abroad in Alicante with CEA provided me housing in the middle of a laid-back, beautiful city with a rich history and endless things to do and places to explore. This is a great city to...

Bank of Ireland in June (pride month). This building has no windows... go to Ireland to learn why!

Studying in Dublin, Ireland was the best decision I have ever made. Now, most people would probably say that after spending a month in another country exploring and learning about the local culture...

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