A little country nestled in the middle of Germany, Belgium, and France, Luxembourg is only about the size of greater Boston, but it has a lot to offer for a study abroad country with almost 70% of its small population being international. The diversity creates a unique atmosphere that many thrive in and can discover so much about the world.

Lux is in the center of everything Euro. Its location is perfect if you’re looking to travel outside its little boundaries when you go overseas. In a day, you can cross multiple countries by bus. In half a day by plane, you’re anywhere you want to be in Europe. No wonder the country is so international!

Direct Enrollment

The University of Luxembourg has an incredible amount of support for their international students and has multiple ways for you to attend their school during your time overseas. These programs can be semester or year long programs, and some are summer programs that you can take without interrupting your regular enrollment at your home university (and maybe even graduate early)!

Language Immersion

Want an extra push to further your language skills? This is where language immersion courses, either through a language school or as an add-on to your study abroad program, comes in. To make your experience more intensive, find a host family that speaks the language you want to learn or roommates that'll challenge your speaking skills even when you're at home.

Semester/Year Programs

With the programs in Luxembourg offering multiple options for enrollment, you can choose the semester you want to spend abroad: fall, spring, or even a full year overseas. Can you imagine how much traveling and adventures you can experience in a year of living in the hub of Europe?

Travel Tours

If you're not keen on spending an entire program in Lux, you have the option to sign up for a travel tour through more than one country. These types of programs will guide you through multiple destinations all while you attend your classes on the road. Institutions from businesses to universities have created these opportunities to cover more area and keep things interesting.


Students from an EU member state or from a country in the European Economic Area are NOT required to get a visa. However, students from the US must obtain a student visa if their trip is longer than 90 days in total.


Living in Luxembourg is more expensive than in France and Germany, especially in the heart of the city. A meal at a restaurant may cost around 20 Euros. For semester and year-long students, we suggest budgeting around $5000-$7000 USD for additional costs like airfare, travel expenses, souvenirs, and occasional meals out.


Luxembourg is on the high end of the spectrum when it comes to prices for housing with an average studio apartment going for 850 Euro and a shared room in a furnished apartment for about 600 Euro. However, there are some great options if you are able to study abroad within the University of Luxembourg.

The University has 550 student residence rooms available for only 360 Euro a month. Of course, there are other options for housing, you can always find your study abroad housing on your own. Try exploring the idea of a homestay if you are looking for something of an easier transition from home or living in a shared dorm if you think that the college atmosphere will make you the most comfortable.


French and German are the official languages of Luxembourg, but if you are lucky enough to be around a lot of locals, some Luxembourgish may become the norm in your everyday conversations. Of course, English is also widely spoken and most classes can be taken in your native language.

Local Cuisine

As you’d expect, being in among a few pretty incredible foodie areas of Europe is going to make for a wonderful study abroad experience in Luxembourg. Think German “comfort foods” with a French elegance and influence. Plus, Luxembourg is known for their monstrous servings that won’t leave you with an empty stomach. Prepare to experience lots of schnitzels, cream sauces, fish, and wild boar.


The healthcare standards in Luxembourg are known to be one of the best in Europe. While planning your trip, make sure to update all vaccinations at least 6-8 weeks before departure. If you're traveling to more than one country, talk to your doctor about what's best for you; some countries require vaccines that others don't.


As one of the safest countries in the world, Luxembourg is a great destination for students. However, students should always take normal safety precautions when traveling solo: always keep your valuables close to your body or locked away, stay vigilant in crowds, and make copies of important documents in case of emergencies.

Contributed by Lisa Saltagi

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