If you're a math major you know that the world of mathematics is much more diverse and complicated than arithmetic, algebra, and calculus. From applied to theoretical math, these concepts are crucial for virtually every aspect of the modern world.

Unfortunately, a lot of math majors assume they can't study math abroad. That's so far from the truth! Study abroad can broaden your perspective on any subject, not just the humanities. And math is a universal language and an ever-expanding discipline, one where people are making groundbreaking developments all over the world.

Studying math abroad is a great opportunity to allow you to see how other countries study it, how they apply it, and broaden your perspective on your post-college career in math. You may be introduced to another branch of math that could change your study or career path, and you will certainly return home with a renewed interest in learning.


Studying statistics abroad means analyzing data for practical use -- from looking at medical data to Facebook and anything in between. If you're majoring in statistics, studying abroad is a great option for you. Going overseas will help you refine your cross-cultural and problem-solving skills, plus you'll have access to unique data you might not find at home.


Studying engineering abroad could include electrical, audio, chemical, mechanical, or computer engineering. By studying the field overseas, you'll be able to learn different approaches to the field (not every country has an identical approach to engineering) and learning how to apply the study to an international field.

Some programs will include an internship component to their engineering programs abroad to give students the ability to learn then apply their skills while studying engineering abroad.

There are many top-rated math programs at universities all across the world, so you have a lot of options when deciding where to study math abroad! There are a few universities in China with very well regarded math programs, including Peking University and the University of Hong Kong.

Other universities in major urban hubs throughout Asia, including in Singapore and Tokyo, also offer excellent math programs.

If you're interested in studying abroad in Europe, consider England or France. England has some of the top universities in the world, and the University of Cambridge and Oxford both have rigorous and renowned math departments. France, meanwhile, is home to the math and technology powerhouse, Ecole Polytechnique.

Keep in mind that if your home university math major makes study abroad difficult for a semester or an entire year, there are some really great options for a summer study abroad experience. This will give you a chance to have the quintessential study abroad experience but without loosing any ground in coursework for your major.

Mathematics Study Abroad Programs

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CIEE Arts + Sciences in Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa
11 reviews

Take your arts and sciences studies a step further with study abroad...

Scotland: Stirling - Undergraduate Courses
4 reviews

An exciting mix of old and new, the city of Stirling has a growing...

Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA)
IFSA: University College London Partnership
8 reviews1 interview

If you are looking to immerse yourself in a city that is a melting pot...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)
ISA Study Abroad in Newcastle, Australia
12 reviews6 interviews

Study in Australia at the University of Newcastle with ISA! The...

API Study Abroad in Cork, Ireland
4 reviews

This lively city on the beautiful south coast of Ireland is the...

Oxford Royale Academy
Summer School in Cambridge, England
14 reviews3 interviews

Our Cambridge summer school enables students aged 13-15 and 16-18 to...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)
ISA Study Abroad in Rome, Italy
10 reviews5 interviews

Roma, the Eternal City, the City of seven hills, Caput Mundi (head of...

API Abroad in Sharjah, UAE
United Arab Emirates
3 reviews1 interview

Students may study abroad in the UAE with API at the American...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)
ISA Study Abroad in Brisbane, Australia
12 reviews8 interviews

Students studying in Brisbane, Australia have the unique opportunity...

University College Cork
Direct Enrollment at University College Cork
49 reviews5 interviews

Looking for an incredible abroad experience in the land of intriguing...

University of Limerick
Study Abroad at University of Limerick, Ireland
23 reviews3 interviews

UL annually welcomes over 2000 International students from around the...

University of Canterbury
Study Abroad in NZ: University of Canterbury
New Zealand
21 reviews3 interviews

The University of Canterbury was established in 1873 and is New...

University College Dublin
University College Dublin - Study Abroad
34 reviews5 interviews

University College Dublin (UCD) is Ireland's largest and most diverse...

Massey University
Massey University Study Abroad Programs
New Zealand
14 reviews3 interviews

Massey University offers a wide range of study options at three major...

Academic Programs Abroad (APA)
APA Paris: Premier Academics, Culture, Community
27 reviews2 interviews

Become a true Parisian and take classes in French alongside your...

What People Are Saying

Journaling on the west coast of the south island at sunset! Mid road trip.

I must start by saying that my time abroad in New Zealand was absolutely the best experience of my life. I stayed there for the full 6 months that my student visa allowed me to, and I am so grateful...

High Street at night, as viewed from the tower of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

I had an amazing time at the University of Oxford and would highly recommend the program to anyone looking for an academically rigorous and exciting abroad experience. I grew a lot as a writer because...

Graduation Day: KU (Korea University) had a cute ceremony to commemorate our experience. We got the cap and gown and everything!

This program is one of the best short term winter programs I have done. Korea University has a beautiful campus and great facilities. The professors were also amazing. I was able to take a class...

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