Teaching Nomad - Teaching opportunities in China
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Teaching Nomad - Teaching opportunities in China

In-person interviews being held in Shanghai & Bangkok

If you're considering teaching in UAE for 2018, this is a great opportunity meet with school leadership in person! TN will be hosting exclusive in-person interviews in Bangkok Thailand, January 4th - 8th & Shanghai, China January 12-14th.

Register with us today to confirm your spot!

Teaching Nomad is your connection to great teaching opportunities in China! American owned and operated company with offices in both Shanghai, China & Denver, Colorado. We are the definitive source for teach abroad in China.

Since 2011 we've been vetting schools in China and helping people like you connect with only the best. We have schools hiring for every subject, in 40+ cities. Whether you want to teach English in Shanghai or Biology in Xi'an, we can probably help!

We take a lot of pride in connecting dedicated teachers with great schools all over the country. Teaching Nomad has programs for teachers of all experience levels including Professional educators, Experienced ESL instructors and Beginner teachers. Our clients include International schools, Language training schools, Primary/ Middle/ High schools and kindergartens.

Register with us today to be connected with a dedicated placement consultant who can answer all your questions and find the perfect match for you.

  • Very competitive pay
  • Free housing or allowance
  • Benefits (health, flights, bonuses)
  • Personal placement consultant to walk you through the process
  • Opportunity to get your TEFL for free
Program Type
1 Year+
Salary / Benefits
CNY 10,000 – 35,000 RMB/month + Potential expat packages including: airfare, housing, insurance, meals and more!
BA degree or above
Native English speaker
Classroom Audience
High School
Middle School
University Students
Age Min.
Age Max
Price Details
TN's services will always be free for teachers
Other Locations
Teaching vacancies throughout the country (40+ cities)

Questions & Answers

Hey Melissa, Thanks for your message. South Africans teachers can apply to all of our programs. Please email your resume to [email protected] and we'll process your application.
Hey Samantha, Most of the teaching positions are for a minimum of one year, and most international school require a two-year commitment from the teacher. There is an occasional opening for a semester, but they're very uncommon and usually open only to people already residing in the country. If you email your resume to [email protected] we can send you updates on short-term positions.
Hey Jimena, This is a great question and I'm sure you're not the only one who would like to know the answer. Most of the schools we work with only hire native English speakers. In many countries this is because of visa regulations and there's not much individual employers can do to change this. However, if you have a valid teaching license or a degree in Education from a native English speaking...
Yes Jennifer, pre-school is in high demand! We work with some of the top pre-schools and kindergartens.

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  • Fun 9.4
  • Facilities 9.5
  • Safety 9.4
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teaching nomad, higher end job agents

Had 2 experiences with Teaching Nomad first as a teacher with a job looking to see what was out there and not really seeing much secondly with another agent getting a very good job beyond my expectations. Both experiences were good as the agents were professional and efficient, offering good advice. There is also decent support with information on teaching in China and occasional social activities allowing you to meet other teachers and employers. From my experience they seem to have better positions available and be more professional than the other job search people out there!

How can this program be improved?

Its pretty good as is to be honest, might include more information on job fairs?

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching Nomad Assistance

Ashley Farrell, helped me right from the start. Speaking to her via Skype and emails and support led to me getting my first ESL job. Her support will also continue and that is something that makes the relocation less daunting.

Teaching Nomad/Ashley treated me like a person and not a number. In conclusion; I want to make my experience work it's down to the individual to explain why and what they want to achieve from a teaching opportunity abroad.

How can this program be improved?

A complimentary present in relation to the programme abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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Positive experience with teaching nomad

I was helped out by a lovely lady, called Moira. She found me a job at an international school, which greatly improved my pay and conditions. I had been considering leaving China until this point. The support is amazing and this provides a safety net for anyone nervous about ending up in a bad situation. Definitely check out teaching nomad if you want to work abroad as a teacher. The great advantage is that, as well as providing peace of mind, this program cuts your effort of sending endless CVs and application forms.

Yes, I recommend
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Jacklynn + Teaching Nomad= Excellence and professionalism

I stumbled upon the Teaching Norman website and submitted my CV. Jacklynn responded to me promptly and planned to have a meeting with me. She was very professional and cared about every detail about me as a person and my passion as a teacher. She gave me quality advice and supported me ALL the way with my million and one questions. Teaching Nomad has shown true dedication to placing teachers in very good schools and I would recommend them to teachers anywhere, anytime and any day.


How can this program be improved?

Nothing to recommend for now.

Yes, I recommend
Mr. Lambert, MFA

Simply the Best!

Dear readers,

I first contacted the Teaching Nomad in the spring of 2015. Then, I was teaching in Japan and was looking for other opportunities to teach outside of Japan. After filling out the online profile, I was soon contacted by Mr. Oliver Gorman who is now the senior consultant at the Teaching Nomad. After sending in other necessary qualifications and documents, Mr. Gorman and I had a Skype interview to discuss the particulars of landing me a job. In June of 2015, the Teaching Nomad helped me find placement in my teaching field and I was off to Shanghai, China by August. The team at Teaching Nomad is very professional and they do their very best to find a job that is appropriate for you.

Moving forward to now, close to the end of my 2 year contractual obligation with my current employer and after contacted the Teaching Nomad regarding a move, the company was able to help me find an even better teaching opportunity with better benefit, professional development, more professional environment and better earning opportunities. If you are looking for a team of professional recruiters to help you land an appropriate teaching position, I would recommend you contact the staff at the Teaching Nomad.

Cheers all,

Mr. Lambert, MFA

Yes, I recommend
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Haidian, Beijing

Teaching Nomad rescued me from an awful gig in southern China and found me a plum job on the west side of Beijing within a fortnight of me contacting them. Ollie, my peripatetic personal pedagogical pal, studied my resume carefully and found me a perfect fit. My new school is a stratospheric improvement on my previous posting and I couldn't be happier. Better facilities; better housing; better pay and a better teaching environment.

How can this program be improved?

For me, it couldn't

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching Nomad and Ila Afshar

More than six months ago I began working with Ila Afshar from Teaching Nomad, and I am excited to say that she successfully helped me find the perfect job! Ila walked me through every step, was always punctual in her emails and was open to any questions I might have had. Once I completed my online TEFL degree with Teaching Nomad, Ila sent my application and resume to several schools that we thought were appropriate and within a week I had two interviews! I chose to take a position with the first school I interviewed with and I could not be more pleased with my decision. Ila also helped my mother find a job just a few months earlier and the both of us have nothing but incredible things to say about Teaching Nomad and Ila. We were very fortunate to have found Ila, she made finding a job much less stressful!

Yes, I recommend
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Blessed to have found Teaching Nomad

I have to say that I looked around for a recruitment agency. I looked...everywhere. I researched recruiters, I signed up for newsletters, I read reviews, I tried subscriptions, I skyped...I really did my research. All of which means that when I say Ila and Teaching Nomad are the best, I REALLY mean they are the best!
I came to Ila with apprehension and some trepidation: Not only did I want a teaching position but I also have a daughter who wanted to come with us and teach abroad AND not one, but two, dogs! Ila didn't hesitate. She was open, professional, caring, considerate and honest. She jumped right in, helping me fill out the forms, uploading documents, giving pre-interview advice, soothing any worries I had. Within a month I was placed with a great school and we just found out today that my daughter was also hired by a Teaching Nomad school! Everything that Teaching Nomad says that it can provide was backed up by the outstanding job done by Ila.
If you are a prospective teacher, not only is this service free, but Teaching Nomad truly has your best interests at heart and will help you every step of the way.
I highly recommend Teaching Nomad and commend Ila Afshar on a job very well done!

Yes, I recommend
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Thank you Moira

From the beginning of my application process, Moira has been professional, consistent and kind. I really appreciate how she identified all of my skills and selected a variety of career opportunities that would suit me. Moira presented an amazing career opportunity that i was succesful at securing and that I'm eager to start in a couple of weeks. Throughout the planning and preparation for my departure to Shanghai which hashould been chaotic, I've been able to contact Moira to ask a ton of questions and she's responded to every single query immediately. I land in my new location very soon and Moira has extended her kindness by letting me know that she's available if I run into any challenges.

Moira has made this entire process easy to understand, given me the confidence to deal with the immigration process as well as being a person who is easy to communicate with and approachable.

I want to say a huge thank you to Moira, without you I would not be starting a new journey, career, opportunity and chapter of my life. Thank you.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching Nomad Experience

I'm so grateful to have found Teaching Nomad while on my journey to teaching English overseas. Ashely, my placement coordinator was on top of everything from our initial point of contact. Teaching Nomad provided helpful information and always responded back in a timely fashion. They really care about whether or not you are placed in a school that you are comfortable with. I genuinely appreciate all of their assistance and how they made the process (that could seem daunting) easy to understand.

Yes, I recommend
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Great support and wonderful professionalism.

As this is my first time teaching in China and Asia as a whole, I went into this application process completely unaware of what to expect. I applied to many recruiters and ultimately felt like I was just a number in their roster of many other applicants and was left unattended for days, if not weeks. For any job hunting applicant, even hours can feel like days, and from constantly checking e-mails to revamping my CV, Teaching Nomads was absolutely wonderful in making me feel like I had the best support in my endeavor.

I particular have to give praise to Oliver, as he was my main point of contact during my job search in China. Even from the first Skype interview, to ultimately landing my first Asia teaching job, he was a wonderful connection and promptly followed up to my numerous e-mails in less than a day, and many times in a matter of hours. Ultimately, Oliver knew how much I was ready to secure a position swiftly and efficiently, and he made that process even more feasible.

Before my experience with Teaching Nomads, I had a less than favorable view of recruiting agencies but TM has a way of making you feel more like an individual than just another applicant, due to their personalized attention to detail, prompt support, and many resources to aid you in your queries.

I arrive to my job in Shanghai in February, and as I am already completing documents for my Z visa, I cannot believe that a matter of 3 weeks ago, I just had my first interview with Oliver.

When you are aptly prepared and you choose to best recruiter out there, it is truly amazing of what you can manifest with the right moments of opportunity.

I highly recommend Teaching Nomads, 100 percent.

I wish all future applicants the best of luck with jobs in the future; and if you are fortunate enough to get Oliver, please rest assured you will be in good hands!

Yes, I recommend
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I really enjoyed working with Teaching Nomad. They explained everything that was going on in each step of the interview process clearly. They had a number of places for me to interview at but it only took one interview to get hired. I worked with Sophia and she was super great and encouraging. Even after I got to Shanghai she checked on me periodically to make sure everything was going well with the new position.

Yes, I recommend
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Great recruiting agency!

Teaching Nomad is a great recruiting agency for teaching positions. They are trustworthy, helpful, and professional. In addition, their services are free. Ila Afshar walked with me through the whole process which was so helpful and made it a lot less stressful. She was very responsive to messages and did everything she could to answer questions or provide needed information. I am very grateful for her assistance and would highly recommend her.

Yes, I recommend
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Very Helpful

I posted my resume on Dave's ESL and was flooded with calls and emails from aggressive recruiters. Most of them seemed very sketchy and untrustworthy, and I was about to start contacting employers directly when I got an email from Sophia at Teaching Nomad. Sophia was very professional, not aggressive, and sent me a prospective offer that had all the requirements I was looking for. After looking at reviews of Teaching Nomad online, I decided that this was exactly the type of company I was looking for to help me in my job search process.

During our interview, Sophia answered all my questions thoroughly and was very detailed in explaining what I should expect from the interviewing and hiring process. After that, she sent me four job openings that fit my criteria, and set up my first interview the next day. I was offered the position and accepted the offer.

Overall, Sophia was extremely helpful every step of the way, and really made me feel that she cared about helping me find a job that was right for me. Knowing that the company I was interviewing with had been vetted by Teaching Nomad made me feel much more comfortable when accepting their offer. I am very grateful to Sophia and Teaching Nomad for helping me find a great job in China. I will definitely use their service again in the future and I will recommend them to anyone in the same situation.

Yes, I recommend
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Oliver: the best in the.....East!

When I first decided I wanted to go overseas and teach, I was scared about all the changes and differences. I contacted almost 20 agencies in a year's time and Oliver from Teaching Nomad almost immediately contacted me.

Oliver explained everything to me and was very patient in answering my every question and concern. I especially like that he used his own experience as examples.

He helped me combine a profile for schools and within a week he had a position available. I applied for the position and got the job! I will be going to China in February!

Oliver promised me he will still be there every step and I am thankful for that.

Thank you so much, Oliver! Yours is the best service I received from any recruiter!

Yes, I recommend

About Teaching Nomad

The most important service that we provide is behind the scenes research of every school that we can find to identify those worth partnering with. There are 1000's of English schools in Asia, unfortunately not all of them are legitimate. We have...