Teaching Nomad - Teaching opportunities in China
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Teaching Nomad - Teaching opportunities in China

In-person interviews being held in Shanghai & Bangkok

If you're considering teaching in UAE for 2018, this is a great opportunity meet with school leadership in person! TN will be hosting exclusive in-person interviews in Bangkok Thailand, January 4th - 8th & Shanghai, China January 12-14th.

Register with us today to confirm your spot!

Teaching Nomad is your connection to great teaching opportunities in China! American owned and operated company with offices in both Shanghai, China & Denver, Colorado. We are the definitive source for teach abroad in China.

Since 2011 we've been vetting schools in China and helping people like you connect with only the best. We have schools hiring for every subject, in 40+ cities. Whether you want to teach English in Shanghai or Biology in Xi'an, we can probably help!

We take a lot of pride in connecting dedicated teachers with great schools all over the country. Teaching Nomad has programs for teachers of all experience levels including Professional educators, Experienced ESL instructors and Beginner teachers. Our clients include International schools, Language training schools, Primary/ Middle/ High schools and kindergartens.

Register with us today to be connected with a dedicated placement consultant who can answer all your questions and find the perfect match for you.

  • Very competitive pay
  • Free housing or allowance
  • Benefits (health, flights, bonuses)
  • Personal placement consultant to walk you through the process
  • Opportunity to get your TEFL for free
Program Type
1 Year+
Salary / Benefits
CNY 10,000 – 35,000 RMB/month + Potential expat packages including: airfare, housing, insurance, meals and more!
BA degree or above
Native English speaker
Classroom Audience
High School
Middle School
University Students
Age Min.
Age Max
Price Details
TN's services will always be free for teachers
Other Locations
Teaching vacancies throughout the country (40+ cities)

Questions & Answers

Hey Melissa, Thanks for your message. South Africans teachers can apply to all of our programs. Please email your resume to [email protected] and we'll process your application.
Hey Samantha, Most of the teaching positions are for a minimum of one year, and most international school require a two-year commitment from the teacher. There is an occasional opening for a semester, but they're very uncommon and usually open only to people already residing in the country. If you email your resume to [email protected] we can send you updates on short-term positions.
Hey Jimena, This is a great question and I'm sure you're not the only one who would like to know the answer. Most of the schools we work with only hire native English speakers. In many countries this is because of visa regulations and there's not much individual employers can do to change this. However, if you have a valid teaching license or a degree in Education from a native English speaking...
Yes Jennifer, pre-school is in high demand! We work with some of the top pre-schools and kindergartens.

Program Reviews

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  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 9.4
  • Facilities 9.5
  • Safety 9.4
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More than pleased!

I was looking for ESL jobs in Asia when Sophia Isis, from Teaching Nomad, found me. Since our first contact, Sophia has been friendly, personable and very efficient. I felt like she really understood my needs and my personality, and was there to help me find the perfect position. I owe my job in China, and probably the biggest adventure of my life, to Sophia. Thank you!

Yes, I recommend
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The easiest recruiting process I have been through

As someone who has used ISS and SA, Teaching Nomad was by far the easiest process I have gone through. It didn't cost me anything, unlike those other two programs and after one email contact, I was able to speak with the Teaching Nomad representative and get all the information I needed to continue with the job application. It was quick, efficient, friendly, and effective (I got the job)

Yes, I recommend
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Very Professional

Going through Teaching Nomad was the best decision I could have made coming to Shanghai. Sophia,who was my recruiter was very helpful and patient in dealing with my applicaton. She responded to any questions I had in a timely manner which made the entire process very straightforward. I haven't been in Shanghai very long but thus far everything has gone smoother than I could have ever expected. A large part of this is due to the guys at Teaching Nomad. I 100% recommend this company to anybody considering coming to Shanghai.

Yes, I recommend
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Educators wary of generic employment listings via web sites intended for the average must avail of the quality services offered by the wonderful employees of Teaching Nomad. Career > job. Especially considering the economy in China, educators will appreciate obtaining exciting / rewarding employment.

Yes, I recommend
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Excellent support, thank you!

Teaching Nomad thank you for being a major support system throughout this process! Although the process can be stressful at times, my placement consultant, Oliver Gorman has done a phenomenal job at easing the anxiety by responding to emails in a timely manner; by addressing any concerns that have; and by giving great overall advice. Thank you Teaching Nomad and Oliver for making my desire to help others and experience another part of the world possible!

Yes, I recommend
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Living in China with a family

The thrill of moving half-way across the world was amazing. The move was from the US to China with my husband and two small boys. The culture shock was very difficult to get used to along with not knowing any Mandarin. The sights and history of China is amazing and was the most memorable experience of living abroad. It was very difficult working with local teachers on a day to day basis because the work ethics are so different from the US. The public transportation system in Shanghai is exceptional. It was very reliable and inexpensive. We enjoyed the food and the abundance of shopping opportunities in the big city. I would recommend for everyone to live/work abroad for at least a year. Your views and thoughts are broadened as well so you leave with a greater sense of appreciation for all countries of the world. I do not recommend long term living in China because you can become very disconnected with western ways and sometimes lose a sense of who you are or where you came from. But, some people might want this!

Yes, I recommend
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Thanks Patrick

Thank you Patrick for your support and guidance in getting me to Shanghai! You were willing to skype before we left to answer any questions we had and you replied to emails very quickly. Since arriving you have continued to offer that support , and I thank you for that.

Yes, I recommend
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Here is to China

Many people decide to travel overseas from a young age and with all the restrictions, teaching English abroad is a great way to get paid and travel...so i decided to jump on in and head off to Shanghai, china. My recruiter from Teaching Nomad was Sophia Isis. Her help during my recruiting process put me at ease and less stressed about the fact that i was moving alone to the biggest city in the world. Funny enough, my roommate was also recruited by Sophia to teach in China. Talk about a small world.

How can this program be improved?

I think it would be great if the recruiters could touch base with the candidates once they are in china. Via email would be best

Yes, I recommend
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Excellent recruitment services and Recruiter

Teaching Nomad was helpful, straightforward, patient and supportive. Oliver Gorman my recruiter was fantastic and I am so grateful for his help during this process. He was knowledgeable and is an asset to the company.

Yes, I recommend
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Thank you for the support and help!

Would like to say thank you for your tremendous support and help in placing me with a school in China! I am now working everyday in a fantastic school and teaching children about something I am very passionate about! MUSIC! I spend everyday spreading the beauty and amazing ability of music to have a positive impact on peoples lives. Thanks again!

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching Nomad is La Classe

Oliver from Teaching Nomad has displayed nothing but pure professionalism in helping me find a teaching position in China. He was completely dependable, punctual (answered all of my emails immediately), and assuring. He even answered questions I had on the weekends! I think one of the greatest attributes with working with him was that he gave me honest advice and looked out for my best interest. Overall, if I had the choice to do it again I most definitely would. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and I have never been happier with my decision.

Not only has Oliver helped me with finding a school he has also made the transition into China easier by passing me a useful contact in finding an apartment, a list of places to go/see, and things to do while I spend my time here. I can't thank him enough. Thanks Ollie!

Difficulties about living in China: Things that would normally take you 20 minutes to do back home (ex. going to the grocery store/ looking for food/ etc.) may take you anywhere from 1-3 hours. Plan accordingly.

Highlights about living in China: Amazing people from all over the world completely different from you.

An amazing experience.

How can this program be improved?

The TEFL requirement…..

Yes, I recommend
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Career Teacher Highly Recommends TN

I was impressed from the start by the professionalism and friendliness by the staff at Teaching Nomad. A recruiter was very quickly in contact with me and we set up a Skype interview to talk about the job possibilities for my qualifications and to answer my questions about China. This recruiter worked very closely with my partner and I over several months as we looked carefully at jobs and locations in China. We were able to secure positions that suited our very different teaching backgrounds in a part of China that suited our experience living abroad (none) and Chinese language level (we knew how to count).

As a recent graduate from a Masters in Teaching program, I was looking for a position that would be good experience and pay well. I was pleased with the choices available and am absolutely in love with the school I have been placed at.

They were also able to find a great position for my partner, who has teaching experience but no credentials, in his area of expertise.

Our transition to Shanghai really has been easy thanks to the advice and help from the staff at Teaching Nomad.

How can this program be improved?

If I could change one thing it would be to fix their website. The layout is confusing and some of the features don't work. We looked at jobs on the website, wrote down the job numbers and then emailed with the recruiter about them.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Agency and Recruiters

At first I was very nervous about my possible move to China, and found Teaching Nomad to help with the entire process. The application and interview process was smooth and enjoyable. The agency and its recruiters helped me with any questions that I had as well as help place me in a job that suited my personal goals.

Both Patrick and Ginger, my job placement and visa recruiters, gave me reliable, updated information at all times, especially when paperwork was delayed from the government. Everything was done in an orderly and neat fashion.

I truly appreciate all the work that Patrick and Ginger did as well as the rest of the staff upon arriving to Shanghai. Sophia and Brett, the company founders, helped with everything else once I landed, from paperwork to directions. Everyone at the agency is wonderful and extremely helpful and welcoming.

I would highly recommend this agency to anyone looking for teaching positions within China.

How can this program be improved?

Paperwork was delayed, but that was the Chinese government's fault. Teaching Nomad rush-delivered through Fed-Ex my documents in time for my visa submission.

Yes, I recommend
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Patrick at Teaching nomad was honest, responsive and dependable.

After my initial conversation with him, he presented me with 4-5 schools that he thought would be a good match. I applied to three and ended up getting job offers from 2 of them. He was quite honest in describing the differences between the schools during my decision-making process, making it much easier.

I had no difficulties with Teaching Nomad. Adjusting to life in China can be challenging, but Patrick was very helpful in providing me with information such as links, information sheets and advice.

I would highly recommend Teaching Nomad to anyone who is considering looking for teaching positions here in China.

How can this program be improved?

There was one school that I was very interested in that filled all of its positions before my application was complete; however, that certainly was not Teaching Nomad's fault.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching Nomad - Great Experience

Finding a job through Teaching Nomad was effortless. After completing the application process and questions on their website, Oliver my placement consultant took care of everything else.He was extremely supportive through out the entire hiring process. Overall an excellent recruiter.

I am greatly appreciative of their services and would highly recommend Teaching Nomad to my friends/ colleagues.

Yes, I recommend

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